Jellyfish Lake – Ongeim’l Tketau GC11A56 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – May 28, 2012

Up close and personal (Photo Credit:FradoMedia)

If you dare, this Geocache of the Week takes you underwater and into the midst of thousands of jellyfish. Jellyfish Lake (GC11A56) or “Ongeim’l Tketau”  as it is called in the local language of Palauan, is one of approximately 70 marine lakes scattered throughout the southern portion of the main island of Palau.

This difficulty five, terrain five EarthCache was created by SurrenderTheBooty in March of 2007. Since then, this unique and rare lake has been visited and appreciated by geocachers all over the world.

In order the log a smiley on this EarthCache, adventurers must travel to the site and complete two requirements. There’s no container to discover. Instead, geocachers discover the geological forces that created this unique location. They must email SurrenderTheBooty with a picture taken at either the arrival dock or the floating dock on the lake, as well as the GPS elevation readings at sea level, on top of the ridge, and at lake level.

Swimming with Jellyfish

The lake is only accessible by boat and visitors have to climb a ridge to get to the golden jellyfish. The cache page provides a comprehensive overview of Palau’s Jellyfish Lake formation over the course of thousands of years. It also details what visitors can expect when they arrive at Ongeim’l Tketau.

One log reads, “Swimming in the Jellyfish Lake is a fantastic experience! The jellyfish are so fragile, so beautiful, … my English is not good enough to describe my feelings. Large jellyfish have a slow frequency when moving, smaller ones have a higher frequency.  Thanks to SurrenderTheBooty for this amazing experience.”

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Jellyfish Lake Floating Dock
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