Gold Country – The Painted Chasm GC1TTW8 – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – July 16, 2012

Colorful view from the Painted Chasm Canyon

The Geocache of the Week is not only rich in history and natural beauty, it is also a part of the Gold Country GeoTour.

Gold Country – The Painted Chasm (GC1TTW8) is rated a difficulty 1 1/2, terrain 2 traditional cache.

Placed in June of 2009, it is one of 72 Gold Country GeoTour geocaches. GeoTour caches are designed to showcase a destination with a tailored series of geocaches hidden at the destination’s points of interest. The Gold Country GeoTour directs adventurers to discover the region’s gold mining legacy.

Located in a remote area of southern British Columbia, Canada, the cache accumulated nearly 225 logged visits and 17 Favorite Points over the last three years. The cache sits along the 8km long painted chasm canyon, whose serene red, orange, pink, and purple colors have been forming for 16 million years.

Geocaching in Gold Country

The page provides detailed information about the history of the area, its natural beauty, and geological importance.

One adventurer logging the cache said, “This was one very special, very beautiful, very scenic, absolutely fantastic, most educational and truly memorable Geocaching trip. Yours to discover….Wish you were here.”

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