What caption would you write?

  • Herb, that gorilla trackable is not going to fit into the cache.

  • chele0122

    Kong was not sure which travel bug to take with him from this cache…..

  • We went totally ape when we found this cache!

  • We finally found a Project APE cache.

  • humbrd88

    Evolution of a geocacher.

  • Fay, Ray and geopet King do a little caching while vacationing on Skull Island.
    Mike and Mel

  • team punkydifle

    “Why do you keep yelling grape?, Here it is just take the picture already.”

  • This container smells like bananas!

  • iowapete

    Dear Mom, Please send monkey. Err… money.

  • gdbg4

    Guess which coconut shell this was under! Grand Prize: Year supply of bananas!

  • Stan likes urban caching, while Phil likes big hikes in the woods. Neither wants to hurt the other’s feelings so they don’t talk about it…it’s like an 800 pound gorilla in the cache.

  • Honkeon

    Jeremy, please convince him that we cannot make him a virtual cache anymore!

  • shuburger

    Don’t look now but I think the cache owner is behind us, who was it again? Donkey00Kong or kingKong88..? . Other guy: better put it back right, he doesn’t look happy!

  • I said I wanted to do the Ape cache, but this is ridiculous!

  • AngelEyesRH

    See all, hear all, say nothing!

  • AgentHop

    Hey guys, watch this! I’m gonna photo-bomb those two cachers!

  • Nudibranch58

    Sometimes the cache is right there and you just can’t find it!!!

  • Where does an 800 lb travel bug sit…anywhere it likes!

  • Morisato

    You do have the bananas we brought as snacks in your backpack right? (in case we need to run)

  • CuriousCaroline

    As of Today King Kong is no longer a muggle.

  • Wyoexplorer

    Just take the picture already, I’m not looking behind me that’s the oldest trick in the book!

  • I think the Project APE cache is around here…

  • Hardyhaha

    Smile you’re on Candid camera.

  • firemoe

    The difficulty was a 4. I won’t tell you where I had to pull it out of, but the eyes tell it all!!

  • Stadskasheuren

    Awesome cache, even room for these two TBs! That’s King size for me!

  • captnkirk17

    Good thing we didn’t bring Pauline caching with us today.

  • “who are you calling monkey in the middle?”

  • Just act casual, there’s a muggle right behind us!!

  • Just act casual, there’s a muggle right behind us!!