April 1 – A New Geocache Size is Introduced

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It’s a small step for geocaching and even a smaller step for geocaches. Field tested and geocacher approved, a new geocache size has entered the adventure of geocaching. Just be sure to pack your magnifying glass, tweezers and a metric ton of patience. The new geocache size is named “T.I.N.Y.” It stands for Teentsy Infinitesimal Nucleic Yocto Geocache. Just how small are they? Take a look at this: . Right here: . Yeah. The T.I.N.Y. geocaches are smaller than that punctuation mark. Or this one: .

Interested? Curious? Don’t know what Yocto means? There’s one way to find out. Check out the latest Geocaching Presents video: t.i.n.y. geocaches. Interested in purchasing a 100 count of t.i.n.y. geocaches? They’ve been sold out recently, but for a limited time you might find one in your Shop Geocaching order.

Go behind the scenes and watch the Dosenfischer T.I.N.Y. video.

Geocaching HQ has a history of releasing blockbusting geocaching ideas on April 1. Check out the Geocaching Workout Video you might need to practice before you search for your first t.i.n.y. geocache.


  • Rhodonit

    Ha ha haaaaaaaa. Outch! Lack of good ideas?

  • No Thanks, We will pass on these!

  • There’s actually 10. If you look closely two are hidden in the commas.

  • It was posted on March 31st… so no. It is not 1th April.

  • Starbucky2010

    Taking Geocaching to a whole ‘nother level!

  • shellie

    HEY HONEY…..They shrunk the geocaches!!!!

  • Lgsaga2#

    Are these editable?

  • Lgsaga2#

    Almost the size of a “bit”

  • CelloFellow

    Are these waterproof? Also, do you sell microscopic pens? It’s hard to sign a log with a boring regular sized pen. 😀

  • Soul Leister

    Brilliant. Mom would visit (Wisconsin from Arizona) and stash stuff all over town… every week she would email or call or write and send the grandkids on a new geocaching scavenger hunt. They think grandma is magical (how does she do it from so far away… like Santa, she’s got helpers, wink).

  • Soul Leister

    Mom passed away last year… but the kids are still tracking down the caches still in circulation… and revisiting the old ones looking wishfully.

  • Beatrice

    This is hysterical!! Love it!

  • Zargfinders

    Haven’t ever found a cache on a tank! Maybe it’s not an Australian thing, found plenty on cannons!!

  • Red Starred

    My order came with a plastic envelope containing a t.i.n.y. advertising card but not a single cache.
    What gives??

  • hommer777

    I is time that the people at head office stopped trying to make cachers feel SMALL it just is not funny

  • Tigeroscar

    Oromocto New Brunswick Canada has a Geocache on a tank, If you ever make it across the pond to find it.

  • Andy Mikels

    This is nice – but bring back Virtual Caches!!!

  • StrawberryShortcake

    Oh my freaking Lord. Just when I thought April Fools couldn’t get any goddamned sillier, something proves me wrong.

  • Arctic Dude

    I think it is cool that people can have a good time with something like this. I Actually was expecting some sort of RFID granule . Maybe that truly would be next? You could track it with a RFID finder, download the logs, upload pictures, and then wait for a bird to eat it?

  • We have two separate tanks in which each one has a geocache. Located in Missouri, USA….Took me 6 weeks to locate the cache on one of the tanks.

  • 2nd Grade Spelling


  • Ladylara3

    Is it really nececcary to make such a small geocash I mean really!!!!!

  • Andy Saunders

    The bigger the better! NOT SMALLER! NOT IMPRESSED!!!!

  • GOLDY*8

    I tell you what…this is going to be a NIGHTMARE for owners.
    Everytime there’s a DNF, they’re going to check it’s there..which’ll take hours.
    Stupid idea. Nanos were bad enough.

  • LaDon Howes

    Next will be the FLEA travel bug, it will really have you head scratching!

  • Video’s not working :O(

  • IC$

    Can I run a string of these like 5′ apart due to there size?

  • Kevohl

    On the Campus of LSSU in Sault Saint Marie Michigan there is a cache on a tank. I took me forever to find.

  • juggernaut

    Why are they making the caches smaller? They really should make some more caches that look like diff. species of logs and things like that. Not something that you could mistake for large grains of sand. 0_0

  • juggernaut

    Instead of making more small caches theyy need to make make more caches that look like logs & things like that. I don’t want a geocache that could be mistaken for sand. 0_0

  • AZClaimjumper

    I DON’T look for Micros & have NO intention of looking for something even smaller. I want the enjoyment of taking something & leaving something. There is no joy is just signing a piece of paper in a Micro.
    BAD IDEA……

  • zargfinders

    Ok then, guys, when I go to the US and Canada and June I’ll look out for one on a tank. Just logging my DNF on a cannon cache now :O

  • Grammar.
    P.S. I hid three of the new caches on this page.

  • got to be an april fools joke!!

  • Online Comments

    Uhhhhh….it was an April Fool’s joke dude,

  • FindMeNow

    I ordered gray. The bag ripped open in the mail box. Been looking for them all weekend. Thanks for the great weekend by the way. The wife seems upset I was looking in the mail box all weekend instead of taking her out for our anniversary.