February Featured Geocacher of the Month Nominees – Add Your Comments

As we approach the 2 millionth active geocache, the February Geocacher of the Month nominees help celebrate the geocache creators. This month’s nominees have collected hundreds of Favorite Points for their amazing hides in America, Africa, South America, Europe and beyond. Each is already a winner and will receive a prize package from Geocaching HQ.

January 2013 Featured Geocachers of the Month
January 2013 Featured Geocachers of the Month

Now it’s your turn to help select one of them as the Featured Geocacher of the Month for February.

Write a comment at the bottom of this blog about which of these geocachers you feel should be awarded the featured Geocacher of the Month title.

In January, Tim a.k.a. The Weasel, was recognized for organizing Cache In Trash Out (CITO) events, helping guide local geocachers as a board member of the Iowa Geocacher Organization and spreading the word about proper geocaching etiquette by conducting and assisting with over 50 geocaching classes throughout the State of Iowa and abroad.

Here are your nominees for the February featured Geocacher of the Month. Some testimonials have been edited for length.


louwtjievdw nominee for featured Geocacher of the Month
louwtjievdw nominee for featured Geocacher of the Month

louise_gerhard and Henzz write, ” Uncle Louwtjie van der Watt AKA louwtjievdw… is a legend and cachers are travelling vast distances to find his unique and challenging caches. Uncle Louwtjie has at the time of writing 1178 finds. He also has 269 caches that he maintains vigorously. If a cache is gone then it will be replaced as quickly as possible. More important is his techniques of hiding caches. He does not use the normal conventional Tupperware or other commercial containers as a rule, but rather manufacture caches from household items found in the home. This technique is unique in South Africa and it creates a different feel for geocaches. His caches are high quality and it will challenge even the hardiest cache finder. Due to his unconventional technique of hiding these customised items cachers from all over the country at one stage or another does a sort of a pilgrimage trip to Bloemfontein. His logs, friendly advice, the cup of coffee at his home to anyone that wants to share some time with him and the willingness to contribute his time towards all of us is something that must be recognized.”


CAMOURA and ankhesenamon

CAMOURA and ankhesenamon nominees for the featured Geocachers of the Month

VICTOREMM writes, “I would like to suggest Mr. Carlos (CAMOURA) and his wife Carla Moura (ankhesenamon) to the Geocachers of the month. They are the greater ambassadors of Geocaching in Brazil. They hid together about 196 caches, about 23% of the caches in our state SAO PAULO, and 18% in all Brazil. In addition to several meetings and interviews that they gave to magazines and newspapers. CAMOURA’s last work was to create a Power Trail to help everyone from leaving Sao Paulo  to Intervales Park, where you will find the Project APE. They hide caches in a separate to be possible to one get the cache of the other because of few geocachers in Brazil. We have a very different reality here in Brazil, geocaching is not very popular, and their effort is enormous to keep this great adventure alive.

de duintoppers

du duintoppers nominees for featured Geocachers of the Month
du duintoppers nominees for featured Geocachers of the Month

Team Bever.vw says, “In the Netherlands we have ‘De Duintoppers’ who are making very nice caches with for everybody, easy traditional geocaches, walking, biking and even boating Multi-Caches, mysteries and so on and so on. All this caches are in perfect condition. They are always helpful as well as for beginning Geocachers as long with experienced Geocachers. This team De Duintoppers adopted a lot of Geocachers and it always feels like coming home when we met Dick eand Ineke the De Duintoppers. They are the best promoters of Geocaching in The Netherlands. They have very good contacts with authorities in the area to place the Geocaches and it happens that they contacting them with the question to place something in a new nature part. They are an alternative tourist-information due to the good description in each Geocache.


Comment below to tell us who you think should be the February featured  Geocacher of the Month. A panel of folks from Geocaching HQ will use your comments to help decide which geocacher is awarded the honor. Each featured Geocacher of the Month will receive an exclusive special edition featured Geocacher of the Month Geocoin, along with a Geocacher of the Month hat, a Geocacher of the Month profile icon and a certificate acknowledging their contributions, signed by two of the founders of Geocaching. We will be accepting comments for February’s award through Sunday, March 3rd.

