Beach Babe – GCV53Z – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – July 30, 2012

Beach Babe – all dressed up

The Geocache of the Week takes us to a natural landmark near Edisto Beach, South Carolina.

Meet Beach Babe (GCV53Z), a difficulty two, terrain two traditional cache with a unique look and story.

You see, Beach Babe is a tree, dressed in clothes. There aren’t very many trees, if any, around the world that are as dressed up as this babe. In fact, her outfits change quite frequently and it’s somewhat of a mystery who started and continues to dress her up.

One thing is certain, fireman357, the creator of the cache near Beach Babe saw an opportunity for geocachers to find something “interesting, cool, and fun” when embarking on a search for his cache.

He explains, “I wanted a destination to take my fellow cachers somewhere they could have an experience and create a memory.  That, to me, is the best aspect of caching.”

Hanging out with the stylish tree

This stylish tree is easily noticeable when one is leaving Edisto Island, a large tourist destination. When geocachers aren’t around to distract her, she can be found enjoying the marsh views.

Since the cache was placed in 2006, almost 300 geocachers have logged their visits, posted 77  images, and awarded it 21 Favorite Points.

One cacher writes, “Out for a birthday of geocaching when we found this great cache! I love her! This was by far our favorite cache of the day. Not sure how we missed her the first time we drove by but after that we made sure we watched for this beauty.”

Geocachers are urged to pack bug spray when visiting this cache between the months of October through February.

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The cache container near the tree