Geocaching.com Presents: Celebrate the Geocaching Community’s Volunteers

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Discover the geocaching community volunteers who help power your adventure.  Volunteers give their time and talent, representing nearly 40 countries around the globe.  Watch the latest Geocaching Presents video to find more about the volunteer experience.

Where are some of the volunteers?

The game would not be the same without their dedication, guidance, and commitment to geocaching.  Leave a message for your local Geocaching.com volunteers below!

Entdecke die ehrenamtlichen Helfer, die Dir Dein Erlebnis auf Geocaching.com ermöglichen.  Es gibt über 400 ehrenamtliche Reviewer, ForenModeratoren und Übersetzer auf Geocaching.com. Sie stellen in fast 40 Ländern ihre Zeit und ihr Talent zur Verfügung.  Schau Dir das aktuelle VideoGeocaching.com präsentiertan um mehr über die freiwilligen Helfer zu erfahren.

Das Spiel wäre nicht das selbe ohne ihren Einsatz, ihre Beratung und ihr Engagement für Geocaching.  Hinterlasse unten eine Nachricht für Deinen lokalen, ehrenamtlichen Helfer bei Geocaching.com.

Découvrez les bénévoles qui oeuvrent pour vous permettre de vivre lexpérience Geocaching.com.  Le nombre de reviewers bénévoles, de modérateurs de forum et de traducteurs sur Geocaching.com sélève à plus de 400. Ils donnent leur temps et leur talent, et représentent presque 40 pays dans le monde.  Visualisez la dernière vidéo Geocaching.com Presents pour en savoir plus sur ces bénévoles.

Le jeu ne serait pas le même sans leur dévouement, leur conseil, et leur engagement pour le géocaching.  Postez un message à lntention de vos bénévoles locaux Geocaching.com cidessous !

Descubra os voluntários que ajudam a agilizar a sua experiência no Geocaching.com. Os revisores voluntários do geocaching.com, moderadores do fórum e tradutores são mais de 400. Eles dão o seu tempo e talento,  representando cerca de 40 países em todo o mundo. Assista ao mais recente vídeo do Geocaching.com para saber mais sobre a experiência dos voluntários.

O jogo não seria o mesmo sem a sua dedicação, orientação e compromisso para com o geocaching. Deixe aqui uma mensagem para os seus voluntários locais do Geocaching.com!

Geocaching.com Volunteers, with family members in 2011
  • Lee Allan Sanders

    Thanks you guys *:-)  I am still a noob and I can really feel the nurturing approach you all bring to helping everyone.  Very much appreciated *:-)  Cheers *:-)

  • Paulo Hercules

    Muito obrigado SUp3rFM, btreviewer e SerafimSaudade.
    Bem Hajam!

  • firennice

     Way cool

  • 123

    Thank you so much for this spoiler-video! Finally bosko-biati and his archiving lady are demasked 🙂 !

  • Geomanrhcv

    Many thanks for the work everybody does to make this adventure possible!!! 😀

  • Finicky

    Danke, dass ihr eure Kraft und Mühe einsetzt, damit eine Amerikanische Firma Geld verdient, die sich nicht um die Belange der Cacher kümmert, sondern nur darum, dass ihr Geldquelle sprudelt.

  • Geowolf

     Danke für den unqualifizierten Beitrag. Und zum Anderen, du hast alle Möglichkeiten eigene Alternativen zu gestalten und zu Verfügung zu stellen. Ohne alle die Mängel, die du anprangerst.
    Ich persönlich kann das nicht bestätigen, Kontakt zum Reviewer oder auch direkt zu Groundspeak wurden immer schnell und kompetent bearbeitet. Was man dazu aber braucht, ist z.B. Kompromissbereitschaft und den Willen, eigenen Idee zu überdenken und auch zu verwerfen. Das zum Thema, “Belange”.

  • Gonzobert

    “The game would not be the same” – most likely. Most likely it would be less restrictive, more innovative and more fun… At least here in Germany.

