Geocaching Caption Contest 37 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

Your caption here!
CuriousGeorge59 was not happy to have missed the FTF (First to Find) by seconds.

CuriousGeorge59 was not happy to have missed the FTF by seconds.

Devise your most creative caption for this picture of these two geocachers and they’re unlikely companion. You could even win a ‘barely coveted prize’ in the 37th Geocaching.com Caption Contest. This picture was originally posted on the official Geocaching.com Facebook page. Share your pics there for a chance to have your image used in a future caption contest.

One coveted, and one barely coveted prize. Win them both!
One coveted, and one barely coveted prize. Win them both!

Submit your best – most King Kong geocaching appropriate caption – by clicking on “Comments” below. Please include your Geocaching.com username in all entries. Then, explore the captions other geocachers have posted.

Try to ‘influence’ the voting process (*nudge*nudge*). “Like” the caption that you believe should take home the barely coveted prize. If you think your caption should win, convince your fellow geocachers, your friends, and family to “like” your caption. Lackeys vote from the top finalists to decide the winner of the contest.

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The winner receives this month’s ‘barely coveted prize.’ The prize consists of one coveted and one barely coveted prize. Up for grabs is a rare John Grisham Geocoin, and an seldom used office pen.

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  • Joshism

    “Whatever you do, don’t turn around.” – Joshism

  • Troutonthebrain

    “I always heard muggles were big, hairy, and smelly… but this?”

  • Team V3

    Quit monkeying around and sign the log already!

  • hedging my bet’s 77

    See no evil,hear no evil and say no evil

  • Morisato

    You did remember to put the bananas we brought as snacks in your backpack, right? (in case we need to run)

  • YsOnes

    Who’s the chimp now? – YsOnes

  • Murazor

    He persuaded us to let him log his find first…

  • The before picture… after trying to get the King Kong TB into the cache, they gave up on the after picture.

  • “Hey Kong, check out these funny looking, less hairy monkeys!”

  • got thie eerie feeling we’re being watched …

  • duluth01

    We’ve gone ape over geocaching!

  • snflwrtw0

    What? you say there is a gorilla loose from the zoo?

  • Chinook2012


  • He’s right behind me, isn’t he.
    Whoo’s Cool & Timbo

  • Use your GeoStealth, I think there’s a muggle behind us. – ToneyR

  • Henzz

    I don’t know…I’m sure were being watched…
    Username > Henzz

  • funkymunkyzone

    “The_Kong’s hides are so stupid!….. um, he’s right behind me, isn’t he…” – funkymunkyzone

  • That was an easy find and there’s no sign of the dangerous animals attributed to this cache! Kittykatch

  • What a couple of bananas!

  • redfoot5.1

    Size: LARGE

  • Tanya Phillips

    Debunking the Ape
    Cache Legend: “See here everyone, listen up! There is NO SUCH THING as an APE

    We searched ground
    zero for over an hour and all we could find is this tiny round green container,
    nothing more.”


    Tanya Phillips aka:
    Gadget Girl


  • piperstarwixom

    If you don’t have the other ball Dave… then… This here gorilla is a uni-baller.

  • Bob’s a Veterinarian and a Proctologist, so he made the grab. — UncleJimbo

  • The Three Wise Monkeys’ geocaching rule: “See no muggle, hear no muggle, find the cache”

  • fgrayson

    “Ladies and gentlemen geocachers… I give you… KONG! THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD! ” fgrayson

  • “Found the cachers, took log, left nothing. tfts (thanks for the snack) K.K.

  • Nogles3love

    2 cachers going ape about caching! Ba-na-na!!!!

  • SailorRory & the Winch Wenches

    Hey you two, you aren’t going to claim that as a first to find, ARE YOU?

  • Bman&Crew

    Where did that come from??? That wasn’t there when I set the timer on my camera!!!

  • Chiliconsushi

    “Geocaching rule n°1: Never leave food in a cache… Especially banana.” – Chiliconsushi

  • TEAM US2

    No more micros!!! Understand???

  • cctileman

    — Last known photo of Dr. Jones and assistant , moments after removing what was believed to be a jewel-encrusted container from the eye of a local ancient statue — the only clue to their current whereabouts being a mysterious message , hastily scrawled at the base of the great ape :
    ‘difficulty – 6 ‘ ….

  • dgas71

    Why are those muggles taking pictures of us?

    I think because you thought it would be fun to take a gorilla geocaching with us.

  • Addihockey10

    You’re going to need a bigger net.

  • GovernorWorf

    Please, oh PLEASE say that hot breath on my neck doesn’t mean you left that huge gate open!

  • Dmneiman

    Yes, you’re right. I do feel much less self-conscious when caching in a group.

  • Did you put something funny in the trail mix, Jim?

    No why, Bob?

    Well then do you see a giant gorilla looking over my shoulder?

  • Safdgeo

    I’ve been holding one in I have since they showed up looking for that tupperware in the hole. Now they want to document their find?!? Take the picture already!


  • BigG114

    These 2 muggles just don’t want to leave! I am going to be here all day!

  • Grady Allred

    Cachers too late to save Son of Kong from Medusa, but manage to defeat her with shiny, reflective object of unknown origin.

  • RSW

    … and if you want a hint for the final take a look at the expression on his face.

  • Gac077

    Additional hints: GUR TBEVYYN VF ABG ERNY!

  • TheLegoFool&Missus

    “Don’t make me mad… you don’t want to see me mad!”

  • Catflowers

    They were hopeful that the ‘King Colon’ cache would be easier to put back than it had been to get out.

  • Ultimate Rockhounds

    Where does a 2000 lbs gorilla TB cache? Anywhere he wants….

  • MUGGLES BEWARE: Guard Gorilla On Duty!!! Authorized Geocachers Only!!! ~ tallgirl84

  • catflowers

    Let’s hope the ‘King Colon’ cache is easier to put back than it was to get out.

  • bluespruce1

    You’re sitting on my fingers!

  • sandlapper120

    Taking “natural hidey hole” to a whole new level.

  • JennaYorks

    The guys discovered that when caching with their new friend, waiting around for muggles to leave ceased to be a problem.