March Featured Geocacher of the Month Nominees – Add Your Comments

The nominees for the March Featured Geocacher of the Month award are innovators, creators and co-conspirators with other geocachers. They’re all friendly and welcoming to geocachers from Germany, America, Spain and all over the world. Each is already a winner and will receive a prize package from Geocaching HQ.

louwtjievdw: Featured Geocacher of the Month for February
louwtjievdw: Featured Geocacher of the Month for February

Now it’s your turn to help select one of them as the Featured Geocacher of the Month for March.

Write a comment at the bottom of this blog about which of these geocachers you feel should be awarded the featured Geocacher of the Month title.

In February, Uncle Louwtjie, aka louwtjievdw, was named the Featured Geocacher of the Month. He’s known in the South African geocaching community as a creative geocache hider. He’s built a reputation as a geocacher who’s as quick to maintain his geocache hides as he is to make friends with new geocachers. He’s also known for friendly advice, leaving great logs on geocaches he’s found and having a cup of coffee ready for geocachers at his home.

Here are your nominees for the March featured Geocacher of the Month. Some testimonials have been edited for length.


moenk – nominee for Featured Geocacher of the Month

@mic nominated moenk who’s been geocaching since 2003. @mic says, “He (moenk) is the inventor of the very popular “Dönerstag“, an event which is celebrated in more than hundred locations worldwide on the same day. Furthermore, he created the biggest geocaching forum in Germany, Geoclub.de. And last but not least, he was producing a very famous podcast about geocaching called, “Cachetalk.” Another nominee wrote, “Moenk fosters the community towards a healthy growth, a responsible handling of nature and preserving the meaning and fun of geocaching. The Geocacher of the Month is a worthy reward for the energy, the
impetus and the style with which he supports the geocaching community.”



WVTim – nominee for Featured Geocacher of the Month

wallmeister22601 writes, “Tim is an outstanding geocacher who has inspired many a person with his unique and unusual geocaches. His caches are what inspired me to start hiding caches of my own and to continue geocaching.  His caches draw people from other states that come to his home state of West Virginia specifically to search for the wonderful and creative WVTim caches. He has the number one favorite physical traditional cache in the state of Virginia as well.

Tim is one of the most responsible geocache owners that I know. If any of his caches are in need of attention he will make it a point to repair them or replace them as quickly as he can. In short Tim in my opinion is a pillar of the geocaching community that inspires, encourages, educates and gives back so much.”


Christmaxx - nominated as Featured Geocacher of the Month
Christmaxx – nominated as Featured Geocacher of the Month

MallorcaClaudia writes, “They have placed a lot of geocaches in Majorca [including one featured as the Geocache of the Week with more than 350 favorite Points] and all of them are fantastic ones with special places, great views and nice trips. When I met them one year ago on a geocaching event I found out that they are also very friendly and nice people. They have given me a lot of advice on how to place geocaches and how to do the maintenance. For me they have become very good friends and for me the chrismaxx team is an idol.”




Comment below to tell us who you think should be the February featured  Geocacher of the Month. A panel of folks from Geocaching HQ will use your comments to help decide which geocacher is awarded the honor. Each featured Geocacher of the Month will receive an exclusive special edition featured Geocacher of the Month Geocoin, along with a Geocacher of the Month hat, a Geocacher of the Month profile icon and a certificate acknowledging their contributions, signed by two of the founders of Geocaching. We will be accepting comments for March’s award through Sunday, April 7.

If your nominee wasn’t recognized here, please submit your nominations again next month. We’re always looking for the next featured Geocacher of the Month. To nominate someone, send an email to geocacherofthemonth@groundspeak.com and include the following information:

  • Your name, the name of your nominee, their username
  • A picture of the nominee
  • Description (200 or more words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Geocacher of the Month

Please inform your nominee that you’ve submitted them for the award.

Nominations for the next Geocacher of the Month should be received by Monday, April 8. 

Once we have received all of the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so we might learn from each other.


