Global Geocaching on 12-12-12

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Join tens of thousands of geocachers on 12-12-12 as they tromp through snow,  brave chilling winds, or if they’re closer to equator or in the Southern Hemisphere – enjoy a nice sunny day on the beach. Geocachers united on 12-12-12 to celebrate caching, and record the last numerical alignment of day, month, and year this century. Geocaching.com and four geocaching vloggers recorded the day.

12-12-12 in Seattle, WA

Nearly 70,000 geocachers from around the world log a “Found it” or attended an event on 12-12-12. Every one of the geocachers, or geocaching teams earned a special digital souvenir for their efforts. Watch ‘Global Geocaching on 12-12-12’ to see the special sense of global community created by this geocaching event.

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