August Featured Geocacher of the Month Nominees – Add Your Comments

The August Featured Geocacher of the Month nominees are all about giving back to their communities. Whether it’s through hiding creative caches, organizing events, or glorifying the game, they all inspire other geocachers in their own ways.

De Wijngemachtigde – July 2012 Geocacher of the Month

Now it’s your turn to help select one of them as August’s featured Geocacher of the Month.

Write a comment on this blog post about which of these three geocachers you feel should be crowned.

Last month, Guus, a.k.a. De Wijngemachtigde took the title of July Featured Geocacher of the Month. De Wijngemachtigde was recognized for encouraging a record number of geocachers across the Netherlands to participate in Geocoin races. His creative approach to get the community to put their Trackables in circulation, instead of keeping them at home, allowed the coins to travel across all 415 municipalities of the Netherlands.

Here are your nominees for the August Featured Geocacher of the Month. Some testimonials have been edited for length.




Nominated by ZAMEROSKI, Doug, a.k.a. bubbabeernut is “a geocacher who puts a lot of time and artistry into all of his hides. His caches are a joy to find. While many cachers are only concerned about finds, Doug is equally concerned about every one of his hides. He has put a lot of thought and care into each of his 125 caches. Many of them are themed and take days to prepare. It is not surprising that almost all of his hides have a number of Favorite Points. Our community truly appreciates his creative hides.”









SaltyPirate writes, “If you look at what Wendy, a.k.a. whbaisden has done not only since she has started caching in 2010 (over 6800 caches found), but just in the last month putting together the Hatfield and McCoy GeoTrail Event that is scheduled for September 1st. She only expected a few people to come, 30 to 40 at the most, but this event has quickley become an event that could reach MEGA status with over 300 people logging “Will Attend.” Her dedication to making this a great event for everyone should speak for her dedication to the sport of geocaching.”








Nominated by viagression, Mike, a.k.a. UglyGoblin, “has worked tirelessly to teach me, and indeed show me and others the glories of caching, including a fairly disabled mother and sister who has been ill. He’s visited the same caches several times to help others with them. He has driven miles upon miles to get together with new geocachers to teach them all about this great hobby. He has sought out buoys, solved ciphers, multis, and puzzle caches in his efforts to assist new geocachers. He is all about helping others.”







Comment below to tell us who you think should be the featured August Geocacher of the Month. A panel of Lackeys will use your comments to help decide which geocacher is awarded the honor. Each featured Geocacher of the Month will receive an exclusive special edition featured Geocacher of the Month Geocoin, along with a Geocacher of the Month hat, a Geocacher of the Month profile icon, and a certificate acknowledging their contributions signed by two of the founders of Geocaching.com. We will be accepting comments for August’s award through Sunday, August 26th.

Those whose nominees were not recognized here are encouraged to submit their nominations again next month.If you know an outstanding geocacher you would like to nominate to be a featured Geocacher of the Month, send an email to geocacherofthemonth@groundspeak.com.

Every nomination must meet the following requirements:

Please include your name, the name of your nominee, their username, at least one picture of the nominee and a description (500 or fewer words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Geocacher of the Month. Please inform your nominee that you’ve submitted them for the award. Nominations for the September Geocacher of the Month must be received by September 10th.

Once we have received all of the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so we might learn from each other.

  • yumahokie


  • LantzAng


  • Ninja R

    I do believe I’m going to vote for that there whbaisden.

  • UglyGoblin

  • -HellFire-

    Wendy by far!

  • WHBaisden is a Geohcaching RockStar! She has been a great facebook friend, and has inspired me to be a better geocacher and world citizen, lose weight, write a screenplay, and buy a jeep. 😉 Well… At least a couple of those…

  • SaltyPirate

    I vote for Wendy (whbaisden), Not only for her accomplishments as a cacher, or as the primary/lead on the Hatfield McCoy Geo Trail, but she brings a bright ray of sunlight into what may be a dark room. Her positive outlook is a model for us all to follow. I know it was mentioned earlier in a post, but again in the last 2 weeks she lost a dear friend who passed away, her new vehicle was rear ended, and she got lyme disease from a tick while caching. Non of this has slowed her down, she continues to give 110% to the planning and scheduling an event that has the ability to become Mega the first time around, and has not complained once. I am happy to say the Wendy is my friend, fellow cacher, and an all around great lady.

