Celebrating Two Million Geocaches


2 million reached!
Homepage counter at 5:11 am Seattle time on February 28

Join Geocaching in celebrating a major milestone! The 2 millionth active geocache was published on February 28 at approximately 5:11am Seattle time. It’s located in Australia. The 2 millionth active geocache is Overwatch #1 (GC46N4E). The traditional geocache is rated a terrain 3.5, difficulty 3.5 and promises to take geocachers to a lookout over the city of Alice Springs.  As of 6:12am Seattle time, the geocache has not yet been found.

To celebrate this milestone – Geocaching will be rewarding the global community with previously unreleased Geocaching Souvenirs. Hundreds of thousands of geocachers will receive never-before released country and region souvenirs. Find details here. Geocachers also have a new way to thank geocache hiders. Share this new “Thank a Geocache Hider” video with those who place and maintain geocaches so many enjoy.

Click to see the latest Geocaching Souvenirs release
Click to see the latest Geocaching Souvenirs to be released

Don’t forget to spread the word about geocaching by checking out and sharing the Celebrating 2 Million Infograph, and the videos 2 Million Geocaches in 1 Minute and Travel Bug® Travels.


  • TheRichFather

    You’re aware that the picture on the front page reads 999,999,999; right? That would be 1 billion… not 2 million…

  • We have even MORE to celebrate! Kidding… a little glitch. We’re working it out. Thanks for making us aware!

  • LordGero95

    I think its a bug. At 7pm MET it was 1.997.100 Caches 😉

  • ligerchris

    ayez le chiffre a été rectifié mais j’ai eu le tps de faire un imprime écran mdr

  • Owen

    Is there a way to get emailed when it reaches 2 million?

  • Chiliconsushi

    Good luck to reviewers who are publishing caches right now!

  • Timo Stenberg

    How do you define “active geocache”? Are disabled caches included?
    How about events?
    Not that this really matters, but I’m just curious 🙂

  • Curiosity is the root of geocaching. Keep the questions coming. Active geocaches are counted as if they’re published and not archived… and events, if they’re published.

  • Good point… while we’re excited to reach 2 million active geocaches, we’re in no rush to get there. Only quality geocaches need apply. We will announce the name and location of the 2 millionth geocache as it happens. Stay tuned!

  • where can i watch the countdown, cant seem to find it, dont want to log a dnf

  • We’re updating the count every 15 minutes on the Geocaching.com. There’s a link at the top of this post… or just click here: http://www.geocaching.com/ We’re currently at 1,997,237

  • John Clairmont

    Will you be able to tell us which specific cache was the 2 millionth?

  • Jessica Prunty

    My husband and I have been geocaching since 2006 and have since included our 1 year old son who went on his first caching adventure when he was just 4 months old. Amazed that there is soon to be 2 million geocaches. Love it!

  • avarus72

    Ich feiere gern mit und finde das eine tolle Sache. Besonders freut mich der letzte deutsche Satz in der Beschreibung.

  • Tono1985

    lets fetz ^^

  • alpha_r

    na da hoffe ich mal , dass meiner nicht der 2 Mill wird,…lach als T1,5 D1,5 ,… ein purer Tradi,… grins,… ansonsten muss ich schwer nacharbeiten,… ohoh

  • Tanja W

    I hope so, the 2 million’s cache is in Europe

  • drp78

    Na próxima semana vou contribuir, para o objectivo das 2 milhões de caches

  • chris geertsen

    this is so cool!! love the statistics that are shown here for the 2 millionth geocache and the evolution of geocacing!! at any rate i hope to have the 2 millionth geocache right here in utah united states!!!! love the new video releases

  • GC_Hänsel68

    Ja, der letzte, deutsche Satz hat was. Als ich vor ca. 3 Jahren mit der Dosensuche angefangen habe, haben die Owner noch versucht anspruchsvolle Multis oder einen schönen Rätselcache zu legen. Dann ging es steil bergab. Heute hat wohl keiner mehr den Ehrgeiz etwas anspruchsvolleres zu schaffen als einen billigen “Randsteintradi”. Bei zu vielen Cachern zählen leider immer nur die Punkte. Die Ausnahmen werden immer seltener.


  • snapshot7

    Less then 2 thousand to go… I will be contributing to GC’s big milestone by hiding a few more in my local area of Orange County, CA! Happy Caching!!!

  • Fur@o

    Se até Março não chegarem aos 2 milhões eu ajudo com a colocação de mais duas. lol

  • Happy geocaching to you! Thanks for adding to the adventure of geocaching.

