This is My Hobby – Geocaching at Night (Night Caching)

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Geocaching doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Watch this video to see a geocache that could not be found by the light of day. Geocachers use clever clues to navigator through this Multi-Cache in the dark. If they’re skilled and a little lucky, they discover a local difficult 2, terrain 2 favorite called Wait Until DARK!! All the buildings used as stages  are non-residential and gave permission to be part of this geocache. Check out other hides by the cache owner – goblindust. He has more than 1000 Favorite Points for his geocaches.

There are thousands of night caches around the world. Explore a night cache tonight!

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Night cache!


  • Nice!

  • Evil Tom

    how about creating a night cache filter for search results?

  • QV

    yes, agree; need to be able to sort by attributes so we can determine night caches

  • Spike&Drusilla

    Definitely agree – I was trying just that until I came here and saw that it isn’t possible.

  • niraD

    Premium members can already use Pocket Queries to search/filter based on attributes.

  • i love to night cache, even if it’s not intended to be done that way. BUT this one along side a house? What to the neighbors (and police) think?

  • A cache with swag. amazing

  • Rigger64

    Yes you can do a PQ so long as the CO has put a Night Cache Atrubute in there.
    I have two night caches & working on another one which im hoping to have out soon.
    Like others i love Caching @ night it’s more fun.

  • 5nuttytexans

    If you are a premium member you can do a pocket query by attributes and find ones nearby. This video is very disappointing. I was looking for something that was more instructional perhaps giving tools that we should bring along with us etc.

  • SeabreezeOZ

    I have a night cache that ive sent to the ump for review, it involves following a trail of reflective marker to the cache, it has been rejected even though i got the basic idea from watching night cache videos on youtube. Here is the umps reply

    “Temporarily Disable Listing



    Searchers do start at the listed coords, so this should be a multicache type.

    One of the main requirements for a geocache is that, to quote the guidelines, “although it is possible to find a cache without a GPS, the option of using accurate GPS coordinates as an integral part of the cache hunt must be demonstrated for all physical cache submissions.”

    The problem with this type of reflector-based multicache is that there’s no GPS usage beyond getting to the rough starting area, where one starts shining a torch around to find the first reflector. That’s not “accurate GPS coords” and, after that, the GPSr is only useful to find where the car’s parked once the cache is found!

    There’s ways to fix this, though, including having a waypoint with the GZ’s coords at the end of the reflector trail or using patterns or numbers of reflectors to generate coords for the GZ. I’d be happy to hear of other suggestions for including accurate GPS coords as well.

    I’ve made this listing inactive for the time being, to get it off the review queue.
    When you’re ready for me to have another look at it, edit the cache and tick the “Yes, this cache is currently active” box to re-activate it.

    Ian, theUMP.
    (Please respond with a Note to Reviewer here, to keep the correspondence all in one place. Since the cache has been disabled, also email me to tell me that you’ve done so, including the GC code in your email.)”

  • bigdumbfun

    I love night cahes and have personally found the one in the video. I find others that the CO don’t list in the attributes as a night cache by looking at the bookmarks. Find a known night cache and look to see if it is part of a night cache bookmark list. I have one for around where I live.