February Featured Geocacher of the Month Nominees – Add Your Comments

As we approach the 2 millionth active geocache, the February Geocacher of the Month nominees help celebrate the geocache creators. This month’s nominees have collected hundreds of Favorite Points for their amazing hides in America, Africa, South America, Europe and beyond. Each is already a winner and will receive a prize package from Geocaching HQ.

January 2013 Featured Geocachers of the Month
January 2013 Featured Geocachers of the Month

Now it’s your turn to help select one of them as the Featured Geocacher of the Month for February.

Write a comment at the bottom of this blog about which of these geocachers you feel should be awarded the featured Geocacher of the Month title.

In January, Tim a.k.a. The Weasel, was recognized for organizing Cache In Trash Out (CITO) events, helping guide local geocachers as a board member of the Iowa Geocacher Organization and spreading the word about proper geocaching etiquette by conducting and assisting with over 50 geocaching classes throughout the State of Iowa and abroad.

Here are your nominees for the February featured Geocacher of the Month. Some testimonials have been edited for length.


louwtjievdw nominee for featured Geocacher of the Month
louwtjievdw nominee for featured Geocacher of the Month

louise_gerhard and Henzz write, ” Uncle Louwtjie van der Watt AKA louwtjievdw… is a legend and cachers are travelling vast distances to find his unique and challenging caches. Uncle Louwtjie has at the time of writing 1178 finds. He also has 269 caches that he maintains vigorously. If a cache is gone then it will be replaced as quickly as possible. More important is his techniques of hiding caches. He does not use the normal conventional Tupperware or other commercial containers as a rule, but rather manufacture caches from household items found in the home. This technique is unique in South Africa and it creates a different feel for geocaches. His caches are high quality and it will challenge even the hardiest cache finder. Due to his unconventional technique of hiding these customised items cachers from all over the country at one stage or another does a sort of a pilgrimage trip to Bloemfontein. His logs, friendly advice, the cup of coffee at his home to anyone that wants to share some time with him and the willingness to contribute his time towards all of us is something that must be recognized.”


CAMOURA and ankhesenamon

CAMOURA and ankhesenamon nominees for the featured Geocachers of the Month

VICTOREMM writes, “I would like to suggest Mr. Carlos (CAMOURA) and his wife Carla Moura (ankhesenamon) to the Geocachers of the month. They are the greater ambassadors of Geocaching in Brazil. They hid together about 196 caches, about 23% of the caches in our state SAO PAULO, and 18% in all Brazil. In addition to several meetings and interviews that they gave to magazines and newspapers. CAMOURA’s last work was to create a Power Trail to help everyone from leaving Sao Paulo  to Intervales Park, where you will find the Project APE. They hide caches in a separate to be possible to one get the cache of the other because of few geocachers in Brazil. We have a very different reality here in Brazil, geocaching is not very popular, and their effort is enormous to keep this great adventure alive.

de duintoppers

du duintoppers nominees for featured Geocachers of the Month
du duintoppers nominees for featured Geocachers of the Month

Team Bever.vw says, “In the Netherlands we have ‘De Duintoppers’ who are making very nice caches with for everybody, easy traditional geocaches, walking, biking and even boating Multi-Caches, mysteries and so on and so on. All this caches are in perfect condition. They are always helpful as well as for beginning Geocachers as long with experienced Geocachers. This team De Duintoppers adopted a lot of Geocachers and it always feels like coming home when we met Dick eand Ineke the De Duintoppers. They are the best promoters of Geocaching in The Netherlands. They have very good contacts with authorities in the area to place the Geocaches and it happens that they contacting them with the question to place something in a new nature part. They are an alternative tourist-information due to the good description in each Geocache.


Comment below to tell us who you think should be the February featured  Geocacher of the Month. A panel of folks from Geocaching HQ will use your comments to help decide which geocacher is awarded the honor. Each featured Geocacher of the Month will receive an exclusive special edition featured Geocacher of the Month Geocoin, along with a Geocacher of the Month hat, a Geocacher of the Month profile icon and a certificate acknowledging their contributions, signed by two of the founders of Geocaching. We will be accepting comments for February’s award through Sunday, March 3rd.

Those whose nominees were not recognized here are encouraged to submit their nominations again next month. If you know an outstanding geocacher you would like to nominate to be a featured Geocacher of the Month, send an email to geocacherofthemonth@groundspeak.com and include the following information:

  • Your name, the name of your nominee, their username
  • A picture of the nominee
  • Description (200 or more words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Geocacher of the Month

Please inform your nominee that you’ve submitted them for the award.

Nominations for the March Geocacher of the Month must be received by Friday, February 22nd. 

Once we have received all of the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so we might learn from each other.

