A FENDA [Bombarral] GCW5EA – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – June 18, 2012

Decent into a Portuguese cavern

The Geocache of the Week  inspires a rappelling adventure into caverns in Portugal and reveals a glimpse into the distant past. A FENDA [Bombarral] (GCW5EA) is rated a difficulty 3, terrain 5 cache. It lures geocachers with the promise to discover caves that were once home to Neanderthals.

Miguelrk + João + Inês placed the regular sized cache in the location in 2006. The cache page, written in Portuguese, warns geocachers that the trek to find this geocache can be dangerous. Safety precautions and the right equipment are mandatory.

Signing the logbook

The experience is unforgettable. The geocache has won local awards. A FENDA has received dozens of Favorite Points.

The location of this traditional cache offers a visual wonderland. Just over 100 geocachers have logged smileys, but there are more than 500 images in the photo gallery. The logs are rich with detail and emoticons. Some geocachers spend years planning their trip to A FENDA and organize large groups to find and log the cache.

A recent expedition to the A FENDA titled their adventure, “Operação ‘Viagem do fundo da terra'” or “Operation ‘Voyage to the Center of the Earth.'”

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Geocachers at A FENDA


  • Tatarilla

    I did it, is a spectacle 😀

    Tatta Team

  • Nickloesch


  • massafranz

    Cool! But unfortunately to far away… 🙁

  • Wow…closest I ever came to this was the Tunnel Vision cache at the county park, and that was a man made tunnel where the only danger was your cache-mate dropping a pile of snow on your head.  Neat picture.

  • Guest

    Wow, isn’t that a cave? Was this cache ever disabled due to bat hibernation period? Are there no bats in Portugal? Does the cache-owners have the landowners permission?

  • prodrive

    It’s really an amazing cache. I found it 3 month ago and it was a fantastic geocaching experience.