Those whose nominees were not recognized here are encouraged to submit their nominations again next month. If you know an outstanding geocacher you would like to nominate to be a featured Geocacher of the Month, send an email to geocacherofthemonth@groundspeak.com and include the following information:

  • Your name, the name of your nominee, their username
  • A picture of the nominee
  • Description (200 or more words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Geocacher of the Month

Please inform your nominee that you’ve submitted them for the award.

Nominations for the March Geocacher of the Month must be received by Friday, February 22nd. 

Once we have received all of the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so we might learn from each other.

  • Brendan Kross (TeamKross)

    Louwjtievdw should get it due solely to the dedication to placing and maintaining caches. Its that kind of dedication that makes it fun knowing that when you set out looking for a cache that it is going to be there and and in good condition. This is the kind of cacher I hope to be 🙂

  • Silmara Vicente

    Camoura and Ankhesenamon are the best in Brazil!!!!

  • Team Jensen 1

    louwjtievdw should get it! Cache on!

  • Avanclan: My vote is for Louwjtievdw. For total dedication to Geocaching and the art of unique cache conatiners, that cachers will drive unbelievable distances just to log one of his cachers

  • Robin Kent

    Camora and Ankhesenamon 18% of all caches in a country, that’s definatly an early adoptee!

  • I did a run of 144 caches in 24 hours on louwtjievdw caches (At least 90% of them where his) This was not only the most rewarding 24h caching run for me but also the hardest. When each and every cache poses as a new challenge, testing a cacher to his limits on not only finding a cache but in some cases just trying to figure out how to actually get to the logsheet so you can sign it. His caches are not only well hidden, but also tend to be complicated. We actually couldn’t retrieve one of his caches that had fallen down a post at 1 am in the morning. As we had only left his house to start our 24 hour spree just a hour earlier he was awaiting some of our progress and an sms sent was replied only minutes later to say he will inspect the cache, sure enough he hopped on his bicycle (Yes at 70 years of age he is an avid cyclist too) and went and replaced the cache….. he then met up with us at another of his caches to inform us that the dropped cache was replaced and to stand back and have a chuckle at our confusion at the cache we were busy trying to find. And he will not give a hint while we search. He has become an inspiration to many a geocacher in South Africa. We will travel hundreds of kilometers to find his caches…. I have the honour of logging my 555th cache as a FTF on one of his caches aptly named All the fives, a 5/5 cache that is awesome considering where this cache is placed. I take my hat off to Uncle Louwtjie, his caches are the best. He certainly is getting my vote….

  • WildlifeLady

    It is really HARD to pick one of these geocachers . . . I wish they all three could win. I love it that louwjtievdw uses items from his home for caches and invites everyone in for coffee, cuz that is what I do also. But I like the fact that CAMOURA and ankhesenamon are trying their best to get folks interested in geocaching because of lack of interest and I like du duintoppers because they deal with tourist information and are perfect geocachers. What to do . . . what to do . . . . Oh man this is HARD HARD HARD~ I guess I would have to choose louwjtievdw .

  • SuperGoober

    I have looked at the Profiles for:
    CAMOURA and ankhesenamon
    du duintoppers

    It is obvious that these folks are SUPERB Cachers!!!
    All three of you give back to Geocaching in so many ways!

    I strongly admire the fact that louwjtievdw
    has only found 1,196 Caches and has placed 270 well maintained and fun Caches.
    My vote has to go to louwjtievdw!

    Good luck to all of you!
    SuperGoober from Hiawatha, IA USA

  • I vote for Camoura and wife from Brazil.

  • BigMacZA

    Unique hides and cache containers keep it interesting. My vote goes to loutjievdw.

  • Grant

    I think it is so great that cachers from across the globe are starting to be recognised. This edition has from 3 continents (and not one from North America). Well done caching community for branching out.

    Uncle Louwtjie gets my vote in this very close run race.

  • louwtjievdw placed caching on the map in central South Africa and cachers from across the country will often drive the 500-1000km to do a “Bloemfontein run” (and let’s face it, it is not the most exciting or beautiful place in the world…) based only on the legend of “Oom Louwtjie caches” – in my mind that says it all!

  • Tricky Vicky & Mickey

    Tricky Vicky & Mickey: Louwtjievdw definitely gets our vote! We always enjoy finding his innovative hides and marvel at the amazing effort that Louwtjie puts into creating these caches and cache containers. They certainly have made an enormous contribution to geocaching in South Africa, with geocachers travelling from all over the country to find some of his hides!

