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Stone Appendix – GCR8N3 – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – July 23, 2012

Inside the cave

Stone Appendix (GCR8N3) takes geocachers on an adventure inside a deep, dark, rocky cave in the outskirts of Turku, Finland. The difficulty 3.5, terrain 4 cache tests geocachers’ bravery and challenges them physically.

Tuskaretket ry placed this regular-sized traditional cache in November of 2005, inviting fellow geocachers to leave their suits at home and check out the cache that’s guaranteed to get them dirty.

Over 335 geocachers have dared to step into the cave and crawl in the dust to log this cache. Many of them managed to take fantastic photos inside the dark, hollow cave.

Tuskaretket ry explains on the cache page that, “to find the cache you have to forget the claustrophobia and dare to step deep into darkness.” While a flashlight is required, the cache page recommends bringing “a helmet and a partner” on this journey.

Coffee break outside the cave

Stone Appendix has earned 77 Favorite Points so far. One cacher who dared to crawl in to get to this cache writes, “The idea of exploring the essence of a deeper cave had been running in my mind for a long time. I decided to step into the dark and the unknown, while in the company of a friend. Claustrophobia struck mid-stream. Fortunately, the fear was in vain. It was not at all difficult and overwhelming in the cave. It was surprisingly spacious. Have fun!”

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Logging the cache in the dark