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Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – June 13, 2012

Route Your Way to Premium Membership

Imagine a world built around all things geocaching. In this world traveling from “here” to “there” includes a customized list of your ideal geocaches. You choose which geocaches are on the list, including the cache types, sizes, and terrain and difficulty ratings. You even choose how far these caches are hidden from the road. If you’re a Premium Member, you’re in luck; this world exists today.

The Premium Member feature we’re talking about is called “Caches Along a Route.” It’s a custom search that pinpoints only the geocaches you’d like to find between Point A and Point B. A new route is easy to create and send to your GPS device. Premium Members also enjoy the benefits of Google Maps and can award and sort search results by Favorite Points. A Premium Membership costs as little as $2.50 a month, and it could turn your next road trip into an epic geocaching adventure. Explore Premium Membership now!

  • Snabelabe

    In theory this function sounds perfect for me, since I like caching by bike. But whenever I upload a gpx-file, to turn it into a route for a pocket query, the gpx-file gets over-simplified, the number of points is for example reduced from 500 to just 16!

    This means that the route isn’t very precise, so I need to use a larger search radius around the route, to make sure the route is covered, which defeats the point in having this function, since I would (being on bike) prefer only caches that are very close to my route.

    Summary: It would be great if the uploaded gpx-files aren simplified anymore!