  • geosoekers

    Our vote can only go for louwtjievdw.

  • AJ van Zyl

    We met Louwtjie and Dalene thru geocaching and are honoured
    to have become close and personal friends with these two unique people. If ever
    I met someone who live his dream it is Louwtjie and the support he gets from
    Dalene is remarkable.

    The time and effort that Louwtjie put into his caches can
    only be appreciated once you have done some of his unique caches.

    Come on all you cachers who were touched by this man’s
    magic let’s support oom Louwtjie and Dalene by voting for them.

    Go Louwtjie!!!

  • Henzz

    Oom Louwtjie gets two big thumbs up from me… He is already a winner in my book, because of all he has given to the caching community here in South Africa…

  • BubuThom. Voting for Louwjtievdw 🙂 🙂

  • akwiinas

    I vote for louwtjievdw. I think they deserve it!

  • Team Ginger

    These award nominees show that absolutely anyone can enjoy geocaching. My vote goed to Louwjievdw.

  • Anyone who is nominated should be proud that they are so well thought of, and hold their heads high, Congratulations. I however would like to nominate Lowjievdwalt

    While the overall number of caches found may not be even a bleep compaired to US cachers, it is an impressive total in South Africa, where the number of caches in the country is probably less than a lot of US towns. Louwjie’s caches stand head and shoulders above most caches. His creative thinking and excellent containers makes every cache worth doing.His caches are always maintained and we have been told he cycles hundreds of km a month to check them. If this was all he did it would be worth nominating him, but he also finds time for visiting cachers, with a cup op tea and a chat.

  • J+A+K+N+S

    Our favorite geocacher of the month must be De Duintoppers from The Netherlands.

    They made 310 caches. And 96% of this caches got a favorite from the cachers!! Some even over the 100 favorite and 1 over 200 favorites!
    GC2FB2J got 202(!!) favorites, GC218NC have 169 favorites, GC25Q19 have 151 favorites, GC2W8QH have 114 favorites and GC2F9G9 have 108 favorite points. All the other caches have also a lot of favorite point.
    Most of this caches are special handmade. For example a birdhouse of 5 storeys. In each house a saying.
    At all this favorites you can see how good all there caches are made.

    The area they hide there caches is know as “Duintopperland”. So (almost) each Dutch geocacher knows where that is.

    They are always very helpfull to new geocachers with questions or geocachers wich wants to make there own cache.
    So, this is some of the the resons we think De Duintoppers must be the Geocacher of the month (or year!).

  • dakardrix

    louwjtievdw has my vote! He embraced the game with a passion and made cachers travel far and wide to go caching in an area previously not really regarded as a caching hub. His creativity and enthusiasm embodies the best of the sport.

  • Firemasters

    We vote for louwtjievdw. Have a lot of his caches.

  • Skillie & Krappie

    My vote is also for louwtjievdw (or louwtjie en vroutjie) as he sometime refer to himself. He introduced us to geocaching in 2010. To find a more devoted geocacher is impossible. Thanks Louwtjie for introducing us to geocaching.

  • De Tijgertjes

    We like De Duintoppers.
    They make funny caches. Like a coconut in a Dutch tree. Or a apple in a pineapple tree.
    A lot of caches wich make you laugh or smile.

  • Almost all brazilian geocachers know camoura and ankhesenamon, they are true geocache heros

  • hopmaniak

    Without a doubt De Duintoppers, it’s always a pleasure to visit their original, well build, placed and maintained caches. When there’s a problem it’s usualy solved the same day.

  • Spekkie&Sproet

    We really think that de Duintoppers are
    the best!!

    They make beautiful caches in the nature
    at nice places. See the picture! That is really an artistic cache, very original
    and surprising!!

    They are also nice people.They are always helpful as well as for beginning Geocachers as
    long with experienced Geocachers.

    We vote for de

    Team Spekkie&Sproet from the

  • Spekkie&Sproet

    de duintoppers are great

  • Thrips

    louwtjievdw gets my vote. He is an inspiration and I would love to be as active and full of life at his age. His caches is of outstanding qaulity and all very much enjoyable!


