Celebrate International EarthCache Day – Geocaching.com Weekly Newsletter

Explore the Secrets of the Earth

Join the International EarthCache Day celebration on October 14. Each EarthCacheteaches visitors about the playground all geocachers enjoy – the earth. An EarthCache takes adventurers to a unique site showcasing geological features. Simply discover and log an EarthCache, or attend an EarthCaching event, this Sunday to take part in the worldwide movement.

EarthCaches can reveal why a giant boulder came to rest in the middle of a prairie or how a river flows in two opposite directions in one day. Instead of finding a container at an EarthCache, geocachers learn and report their geology discovery to log a smiley.

There are now more than 14,000 active EarthCaches around the globe. Go to the official Geocaching.com Facebook page to share your International EarthCache Day experience.

  • tnphotobug

    Is there going to be a souvenir given out?

  • AngelEyesRH

    Logged an earthcache today, but still no souvenir. Maybe tomorrow?

  • Gyrfalcon09

    Wondering the same thing as below, logged an earthcache today, was hoping for a souvenir but nothing 🙁

  • TeamML

    What?! Although the Newsletter didn’t specifically say they’d give one, I thought they would since it’s another “international” event as have been those promoted in past newsletters. At least we have another Earth cache under our belt ~~ just had to drive 87 miles to get it for this particular day. 🙁

  • Benchmark Blasterz

    We also thought there would be a souvenir — especially since they seem to have a nice piece of art promoting this day. Well, PTB? Will there be a souvenir for those of us who waited to grab earthcaches until today after reading your email blast?

  • majorjarhead

    There seems to have been previous souvenirs for this day. And it is significant. And a number of caches went to some effort to get an earthcache today. And the artwork is great, why waste it with a delete button? Of course Planet of the Apes Mission 9 has been placed back in service and no one seems to have the authority to restore the souvenir, but you are selling TRIAD geocoins (guess the profit is worth it), Sorry of I’m sounding cynical, just can’t understand your reasoning.

  • AngelEyesRH

    It’s a pitty that there’s no souvenir given. The picture above could be the souvenir, but noooooo … What are you guys thinking? A lot of people drove many miles to get to an Earhtcache!!!

  • AngelEyesRH

    For the International Geocaching Day they also put “second” in front of the title this year, so why not do the same for earthcacheday?

  • GeoAiken

    Very disappointed not to get a souvenir for this one… Souvenir opportunities in Aust are rare as we don’t have state based ones.

  • Guest

    I attended an earthcache event, GC3XJBH, and posted 103 pictures in addition to finding an earthcache. Earthcaches are much more work to log compared to geocaches, so it’s a little surprising (and inconsistent) you get a souvenir for international geocaching day and not for earthcaches.

    Since there isn’t a souvenir, I don’t have to hurry and log the day. I took my time logging the first international geocaching day and missed out on the souvenir even though I did find a cache. I might get to it by mid-November.

  • rüssel4

    We’ve explored EC “Petrified wood” and joined the International Earthcache day celebration.
    We took part in the worldwide movement 😉 and are waiting for the nice icon on our personal profile…
    Kind regards from rüssel4

  • I attended an earthcache educational event, GC3XJBH, and posted 103 pictures in addition to finding an earthcache. I attached five of those pictures to this comment; for more, look at my event note. Considering logging earthcaches are more work than geocaches, it’s surprising (and inconsistent) to see there is a souvenir for international geocaching day and not one for earthcaches.

    Regardless of souvenir, I enjoyed myself–and that’s all that matters. If I’m finding a cache for a number or attending an event for the souvenir, I’m doing it for the wrong reasons.

  • ENB1

    Sill no Souvenier

  • Radioburwood

    Why no Groundspeak souvenir for this??? International Geocache Day has one!! Seems the precedent is set, so why not??

  • Radioburwood

    Why bother with this if it isn’t a souvenir?? Its exactly the same as International Geocache Day??????

  • Hey! Where’s my Eartcache Day souvenir? 🙁