  • Grand High Pobah

    All of the nominees are special people in the geocaching community. However, I must vote for whbaisden. In the very short time she has been involved with geocaching she has managed to instill in any number of people the joy of geocaching. She has managed to get multiple city governments and chambers of commerce aligned behind what has turned out to be a major event, possibly even a mega event. Nothing in her previous geocaching experience has prepared her for this massive undertaking but she has not wavered in her determination to succeed, nor has she been stopped by any obstacle. I think she had done a truly remarkable job and is worthy of recognition. It is for these reasons that I am throwing my support to Wendy.

  • GreerX4


  • TeamDKKBurton

    We vote for Wendy aka
    whbaisden….. 😀

  • E Fudd

    Wendy (whbaisden) gets my vote. With this Hatfield/McCoy event growing and growing Wendy has been keeping everyone informed and doing a great job coordinating the whole thing. With how big it has grown she still is handling it without stopping. Must be taking most all of her time!

  • bubbabeernut is my choice

  • Wendy, Wendy, Wendy



  • Bubba Beernut

    whbaisden! A rose between we thorns…no competition…

  • whtwolfden

    Gotta go with the most controversial cacher to ever set foot on our E.T. Highway Mega-Trail.
    Wendy gets my vote! 🙂

  • f0t0m0m

    whbaiden Wendy is a great Ambassador for the Hobby… she brings Joy to everyone she meets, creates some awesome caches, is always ready to help out anyone in need, and she has the most awesome Jeep with Cacher signatures emblazoned all over it… I chose the cache at her B&B as my 37,000th find..and it was easily one of the most creative caches I have ever seen… Jim Hoffman aka f0t0m0m

  • Carbon hunter

    Uglygoblin gets my vote.

  • viagression

    Uglygoblin. Great person. great cacher. I can’t say enough about uglygoblin. Really started me off and has been there for me and others every step of the way.

  • CamerLot

    Uglygoblin for us too. We bumped into Mike at a cache in our early days of UK caching, for us he turned geocaching from a lone hobby we did as just a family to a social activity. We turned to him a number of times when we were stuck on a particular cache and hopefully were able to help him back on a couple. Thanks to him we started going to the county meets and met up with other like minded cachers. For him it is not about the numbers but about the experience of the caches, I think this reflects in his logs, which I always enjoy reading. He is certainly a positive advocate for Geocaching and his enthusiasm is contagious.

  • Hubilux

    I vote for whbaisden

  • I vote for UglyGoblin

  • My vote for whbaisden

  • Yankabucks

    No one better Whbaisden

  • pickatree

    whbaisden is my vote!

  • TeamAtlas

    I also vote for Wendy (whbaisden). She has the biggest heart of any cacher I know. She is welcoming 500+ cachers into her home for the Hatfield McCoy geo trail kickoff event and has worked tirelessly to make it happen and to make sure everyone has a great time while also running her business, being a wife and mommy, battling a nasty tick bite, having to deal with someone wrecking into her famous yellow jeep, among other things. Through it all she hasn’t blinked an eye and keeps a smile on her face every day. She so deserves to win this! Hey Wendy – not bad for a girl! 🙂

  • bavindicator

    Wendy…Impressive efforts in expanding the hobby. Cachers like her make this hobby great.

  • dirtdobbers

    whbaisden – I singed her jeep at GeoWoodstock X and she has done so much in a short amount of time for geocaching. The Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail will be very popular. Thanks Wendy for all you have done and are doing to keep geocaching exciting and fun.

  • Ms yankabucs – deb

    Wendy – Wendy – Wendy!!!