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  •  Not likely. Local land policy would take over for poor self regulation.

  • Great video! Thank You All! 🙂 

  • Konstantin

    “Entdecke die ehrenamtlichen Helfer”?LOL

  • PT:
    Obrigado bastante pela dedicação e empenho.
    Vitor Sérgio (Portugal)

  • prodrive

    Grande abraço para os voluntários portugueses que mantém o jogo em marcha!

  • Hugo Rebelo (HJSR)

    Um muito obrigado aos nossos 3 revisores tugas! ;o)

  • Migueis

    Muito obrigado por toda a vossa dedicação e tempo dispendido para tornar possível um crescimento sustentável desta agradável actividade no nosso País.

  • Jorgetadeuramos

    Muito obrigado aos nossos revisores, como gostaria de estar em conjunto a fazer esse trabalho.

  • RuiJSDuarte

    Incha mais uma!!! 🙂
    Grande abraço aos “Nossos” revisores!
    E paciência… muita, muita!

  • Gato Maltês

    Thanks to all of you, and a special “muito obrigado” to the portuguese team!

  • Nunogil_17

    E sem eles nada disto era possível. Um Obrigado é pouco!

  • lupinlongo

    Obrigado malta. Abraço Gangster

  • Pmendes

    Thanks you all for your wonderful work!

  • Zepedroso

    Thanks to all geocaching volunteers.

    greetings from Portugal


  • SuchaNana

    Thanks sent from NW Ohio, Keystone rocks & rules – keeping our backs… also, DeRock nearby in Michigan…  

  • SerafimSaudade

    Greetings from Portugal!

  • Ed Medina

    GeoDesertTiger (Ed) here, Hello all from South Korea!

  • btreviewer

    we’re hearing some echo from Tiffany’s voice – can you fix it?

  • We’ll try! We’re working through some tech difficulties. Thanks for your patience.

  • Sissi Voss

    Bosko Biati and Sissi Voss (Wolf and Tina) – Hello from the very south of Germany!

  • Frau Potter

    Hello from HQ!

  • btreviewer

    guys, the presentation is gone!

  • SerafimSaudade

    the image is out…

  • btreviewer

    fixed now, thanks!

  • Blue Rajah

    They killed it..

  • Chuck Walla

    Chuck Walla, Arkansas – On litmus test, any way to get it to ignore posted coordinates that are bogus, like for a mystery/puzzle cache?

  • SerafimSaudade


  • Frau Potter

    Hello from HQ!

  • Blue Rajah

    As someone who acts as a reaper a lot, I would like to see something towards maintain and archive points. Not sure how, but it would be nice.

  • If you have additional questions, ask now! Thank you.

  • Sissi Voss

    Are there any news on a Groundspeak office in Germany???

  • Chuck Walla

    Chuck Walla, Arkansas — Date for next Obey?

  • Bruno – btreviewer

    Over the last year and a half as a reviewer, I’ve been asking CO to provide some more additional info on the review process (where and how are the physical items placed) and so I’ve managed to detect a bunch of troublesome situations like buried caches, dry stone walls and that kind of stunt from people that don’t understand the guidelines. Is there any way we can change the site feedback on the cache submission process to ask in a clear way for these additional details? These would help the reviewer understand what is the cache about and speed up reviewing…

  • SerafimSaudade

    When an OBEY in Portugal? 🙂

  • CacheShadow

    Q: does Tiff miss me?

  • (riviouveur) Having pre-placement tools – to prevent “wrong” caches from even getting to us – would be great, but do we have any firm knowledge
    of how people actually behave around the research/place/create cache page

  • yesterday she didnt….

  • Arethere any updates on increasing acceptance of physical caches at NPS locations?

  • Chuck Walla

    Chuck Walla, Arkansas — What happened to the event type for finding caches?

  • Hanne

    Hallo papa, hoe is het in Nieuw-Zeeland? Groetjes Hanne en Emma xxx

  • Blue Rajah

    Yes… cache hunts