Presents: 20 Unforgettable Geocache Destinations (in 40 seconds)

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See and experience the locations that help define the adventure of geocaching. Watch this new Presents video to experience 20 unforgettable geocaching destinations in just 40 seconds. Adventurers not only discover an amazing location but they also log a geocache find.There are more than 1.75 million geocaches hidden around the world. Geocaches overlook serene mountain lakes. They are found near little-known vantage points to breath-taking views and can be located just down the street from your home. The video features caching destinations in Slovenia, the United States, the UK, Spain, Portugal, and beyond.
Here are just some of the destinations found in the video: – US – Portugal – Spain – US – Portugal – US – Slovenia – UK

Can you guess any of the other 12 geocaching destinations? Put your guesses below in comments, with a description the picture, when it appears in the video, the GC code, and the country. Good luck!

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