  • W@lly

    Oom (uncle) louwtjievdw gets my vote as he is a true role modle for the South African and world Geocaching community! With all those caches thad he placeced of world class standards and everybody in SA talking about his caches (and bombs 🙂 )

  • erik88L-R

    All the nominees look like great choices, but if I had to vote for only one it would be louwjtievdw.
    He has done a superb job of growing our sport in South Africa. I only regret that I stopped reviewing South African caches about a year before he started. I would have enjoyed working with someone who places such innovative caches.
    ~erik~ volunteer cache reviewer, recovering geocacher. 😉

  • MnCo

    I vote for louwjtievdw for his hard work and clever hides.

  • Team Hebbes

    We would like to vote for The Duintoppers. They make outstanding caches and are very kind people who are always willing to help other cachers.

  • bicardi151

    louwjtievdw gets my vote!! All the nominees are awesome, But I also enjoy placing interactive and unique caches, so I can relate to the enjoyment he experiences from the smileys he creates! And I can also relate to and respect the dedication and hard work that he puts into the maintenance side of the hides! Cache on sir! And Happy Caching to all!!

  • Louwtjievdw is probably the most active geocacher I know, his caches are always interesting and you have to realy read the hints and search to find them. He regularly arranges events and helps new cachers.
    ZS4BS supports the nomination

  • ScottScott

    Oom Louwtjievdw should get this award as I have done about 200 of his caches and it has been some of the best caches I have done in SA.

  • louwtjievdw is already a legend – why not recognize that? go louwtjievdw, go!

  • Team Cabey – SA

    Innovative hides, fantastic dedication, stunning people.
    We vote for louwjtievdw.

  • terunkie

    Our vote goes to Louwjtjievdw. I was introduced to caching in 2010 in Bloemfontein. A friend did a detour to do oom Louwtjievdw caches. I have been addicted ever since. Great caches. Well done!!!!

  • pannie&medusae

    Oom Louwtjie is one of the oldest geocachers in South Africa and a true living legend. We have spent many happy hours looking for his brilliantly clever caches and have also enjoyed his warm hospitality (he has a TB hotel above his front door!) so of course our vote goes to him! He is an inspiration to all of us.

  • macaddikt

    Louwjtievdw gets my vote. He has placed some very interesting quality hides in his home town. People travel from afar to find his geocaches.

  • The Gold Diggers

    Louwtjievdw gets my vote. The most caches i have found in a day was thanks to him. He even shadowed us on his bicycle when we did some caches near his house. He has also created a lot of unique caches which are as unique and social as he is.

  • joy-r-us

    Oom Louwtjie is an inspiration for innovative caches. My vote goes to Louwtjievdw.

  • marko4

    Louwjtievdw definitely gets my vote. His caches are always worth the extra effort required.

  • DonJolley

    louwjtievdw gets my vote. Done a few of his awesome caches. Can’t wait to do his caches in Bloem.

  • StefandD

    I vote for De Duintoppers. For years I enjoy their caches and up to now they made 310 caches of which I found 300 beautiful ones of them. In addition they hold the record for most Favorites in The Netherlands.

  • T-Eco

    Lowtjie definitely the one to get the Geocacher of the month. A friendly, humorous man with a commitment to making something amazing, not for his benefit but for the benefit of the community! Keep it up Lowtjie!

    “Be the change you want to see in the world”

  • After hearing about louwjtievdw caches from a friend – we decided to make a 250km detour on our trip to have the privilige of signing one of their logsheets – and we were not disappointed – TFTC 🙂 – the 4Gs

  • Alien3Inc

    Oom Louwtjie (louwtjievdw) is a legend and gets my vote. I was delighted this time last year to finally visit the Free State and find some of his epic caches in that part of South Africa (and the “tribute” cache placed by TeamPhantom: “All the ones”, GC2F1Q9).

  • Arjan Vink

    Nice to see a Dutch team nominated. Not that South Africa or Brasil do not need praise, but only caches by the Duintoppers are within my grasp, discovering Goeree-Overflakkee. So they get my support.

  • orosman

    louwjtievdw All the way… to have that many caches and look after them so well 🙂 is amazing

  • TeamSpags

    Louwjtievdw gets our vote!

  • Louise_gerhard

    Oom Louwtjie, also called the “Flame of Bloemfontein”, get our vote. His contribution towards geocaching can not go unnoticed. He accelerated this hobby and it made it extremely pleasurable and challenging. His unique cache hides and above all his comments, his friendly nature, made him a legend in our country. He have the ability to find caches even in the toughest places with no complains and he will always look for that something good in every cache hide and he will log every cache with a positive comment even if it is a cache that needs improvement. Rock on !!!!!!!!!!!

  • tvdbon

    My vote also goes to loutjievdw, some great and fun caches from him!

