Reward a Favorite Point and say Thank You


Reward Favorite Points to the geocaches that make you cheer with joy!
Reward Favorite Points to the geocaches that make you cheer with joy!

Your pulse-quickens. Your jaw drops. And you think, “No way!” It’s the “Aha!” reward of finding a geocache that’s a unique container, cleverly hidden or reveals an amazing location. Maybe it’s even all three of those elements rolled into one geocache.

Now you have nearly two million active geocaches to choose from for your adventure. You can celebrate the best of those geocaches by rewarding that geocache a shiny new Favorite Point.

Some geocaches have tallied hundreds of Favorite Points, some have even earned more than a thousand Favorite Points. And your Favorite Point matters.

A Favorite Point is a blue ribbon award that makes a geocache owner’s day. Favorite Points are your way of saying Thank You to the geocacher who hid and maintains the geocache. It’s also a way to let other geocachers know that geocache is well worth the journey.

Geocaching Favorites Image

Here’s the story of how Favorite Points work. Premium Members earn one Favorite Point for every ten geocaches they find. They can reward their points to any geocache where they logged, “Found it.” Basic Members who upgrade to Premium Membership receive Favorite Points accordingly to their past finds.

Searching by Favorite Points also offers a big time-saving advantage, since you won’t have to sort through page after page of search results to find the best geocaches in an area. The one-click solution is an easy way to instantly see which geocaches leave your fellow geocachers in awe.

You can help out new geocache hiders. Add a comment below and tell us what makes a geocache worthy of a Favorite Point?