  1. my vote goes to moenk !
    His forum,,his podcasts and his events enhanced the german community and put it to a higher level.
    His motto “have fun with geocaching” has infected me, and I can´t understand people doing geocaching in a competive and aggressive way, Be relaxed, vote for moenk too 🙂

  2. WVTim certainly has our vote for Geocacher of the month. Look….I am sure that all who are nominated for this award are in their own way great geacachers. They organize activities, help new members, and communicate the positive aspects of our sport.
    What makes Tim stand out in the geocaching community is the effort he puts into teaching geocaching responsibility and the resoect that this recieves not only from other geocachers but the land and property owners as well.
    His cache “innovations” are taking geocaching creativity to an entirely new level at many different age groups and are truely a look into the future of where this sport can go with more people like him.

    Two strong votes for Tim……..for geocacher of the YEAR.

  3. WVTim gets our vote!. His caches are creative and innovative. His caches are what takes us to West Virginia. He truly enjoys creating and hiding caches for others to enjoy. We have been to some awesome places with his hike to caches as well.

  4. My vote goes to WVTim! His caches may not be WORLD famous… yet… but they are certainly on everyone’s “gotta do” list in my neck o’the woods!

  5. I’m not inpolite, I’m critical. If something goes wrong, i name it. This is freedom of speech. Please tolerate my opionion, I do with yours.

  6. My vote is for WVTim. Indeed personally I don’t know any of the nominees, but just looking in their profiles, even considering stories listed here and further information about them I would say that Tim is the right candidate this month.
    His YT channel is greate and inspiring – and what I like most is his personal principle: Hide what you’d like to find.

  7. My vote goes to moenk. He’s a well known community member engaging in many projects related to GPS, computer science and – yes – having fun with it. I was an avid listener to his podcast, reader to the geoclub forum – an effort made by a team, but he’s definitely a driving force there – and I met him several times all around Germany on Caching events. As I know him, his take on geocaching is having fun and tolerate all forms of our hobby, as long as it’s not offensive or destructive in any way.
    P.S.: Anybody remember his VGACopy? It was a lifesaver back in the days when CD-ROM still was SciFi *g*

  8. moenk is the one – supporting the idea of caching according to the guidelines and not the thing practiced today.

  9. wvcachers pointed it out already but we will as well.

    WVTIM…the list goes on about his positive attributes to the sport and to the community where he lives.

    WVTIM…..CO for 6 of the TOP 10 caches in WV

    WVTIM…..CO for the TOP cache in VA

    WVTIM….CO for #10 cache in MD

    WVTIM….resuscitated geocaching into a legitimate sport in Martinsburg that once banned geocaching!!!

    WVTIM….Conducts seminars on not only creative caching but responsible cache placement and ownership.

    WVTIM….The Chamber of Commerce in the counties in and surrounding Martinsburg should award him a medal for the tourist dollars he brings every year into that town. WVTIM caches are the talk of all of WV, VA and MD and beyond.
    WVTim is our choice

  10. I definitely vote for moenk! He’s a great guy and he runs the well known “geoclub”-forum.

  11. moenk! His ideas and inventions (Geotalk, Geoclub, Dönerstag) are an important part of the german geocaching-community!

  12. WVTim – gets the vote If ever there was a couple WVGranny is very much part of the team, that deserved this recognition it is WVTim and Granny.

  13. I just saw a message from a Geocaching Organization issuing a plea that there’s an issue with caches violating some basic tenants of placing, including damaging or altering property (this includes nails or screws in trees and other objects). The reason being, geocaching is currently under the microscope of some land managers. In recent instances parks personnel have been sent out to investigate our cache placements to asses impact.

    One of the nominees places caches, that while are extremely creative, regularly violate this guideline. Many people locally won’t comment on it, for reasons I can’t speculate. I didn’t want to say anything myself for fear that I’ll be pointed out as a Debbie Downer and retaliation, not from the nominee , but from the fans of this cache. It has happened before in this region.

    But the local organization goes on, if you encounter a guideline violation when you are hunting a cache, don’t hesitate to report it. It only takes one thoughtlessly placed cache to remove an entire park system from our playing field. You are not being a “snitch”, you are helping to ensure that geocaching continues to be welcome in all of our parks.

    It’s frustrating that a local GO is issuing such pleas and yet a cacher who regularly violates these principles may potentially be recognized by Groundspeak as Cacher of the Month, despite their good intentions. I feel this type of cacher should be disqualified from this type of recognition going forward.

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