  • Pink Pixie

    Ugly Goblin.. Hands down! He is by far the most enthusiastic geocaching nutcase that I have had the pleasure to cache with. His enthusiasm and skills for seeking out even the most infuriating of caches knows no bounds 🙂 his patience showing other newbies the basics of caching stretch to limitless lengths and he is always up for the challenge 🙂 Mike (aka Ugly Goblin aka my brother) and I stumbled across this great sport by accident really when we were searching for a free pastime for the kids in the summer holidays – and since then we have cached together many times – he of course now puts my numbers to shame but he bought me my very own gps system, has celebrated my 100th cache with me by making me hike over 12 miles in one day caching along the way of course – and has generally been the one to drag me into caves, out to sea, into rivers and anywhere in between where geocaches lie whilst refusing to listen to any namby girly type protests from me 🙂 all in all he should win for his love of caching and his constant enthusiasm for introducing and helping new people into getting into the great outdoors to cache!

    Pink Pixie

  • KingJoe

    I vote for whbaisden also. We had the pleasure of meeting her and signing the famous Jeep at Geowoodstock and chat with her for a spell. In addition to her all her wonderful work on the Hatfield and McCoy project, she’s just plain super nice. We’ve met a few grumpy, un-friendly cachers over the last 9 years, but the hobby could use a lot more like her.

  • Shelly Stewart

    voting for whbaisden…..she eats…drinks …and breathes geocaching!

  • Wascalley Wabbit

    whbaisden,AKA Wendy !!

  • whbaisden

  • Moosiegirl

    All are deserving, but for reaching the widest audience I would have to vote for WHBaisden. The first time I saw a note about the Hatfield/McCoy geotrail, I was ready to make a trip from Texas. I love it when history and geocaching get together!!

  • gatorman83

    My vote is for whbaisden. What a prolific cacher. Wendy is skillfully hosting what is turning into a HUGE event, has produced helpful (and fun) caching videos, found over 6000 caches in just 2 years, runs her own family business and more. Easy choice here.

  • Stevensons a Searchin

    We choose bubbabeernut

  • KYChase

    Wendy gets my vote!

  • Dodger Lizard Crew

    DLC votes for Bubbabeernuts!

  • carels

    Our choose is Bubbabeernut.
    Bubbabeernut, as soon as we see a new bubbabeernut cache we are on the road. He spends countless hours building his caches, he fills them with so much toys, and we enjoy playing every time we find one of his caches. We have never met any one like him working as a goodwill ambassador to the game.

  • Tennessee Jed


  • Whbaisden, thanks for everything you do. One helluva Cacher.

  • Whbaisden is our girl. Keep on caching.

  • nmbrgrl

    Yeah what the grand poohbah said!! Without a doubt its whbaisden. If you dont believe us just grab a copy of ftf! Go Wendy go!!

  • old_time_hunter


  • valady

    My vote is for whbaisden. Wendy loves geocaching and you can tell that by the smile on her face and the love she has for the sport. She is helping to put Pikeville, KY and Williamson, WV on the map with the upcoming Hatfields/McCoys Geocaching Trail event. This looks to be one of the biggest events to ever hit West Virginia. Too bad no Lackeys can attend ~ your going to miss an AWESOME event. Go Wendy, Go Wendy, Go!!! I can’t wait to sign your big yeller Jeep!

  • MR

    I vote for bubba beernuts

  • r.e.s.t.seekers

    I vote for Bubbabeernut. He has placed many caches that are fun to find. The containers are decorated, contain toys with which to play, and are large enough for tradeables. Most make us laugh. Bubbabeernut has contacted folks who find his caches to show his appreciation. He promotes geocaching in a good way.

  • I vote for bubbabeernut. His caches are fun and family friendly. Most have themes and are regular and larger in size. They are well maintianed and stuffed with toys. He contacts finders of his caches to thank them for visiting. We could use more like him.

  • cainrcc

    I choose whbaisden ! Looking forward to your event in a few weeks 🙂