Mission to Log the Last of a Vanishing Geocache Series

The last Project APE Cache is there... somewhere...
The journey began in Peru

UPDATED July 5, 2012: Read the comment from Brad Simmons (MonkeyBrad) about his journey to the APE Cache in comments below.


You can track a geocaching team live as they attempt to log a smiley on one of the rarest and most sought after finds in all of geocaching. The team is attempting to find Mission 4: Southern Bowl (GCC67). It’s the last of the Project APE Caches.

For some geocachers, Mission 4: Southern Bowl is the most coveted geocache in the entire world. The cache was hidden deep in the Brazilian Jungle in 2001. Only about 50 geocachers have logged it in 11 years.

Four American geocachers accepted the challenge to find Mission 4: Southern Bowl to mark major personal geocaching milestones. The four geocachers combined have accumulated more than 50,000 cache finds. For Monkeybrad, the last APE Cache will mark his 20,000th smiley, Southpaw‘s geocache tally will reach 18,000 and 6Lindseys and MLRS1996 will each reach 7,000 finds.

Project A.P.E. Cache Icon

The team left the United States on Thursday June 14. They landed in Lima, Peru the following morning. They’re planning to make their way to Sao Paulo, Brazil and to the Project APE Cache. You can track their progress by clicking on the map above.

The Project APE Cache as found by ZobelMex on June 3, 2012

The Mission 4: Southern Bowl Project APE Cache was part of a promotion for the 2001 film Planet of the Apes. Thirteen A.P.E. caches, each with props from the movie and a story that tied into the movie, were hidden all over the world. Those who found the caches received a unique icon. Mission 4: Southern Bowl is the final active cache in the Project A.P.E. series.

Two German geocachers, ZobelMex and TC-Rudi last found the Project APE Cache in early June. The team of American geocachers is expected to land in Sao Paulo on Friday, June 15. They’ll begin their 300 km drive into the jungles of Brazil over the weekend, where they hope to log a smiley, receive the rare Project APE Icon, and make a memories that will last a lifetime.

Leave a message for the team below.

  • Tammyb

    Good luck finding the cache! rhodri111

  • Dcollins9851

    Good luck! I’m a new Geocacher and love doing this! Again good luck and have fun! ūüôā

  • Bruno

    Best of luck. Krazyleaf.

  • Lee Allan Sanders

    Bom Dia!  I wish you a safe and powerful journey, with smiley faces all around when done.  Felicidade! (onlineteacher at geocaching dot com, and a noob)

  • Bobo Frett

    Good luck guys. I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time. Let’s hope you don’t need a PAF.

  • erdbeerhasi

    found this one in April..what a journey..soooo amazing!!

  • paradise2go

    Now that’s commitment to geocacheing!¬† Good luck and be safe!

  • Golddustmanteam

    Wow wish I was with y’all there. Awesome! I just made my 1,000th find and thought I was doing good .

  • The last they need to find? There is still a Project Ape cache near Seattle

  • J-Way

     No, that one was archived a while back.

  • Safe travels and good luck. ¬†

  • cache-a-teers4

    safe travels and enjoy the adventure. ¬†We couldn’t imagine what it might be like to go to that extent of geocaching. ¬†We get an¬†adrenaline¬†rush on the simple caches near home. ¬†

  • Mootma

    Amazing what you are attempting.  May the force be with you.

  • Joysoloproductions

    Awesome!! I love Geocaching with a challenge twist.  This is definetly an amazing place to visit and even better to hunt for a cache. Good Luck, be safe & happy caching.   

  • Harajukugirlfl

    Good luck!!!! Hope you get a smiley ūüôā

  • Kimberly

    What an amazing adventure. We all cheer you on. Be safe and much success!

  • MaryRieth

    Good luck to you all!  Hope you will be able to accomplish your goal!  What an adventure!  Be safe!

  • Did you remember to sign my name in the logbook? I’ll remit payment as warranted.

  • Jtt4071981

    This was my first cache ever logged. Hope u enjoy it too! ūüėČ

  • Godux eugene oregon

    Nice. We logged the ape cache in washington 2 yrs ago. Good luck

  • The Talent

    Bes of luck guys. Don’t die and stuff. At least, not before you log it.

  • SAFE journey and restful sleep(when you can)¬†

  • Jennadele

    The casche that is there now is a remake of the original cache.¬† It is now called ” Mission 9: Tunnel of Light Reclaimed, the new APE tribute cache”

  • mickelson5

    Don’t forget the pen or pencil!

  • Carsti

    And how I wish I could be there… Best wishes to you, have great time and may you return safe. After all, it looks like T6… ūüôā

  • Maja

    Wauw how I wish I was going there! I used to live in Brazil, but that was  before i started geocaching, this must be the dream cache! Well maybe one day I will be lucky!! 
    Have an amazing journey. Brazil is amazing!
    Boa Viagem!

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  • Professorbenson

    Amazing. This is what I call DEDICATION.

  • Good luck and congrats on your milestones!

  • It was a grand adventure and we certainly appreciated all the well wishes along the way.

  • Snoogans Geocacher


  • Amazing! Best of luck to all of you! Does anyone know though, what happened to the other caches?

  • ¬†Thank you so much for the update, Brad. And a very heartfelt (and slightly jealous) *cheers* to you and the your group!

    (OK – more than just slightly…)


    Link to Monkeybrad’s Found It log: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=e2487b4c-5797-4e13-bcbf-c1d964e5f45e

  • cantuland

    Three friends of mine just returned from visiting there, J&K, frog4peace and Lincoln B. They returned to Kansas, USA, and had such awesome stories about their adventures. Be sure to get the nearby earthcache too! Good luck with your travels and may all your cache dreams come true. ‚ÄĒcantuland

  • gt.us

    I found the APE cache in March. I have to say, it was the greatest geocaching experience I’ve had. Not just the cache, everything about the trip. The cache was on our last full day in Brazil.¬†The park was beautiful. The birds and flowers amazing. The lodge, the people at the park. The country was beautiful I saw waterfalls so amazing, we spent a day and a half exploring them. Driving we would pull over on the side of the road for the most amazing fresh banana’s acai, and fruits I’ve never seen before. Or we would see waterfalls along the side of the road, and stop for a swim, and continue on our trip. The people were so friendly, we made friends, real friends with people that don’t speak English and we don’t speak Portuguese. The food was wonderful. From the roadside fruits to the Churriscaria, and everything in between. On lunch I called a “yes sandwich”, I pointed to the sandwich picture and said yes to everything he asked. It was great, I figured I said yes to the lettuce, but I didn’t realize I was saying Yes to the corn. Of course there were the usual tourist things like the Christ statue and sugarloaf¬†in Rio. Yes go for the cache, but take some time and see all that Brazil offers in that region. Worth every bit of the visa headache.