Take Flight on Florida’s New GeoTour


taking flight geotour


Explore Florida’s beautiful wild places with the new Taking Flight GeoTour in Manatee County. Sponsored by Charlotte Harbor, Sarasota Bay, and Tampa Bay Estuary Program in cooperation with Manatee County’s Natural Resources Department, the tour leads geocachers through an area that encompasses over 25,000 acres of natural preserved land. The tour takes adventurous geocachers from coastal mangrove forests and salt marshes to upland pine flatwoods and dry scrub habitat.

The new Taking Flight GeoTour’s geocaches are located in birding “hot spots” throughout Manatee County Florida’s publicly accessible preserve system. Each cache highlights a specific bird species or aspect of bird life. You’ll get with opportunities to learn more about these creatures and what geocachers can do to help them survive. Geocaches also focus on protecting the region’s waterways, bays, natural watersheds, and habitat areas for many of the area’s feathered friends.logo_TakingFlight200x200

Geocachers who find at least 12 of the 15 geocaches on the tour and complete the activities associated with each stop can turn in their passport to receive a special custom Taking Flight tracking tag. Download the official passport and begin the adventure today!


  • honeychile

    This looks AMAZING! I’m eager to hear from those who are able to complete the tour.

  • nthacker

    am down here for gw 11, and made this tour part of the itenerary. while a lot of driving, this tour is so well worth the time spent. i highly recommend you spend 2 or 3 days on this tour to really experience the hot spots. the park with the ec was amazing. when they complete the other reserves, the co told me she would be placing all of those caches into the reserves.
    we did 12 of the 15, got the tag and just impressed all around on this one. it really is a must do.