April 1 – A New Geocache Size is Introduced

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It’s a small step for geocaching and even a smaller step for geocaches. Field tested and geocacher approved, a new geocache size has entered the adventure of geocaching. Just be sure to pack your magnifying glass, tweezers and a metric ton of patience. The new geocache size is named “T.I.N.Y.” It stands for Teentsy Infinitesimal Nucleic Yocto Geocache. Just how small are they? Take a look at this: . Right here: . Yeah. The T.I.N.Y. geocaches are smaller than that punctuation mark. Or this one: .

Interested? Curious? Don’t know what Yocto means? There’s one way to find out. Check out the latest Geocaching Presents video: t.i.n.y. geocaches. Interested in purchasing a 100 count of t.i.n.y. geocaches? They’ve been sold out recently, but for a limited time you might find one in your Shop Geocaching order.

Go behind the scenes and watch the Dosenfischer T.I.N.Y. video.

Geocaching HQ has a history of releasing blockbusting geocaching ideas on April 1. Check out the Geocaching Workout Video you might need to practice before you search for your first t.i.n.y. geocache.


  • MtnLioness

    April Fools

  • Zargfinders

    That’s great I should put one on a cannon

  • ogeo

    April Fools Day to you too Groundspeak!!!! LOL. Love the video!

  • Meienmoos

    Today is 1th April. (April Fool)

  • Wirral Fruit Loops

    Fantastic, we’ve already put our order in for our free T.I.N.Y. caches 😉 looking forward to starting the new craze here in the UK.

    Still laughing, excellent video Jeremy

  • Vosani

    APRIL!!! APRIL!!!

  • iersmeisje

    Today a new mystery cache was published in Rotterdam (NL). Really enjoyed this solved mystery! 🙂 (GC48NER – Signal’s Time Machine)

  • I’ve had a few of those out for awhile now… mostly DNFs on them too!

  • Mississippi.GER

    Now new for my geocahing-search-stuff: trained ants to find TINY-size geocaches…

  • tlausl

    April April

  • I’ve hidden hundreds of these already!

  • Say it ain`t so!!!!!….LOL…funny stuff, guys…..LOVE it!…

  • bigbruck

    love the microscope glasses!

  • theBergstromClan

    I absolutely LOVE this! Thanks for getting me laughing this morning. 🙂

  • Great joke, but I really think they should change the name from “other” to “nano”

  • What a great idea! I’ve hidden several, just in this message alone. Seven to be exact.

  • Can you say “April Fool’s” Jeremy? BTW, I love this!!!!!!

  • I count 8

  • 3rd grade Grammer

    1st of April

  • Majesty4

    NO! NO! NO! I’m so sick of micros and nanos and now T.I.N.Y! If this is the direction you’re going, I’m afraid I’m going to have to pull my subscription. You’ve lost me.

  • diana

    I hope they don’t here.

  • I wonder how GC is going to handle deleting thousands of logs on these caches. Guess that didn’t work out as well as planned…

  • I’ve already placed my order and can’t wait to start hiding. (teehee)

  • ¡Feliz día de los tontos!

  • lightmann


  • maglockd

    and I thought the nano was bad….

  • susanator

    Please make all The Souvenirs from login The April fool Caches worldwide go away! I tried deleting The Logs and those Souvenirs are still there!

  • What souvenir do you mean? Is there a new souvenir for April Fools day?

  • This would be perfect to hide in a stone wall. Preferably in an area with exceptional signal bounce. One has to wonder if there will also be a adjustment to the distance required betwenn T.I.N.Y caches maybe 528″ would do.

  • I got my order in today. Thanks! Any idea where I can get the replacement logsheets? They only hold sixteen signatures, so I’m having to replace them often.The T.I.N.Y. geocoins were a great idea too – and you didn’t even have to shrink the size of the ID letters!

  • Colbysclan

    Trying to find t.i.n.y. Travel bugs to go with these….but Internet searches only return results on bedbugs.

  • pprass

    I knew that my t.i.n.y. pen was going to come in handy one day 🙂

  • shoot this was cute 🙂 I need to do a t.i.n.y power run really bad

  • Naturist

    I ordered about 10,000, I figured I would be placing them all over LA county. I was extatic when I received my order, so I placed them on my counter.
    one problem,
    I made my gatorade and mistook them for the gatorade and did not realize what I had done until after I drank it!
    so, now I am placing them all over Los Angeles and have been arrested a few times. Seems you cannot do that in the park, nor in a fountain, nor in a garden in a house… or a business garden, nor a pool, (they turn blue), or the gutter, or on a patrol car… especially a patrol car… the guy did not like that and took me to a special place… nor the cell I was in…. the guys who shared that cell did not like it either… They did not mind it in the cup they told me to place them in… all in all it was a great idea, I just had trouble with the method of placing them (except the last time)!

  • A-Towner


  • jo

    so what does yocto mean? I think I missed it in the video…

  • kbarhow

    hard to distinguish from the fly poop, and i bet the logs are hard to roll up again.

  • Baregabro

    Excellent! And next year, let’s introduce the A.B.S.T.R.A.C.T. (All But Sensable, Tangible and Reachable, Aswellas Completely Transparent) geocache .

  • BettyMartin

    Still trying to find out what “Yocto” means. Anyone??

  • BettyMartin

    10 to the -24th power. Right. It all makes sense now.

  • DtB

    According to the Wiki…

    Yocto- (symbol y) is a prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10−24 or 0.000000000000000000000001.

    It was adopted in 1991[1] by the General Conference on Weights and Measures. It comes from the Greek οκτώ, meaning “eight”, because it is equal to 1000−8. As of 2012, yocto is the smallest official SI prefix.

  • sclave

    I painted mine black and placed it on a 4 ton chunk of Anthracite coal…..

  • winini

    I just got pack of 100 and my dog looked into the bag and sneezed. Now I can’t find a single one!

  • This is a great idea. With 2 million + geocaches already in place the earth was in danger of being completely covered by film canisters ooooooops wait I meant geocache canisters. Now we can go for BILLIONS and the Muggles will never know we are active.

  • mol thundergirl

    Lol me too XD

  • D&JWen

    I have now found 1,000 of these little beauties — Is there some recognition badge or something??? Just a note, It can be a bit hard signing the log; actually even finding the log can be a bit tedious. However, after finding my first I decided to use a micro laser to sign the log. Had to do it under an electron microscope, a little expensive, but what’s $500,000 for a great hobby??!!>>??

  • MaitreMind

    Does that mean the 1/10 mi distance between hidings will change? This would be awesome because we could create a power trail of T.I.N.Y.’s on a sidewalk crack. For those who camp out on the next big Apple release one could find thousands of T.I.N.Y.’s. Will there be a limit to how many we can find in a day? I think if I counted right I just hide 30 while typing this! (34)

  • ME

    I don’t think it’s funny at all. You can bet some fool will try to make a cache that small.

  • Marks a lot

    Or a tank.

  • Big Mama K

    I can’t even see the micro’s, guess we’ll have to carry binoculars everywhere we go now too!!! LOL!!!