Reward a Favorite Point and say Thank You


Reward Favorite Points to the geocaches that make you cheer with joy!
Reward Favorite Points to the geocaches that make you cheer with joy!

Your pulse-quickens. Your jaw drops. And you think, “No way!” It’s the “Aha!” reward of finding a geocache that’s a unique container, cleverly hidden or reveals an amazing location. Maybe it’s even all three of those elements rolled into one geocache.

Now you have nearly two million active geocaches to choose from for your adventure. You can celebrate the best of those geocaches by rewarding that geocache a shiny new Favorite Point.

Some geocaches have tallied hundreds of Favorite Points, some have even earned more than a thousand Favorite Points. And your Favorite Point matters.

A Favorite Point is a blue ribbon award that makes a geocache owner’s day. Favorite Points are your way of saying Thank You to the geocacher who hid and maintains the geocache. It’s also a way to let other geocachers know that geocache is well worth the journey.

Geocaching Favorites Image

Here’s the story of how Favorite Points work. Premium Members earn one Favorite Point for every ten geocaches they find. They can reward their points to any geocache where they logged, “Found it.” Basic Members who upgrade to Premium Membership receive Favorite Points accordingly to their past finds.

Searching by Favorite Points also offers a big time-saving advantage, since you won’t have to sort through page after page of search results to find the best geocaches in an area. The one-click solution is an easy way to instantly see which geocaches leave your fellow geocachers in awe.

You can help out new geocache hiders. Add a comment below and tell us what makes a geocache worthy of a Favorite Point?

  • Lone R

    Thank you for encouraging Favorite Points. As a hider, they are a joy to receive and motivational. As a finder caches with Favorite Points are a great way to start a day of caching. If you have Favorite Points, use them. Spread the joy.

  • Peter

    Favorite points are a great way to reward the owner for his extra effort in making the cache unique. Since it is a race in our area to log an FTF, I also award a favorite point for any FTF of mine.

  • Pickle Mom

    I enjoy giving favorite points as well as receiving them. I reward them by location or cache creativity. Sometimes the location is more impressive than the cache itself, and I thank them for showing me something I would have normaly missed by giving a favorite point!

  • Ian Paul

    If I smile and wish I’d placed a particular cache it gets a favourite point from me. (Sorry, needs a ‘U’ this side of the Atlantic)

  • Ian – Good technique for awarding Favorite Points… and you’re welcome to use as many “u”s as necessary.

  • tallgaloot

    Favorite points should be available for all users to leave (not just premium members), and I will tell you why. Leaving a favorite point is not really benefit for premium members, it’s a benefit for the cache you have just visited. Limiting it to premium members is limiting the number of favorite points some great caches out there can get. Secondly, voting works best when there is a larger sample size. When you look at movie, restaurant, or any other review, would you rather see it got 95/100 with 2 people voting or 93/100 with 900 people voting. The larger the sample size legitimizes the favorite point system. Caches that are really great will get many, many favorite points and attract the warranted attention. Caches that are just ho-hum will get very few (or none at all) favorite points and get the attention they deserve. In my area right now, there are a few caches with 1 or 2 favorite points, a few with 3 or 4. Many with none at all. In its current state, except for a few exceptions, the great caches just aren’t getting the favorite points they deserve and it makes the voting system meaningless when a great cache and a not so great cache have the same amount of favorite points. TLDR? Let basic members vote for favorite points to improve the sample size and legitimize the system.

  • OhMelli

    A gorgeous location or a reallllly CREATIVE hide will get a favorite from me every time!

  • Rvgoddess

    I give a favourite point to those caches that make me smile and say “oh yeah” I get it, especially if the cache name and the cache container make perfect sense after the find. I also enjoy the caches that the owner has gone to the trouble to make the container creative and well cared for.

  • Uniqueness! A beautiful place, pleasant hike, or unusual container. I especially like a good write-up that teaches me natural history, history, or something about the personality of the cache owner. Good maintenence and an appropriate name are important, but the final factor is, when I put all these things together, it makes me grin. I tend to revisit my favourites, to drop trackables there or take other cache hunters and watch them for that inevitable big smile.

  • Chiliconsushi

    Great camo!

  • Kittykatch

    There are so many clever geocachers out there and some of the caches are amazing. They put a lot of work into creating, hiding and maintaining caches and their only reward – informative logs and favourite points. I put effort into my logs and to awarding favourite points regularly as one of my ways of giving back to the game.

  • In my home area if I awarded for creative containers there is one cacher who would have most of my points. I do award some of his best caches but, I can’t award all the good containers. I do award all the FTF’s that I get. I put that in my log that the reason they get a favorite point is that it is FTF. Basically I hope it gets others out to find the caches close to them because they see someone was gun ho to go get it and gave it a favorite point. I think favorites are important and help me to seek out caches when I am traveling that are special or extra good. While I know what caches I should bring visiting cachers to I have no idea what quality caches are out there without the favorite points. As a premium member I often do pocket quieres(sp) for my travels and it helps to pair down which I want to try for while I am there.