    Meu voto é para Camoura e Ankhesenamon (Carlos e Carla Moura).
    Voto nestes dois porque no Brasil o geocaching vem crescendo muito e os responsáveis por uma grande parcela deste crescimento são o Carlos Moura e a Carla Moura, que vêm divulgando, incentivando e sempre buscando maneiras para atrair mais pessoas para o geocaching e esta seria um bela homenagem a este casal!!

  • Blacktreasure

    Luowjtievdw should Win 😉

  • Henri/Hein



    I like the cacheds of De Duintoppers the most

    They make all kinds of great caches and ………..for everyone.

    And …………Dick is very helpfull.


  • RobEls2010

    We go for the Duintoppers.
    The have Top Cache’s.
    Greetz RobEls2010

  • Flappie98

    My nomination goes to De Duintoppers!
    They have fantastic, varied and ingenious caches. And there is a good maintenance, because most time it is in order in one day.
    Also a lot of information about the nature and area in there caches.
    A pleasure to find a Duintopper cache!

  • louwjtievdw should be it.
    Nice person to chat to, and he has done wonders for the game here in South Africa.
    We were once a group of people that descended on his home town Bloemfontein from Cape Town (1 200 km away) and Johannesburg (450 km away) just for a weekend’s caching. Fond memories.

  • iPajero

    Our vote goes to louwtjievdw who has given us hours of pleasure finding his innovative caches. We have found 254 of his unique caches and we are amazed at how ingenious they are. We met through geocaching and have become very good friends.

  • Wow! Another hard decision this month!
    My vote goes to louwjtievdw!

    Congrats to all on their nominations!

  • Ligfietsbunny

    My vote goes to the Duintoppers. They make beautiful caches that are easy to do. They are very helpful. For just one example: We once logged a DNF en we recieved a hint in the mail the same day! After that we found the beautiful hidden cache. They make hike -bike and boat caches. They are all well maintained. The area were they hide their caches is one of our favorite holiday hangouts, also known as Duintoppersland (Duintopperscountry). We have our most founds from the Duintoppers. The info at the cache listings are really nice to read. They deserve it!

  • TuuronTour

    I vote for the Duintoppers

  • geocacher_coza

    Uncle Louwtjie should get this. He is a inspiration to all of us cachers here in South Africa!!!

  • Oom Louwjtievdw has done a superb job creating a fun and enjoyable search in South Africa. Go Oom hope you get the needed votes.

  • Pte Curb

    As a reviewer it is always a pleasure to review a louwjtievdw cache as I know up front they will be well thought out and placed in a manner worthy of being called a geocache. He is a true geocacher and a gentleman. A definite vote from me.

  • joke18

    My vote is for De Duintoppers. They constantly make new caches and they make lovely hiding-places.

  • Louwjtievdw gets my vote,now that’s a dedicated Geocacher,all the profiles I’ve seen,they all look amazing,but he gets my vote,Good Luck 🙂 ~ xxchrissyxx1981 ~

  • GEO936

    We vote for louwjtievdw! What an amazing team who do so much for the geocaching community! They have contributed not just for South Africans, but for international geocachers who come to visit our beautiful country. Let’s recognise what South Africa has to offer the global geocaching community – let’s get Africa on the map! Thank you to Oom Louwjtie and his Vroutjie for their dedication and love of the game!

  • My vote goes to ‘de duintoppers’. Met them somewhere in 2009 while caching in their area, was invited to join them on a caching trip the next day. We have both found many caches since, and they keep having inspiration for more caches, all of them are very creative and well-hidden. They even made a special cache for my 1000th find!

    Can’t think of better people to give this title to!

  • panthera03

    I vote for louwtjievdw!! I have met them personally, and they are the nicest people who have a passion for geocaching
    and are so dedicated to the geocaching community. Go louwtjievdw – make South Africa proud!!

  • louwjtievdw – never met him but heard all about Bloem and the quality of caches.

    Good luck
    Jono (jonoafrica)

  • GEO936

    We vote for louwtjievdw! What an amazing team who do so much for the geocaching community! They have contributed not just for South Africans, but for international geocachers who come to visit our beautiful country. Let’s recognise what South Africa has to offer the global geocaching community – let’s get Africa on the map! Thank you to Oom Louwtjie and his Vroutjie for their dedication and love of the game!