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Tap into the power of a Premium Membership on Geocaching.com. Going Premium costs about as much as a cup of coffee a month and supports the activity you love. Premium Members save time by unlocking features like custom search (Pocket Queries). They earn VIP access to Premium Member only caches and even receive instant notifications of new cache placements.

Watch this new Premium Member video. Geocachers show and tell you about supercharging their geocaching adventure by going Premium. If you’re already a Premium Member, thank you for supporting geocaching! Share the joy of geocaching with others through the gift of a pre-paid Premium Membership. For orders outside the United States click here.

  • Momma Nonna

    This video was just OK. I’ve been a premium member since not long after I started caching but the content of the video, while enthusiastic, I don’t think it would have convinced me to upgrade. If you aren’t a Premium member, it’s possible you wouldn’t know what a pocket query was or what it could do for making caching more efficient. Just my thoughts.

    Would you consider putting a video together to go into depth on pocket queries & how to save them to a computer & how best to file those queries, update them after caching & logging some of those caches, etc. For example, I learned “accid ently” that a pocket query from a map. That sure is easier than any other way, IMHO.

  • Gyrfalcon09

    Pocket queries alone are worth the premium membership, and were definitely the selling point for me. Also, the proximity alerts are useful, especially if you’re keen on picking up FTF’s!