  • maparo

    Ich zähle schon gespannt mit und finde das super :-). Ich habe auch schon mit einem Cache zu den 2 mio beigetragen 😉

  • Team koia

    100 zu 1 dass es ein Leitplankenmicrotradi wird – was ja wiederum repräsentativ für das gegenwärtige Geocaching wäre. 😉
    In stiller Anteilnahme

    Team koia

  • Team koia

    Warum? Entspricht doch der heutigen Norm 🙂

  • Team koia

    Da hast du leider sooo recht 🙁

  • R

    “Das bedeutet zugleich “zwei Millionen Abenteuer auf Abruf” rund um den Erdball…”
    Wohl eher 1,9 Mio langweilige Fotodosen und 100.000 Abenteuer 😉

  • hans415

    So I see we lost about 800 or more Active Caches today. hmm

  • i heard there will be a souvenir associated with the 2 millionth hide. how will that work?

  • belair07

    Feel the power of GCer family around the world!

  • Good eyes… The geocaching community volunteers are doing “sweeps” where they archive geocaches that haven’t been maintained, are lost, etc… We’ll still get to 2 million.

  • stary sum

    Auch meine noch 6 aktiven Caches stecken in den 2 Millionen. Auch ich bin der gleichen Meinung wie avarus72: Nur Qualitätascaches fetzen wirklich!

  • I´m curios which one and where it will be!

  • What happen to the count? It seems to have lost geocaches. Last night it was at 1,997,767 when I last saw it. ?????

  • the count this morning was only 1,997,155 (10 am EST) The numbers are STUCK??

  • Rodeonick

    Count actually going down??? It seems that there are some anti-2,000,000 cachers. That boggles my mind. Geocaching is the greatest activity there is, for all age groups. Cachers have begun building legacys for their children to hold onto, long into the future. 2,000,000 caches, thats nothing. try to imagine where we will be in the next ten years. It absolutly appeals to my interests. Don’t be a hater. I will be caching until the day I die. I am proud to be a geocacher and I know I am not the only one. Build them caches! Make them great and lets hit 2,000,000. Lord knows I am doing my part. Happy caching all.

  • Harwell5

    Just a quick note of fact. There are actually 196 independent countries in the world. However, only 193 are members of the United Nations. The United States’ State Department only recognizes 195 though. The loner? ….. Taiwan! China has made argument that Taiwan is a province of China. Taiwan is still fighting that battle. Soooooo, there are conceivably 196 countries that could contain a cache to find. The other two not part of the United Nations, Vatican City and Kosovo. Just thought some would like an interesting fact. Would be cool to eventually have a geocache in every country in the world. 🙂

  • Famer0000

    lol richtig cool freu mich schon 🙂

  • Griz4b

    It’s actually been steadily dropping since 2 days ago.
    Was 1998000+
    Now 1997100.
    Someone must be doing a spring clean!

  • Gonczi

    What I don’t understand is: yesterday there were already over 1.998 thosend caches counted, today only few over 1.997 thousend.
    Does the counter working properly?

  • Hi G – The counter is working. You’re seeing some folks archiving geocaches that can no longer be maintained… so the number of geocaches is dipping slightly. I’m guessing we won’t reach 2 million active geocaches until mid-next week. Your thoughts on when we’ll reach 2 million?

  • What’s your guess? Will is be in the CZ or Alaska or ????

  • Germany, of course!

  • The count is in active geocaches. There is always archiving going on …

  • Ladybug Karen

    Oh were oh were can it be!! Maybe in Arkansas

  • Danny Brewer

    What are the chances that #2million is an LPC?

  • chris geertsen

    yeah it was about 1,998,150 but now its gone down to 1,997,237. it’s definitely just some caches getting archived. whatever the cause who knows. but i have seen it worse though. last year in 212, the count was somewhere in between oh 1,800,000 to 1,980,000 and in 1-2 days sometime during that time. the count went down by a massive 50,000 caches. wow! i thought! i could not beleive it myself! but it did happen. yeah 50,000 caches archived in 1-2 days!! any way just sayin for right now, the count going down a couple thousand caches is alot better then going down 50,000 caches. you would not want the geocaches going down by another 50,000 right now would you?

  • bulcacher

    It seems like it’s been stuck for the last day or so. I even saw it go down quite a bit yesterday. I expect it to go up over the weekend, but I wonder if people have stopped hiding in order to be the 2,000,000th. We’ll see. 🙂

  • Pai Sen

    The TB-Vid is amazing.
    Very interesting is Europe, where the land and sea borders merged together. So much Cache-and TB-Traffic.

    Das TB-Video is großartig.
    Sehr interessant ist besonders Europa, wo die Land- und Wassergrenzen ineinander verschwimmen. Soviel Dosen und TB-Traffic haben wir hier.