  • We vote for “DE DUINTOPPERS”. De Douintoppers have hide very nice cache in the netherlands.
    Greets from Germany

  • cownchicken

    louwtjievdw gets our vote with his innovative cache hides.

  • tomtwogates

    Go Louwtjievdw!

  • dijk6jes

    go DUINTOPPERS from the Netherlands! a lot of nice created caches and lovely series, it’s alway fun to be find them!!

  • Our vote goes to Oom Louwtjievdw, especially being from the same home town, he keeps us on the run! Thanks Oom Louwtjie

  • muisie

    I vote for louwtjievdv!!!!!! He is a inspiration to Shouth African geocachers!!

  • Suikerbossies

    Oom Louwtjie has managed to put Geocaching in SA in the limelight. Our vote goes to louwtjievdw.

  • livingdreams<3

    Definitely de duintoppers. Very nice people with a great heart for geocaching and geocachers. Always helpfull and their caches are placed at beautiful spots with creative ideas for the cache itself. They are famous about their creativity and got a lot of favorite points for their well hiden caches. Go on with hiding. You’re the best!

  • Danie Viljoen

    Oom louwtjievdw is the cache planter whose caches have received the most logs in continental Africa, by far. My vote definitely goes for him.

  • Fish Eagle

    For sure, Louwtjievdw get our vote!! What a STAR!!

  • Team Schutte

    LOUWTJIEVDV should get it. He makes use of ingenious ways and I am planning on doing a lot of his caches later this year! Legends like them created the future of caching in South Africa.

  • River God

    River God : My vote goes to louwjtievdw!

    Congrats to all on the nominees!

  • Flevofrog

    I vote for De Duintoppers

  • Jos Verstappen

    We moeten als Team HEYTSE de duintoppers een groot compliment maken ik heb nog niet meegemaakt dat je alle caches van de legger ook kunt vinden zeker als je er zoveel moet onderhouden en voor 99 % zogoed als op het nulpunt en allemaal netjes verzorgd hier kan ik geen FP uitdelen anders hadden ze hem zeker gekregen.

  • Tiny Tigger

    Louwtjievdw get’s my vote! He has done so much for South African caches with his clever hides and really has become a legend in the South African caching community.

  • De duintoppers get our vote.
    We love to do the caches from “de duintoppers”. They are always nicely hidden, easily to find and in good shape.
    The multi caches are beautiful walks in the nature and there are a lot of them to do.
    Dick and Ineke are very nice people, always willing to help, we just love them.

  • Brouwertjes

    Well, although some people claim it is difficult to choose, this is certainly not the case for me. De Duintoppers definitively deserve to win this price. The Duintoppers are one of the most famous teams in the Netherlands. Not only are they very nice and helpful people they also provide the whole Dutch geocache society with beautiful caches. This is very well reflected by the fact that they received over 4000 favorite points and are far ahead of any other geocache team. In the Netherlands everybody knows the so-called ‘Duintopper paaltje’. So I would like to encourage everybody to vote for this team.

  • Leon St

    loutjievdw for cacher of the month. Louwtjie, a legend in South Africa with 200+ awesome caches in Bloemfontein!

  • I think Nelson Mandela would vote for Oom Louwtjie.

  • louwjtievdw has my vote!

  • Black James Cash

    My vote goes to Oom Louwtjie (loutjievdw), being one of the most origional cache-hiders in South Africa. He has a reputation for challenging hides, and a friendly disposition. I had the good fortune to have met him last year. He should be the geocacher of the YEAR!

  • Barbara Brunlees

    I recently travelled from Sao Paulo Brazil to find Southern Bowl, one of the project A.P.E caches. Finding the caches in the power trail from Sao Paulo to Intervales State Park made the day much more enjoyable and interesting. I’d like to nominate Camoura and ankhesenamon for their work in encouraging geocaching in Brazil. Bravo!!!

  • jakl-B-hide

    Our vote goes to louwtjievdw – we have always enjoyed caching in Bloemfontein, mainly due to Oom Louwtjie’s inventive and creative cache containers and hides. He even placed a number of caches in and around The Willows in Port Elizabeth that are great fun. His hides are the benchmark that we measure other cache containers by!

  • VindenPuntNL

    De duintoppers is een great team, the best of Ouddorp and Goeree-Overflakkee. They have a lot of caches hidden and they maintain the caches also very good. If you send an email, you get a very quick answer. Tribute to De duintoppers!

  • Leo

    All I know from these cachers are the Duintoppers. But I can say that I really enjoy every of their well maintained caches. Since a few years we travel on each fathers day to Zeeland for an exciting day. So my vote is for the Duintoppers!

    Greetings from Delft, The Netherlands