Announcing the March 2013 Geocacher of the Month

WVTime - Featured Geocacher of the Month
WVTim – Featured Geocacher of the Month

All three nominees for the March Geocacher of the Month contribute to the global geocaching communityby creating quality geocaches and being an inspiration to geocachers.

Thank you to all those who supported the nominees. Those not chosen as the featured Geocacher of the Month will receive a gift of appreciation from Geocaching HQ.

The choice was difficult. Ultimately, only one nominee can become the featured Geocacher of the Month based on a combination of community input, blog comments and voting. We all won seeing such examples of how the geocaching community works together.

After tallying the sentiment, WVTim is named the Featured Geocacher of the Month for March 2013.

WVTim is known for contributing one-on-one and through social media to improve geocaching for others. One geocacher who left a comment for WVTim wrote, “I  see “paragraphs” of supporting statements about WVTim and the many things he has accomplished for geocaching. I am familiar with WVTim due to his YouTube videos. His gadgetcaches channel, in only 3 months, has nearly 11K views. He does instructional videos on how to build his gadget caches. So, he not only has amazing caches, he is giving ideas and instructions to cachers everywhere on how to build them. Cachers everywhere are benefiting from this guy whose caches have over 2K favorite votes. Plus, he just doesn’t do great caches. I’ve learned from this blog he has seminars, educational events, he teaches geocaching in schools, and to the Boy Scouts. He assists his state and local government in placing geocaching trails.”

WVTim will receive a collector’s edition featured Geocacher of the Month Geocoin, along with a Geocacher of the Month hat and certificate acknowledging his contributions, signed by two of the founders of Geocaching.com. See a list of all the featured Geocachers of the Month here.

Featured Geocacher of the Month Icon

If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered for the honor, send an email to geocacherofthemonth@groundspeak.comEvery nomination must follow these requirements. Please include:

  • Your name, the name of your nominee, their username
  • A picture of the nominee
  • Description (200 or more words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Geocacher of the Month

Please inform your nominee that you have submitted them for the award. Nominations for Featured Geocacher of the Month are accepted at any time.

Congratulations again to Uncle Louwtjie on being recognized at the Featured Geocacher of the Month for February.

  • Congrats to WVTim. I enjoy watching his YouTube videos and getting inspiration from him. He is a creative and clever caching genius. It couldn’t have been a more deserving person.

    From a fan.
    Peg_Pirate of Winnipeg, MB Canada.

  • gr8caches

    Much deserved and a gr8 pick!

  • dwight wingert

    Tim we are so proud of you. This recognition is certainly merited, and the standards you have set are worthy of emulation. I can imagine your grins is as wide as West Virginia. Marsha’s lovely smile is no doubt reflected in yours.

  • Fantastic job, love it! Very much deserved accolade.

  • Jeff Keister

    Congratulations WVTim!! You definitely deserve it! I get inspired every time I go after one of your caches!!

  • Starglider

    So why didn’t the candidate win that got most of the votes?

  • You have to love the guideline violation.. I love the 4×4 post in the ground. Even with explicit written permission from a park authority, my reviewer wouldn’t publish a similarly mounted, but less obtrusive, cache.

  • Tim, I recently returned from a trip during which I found 5 of your delightfully creative and fun caches. You inspire me to get into my workshop and try one of my own! Thanks for everything, and congratulations on a well-earned honor! -frabbit999, PA

  • Joe Kerr

    who has counted the votes? go to school again!

  • Horrorheinz

    WVTim had the most votes? Really?

  • AWESOME! We love these types of caches and have built a few of our own originals. Great job!

  • Wallmeister22601

    Congrats WVTim. This honor is long overdue.

  • Schatzjaeger2

    FAKE! BALLOT RIGGING (just looked up this word, don’t know whether it’s correct)! Next time you REALLY count the votes and don’t let someone win who is only chosen by Groundspeak…


  • lpyankeefan

    That particular cache is not located in a park but on private property with the property managers permission.

  • nytepyre

    Congrats WVTim! We’ve THOROUGHLY enjoyed your work. Keep it up. 🙂

  • Wallmeister22601

    You can always appeal the decision for your cache.
    As lpyankeeefan pointed out WVTims cache is not in violation of the guidelines.

  • Corfmania

    Way to go Tim! You’ve given us many fun times and wide smiles!

  • cheater

    Where ist the counting???

  • cooley1103

    In the end it wasn’t just Tim who won, but all of us. Tim has rubbed off on each and every cacher he meets and all who find his caches.

  • Captain-n-Crew

    Congrats WVTim!!! Much deserving for all that you do for the geocaching community.

  • Hi Joe,
    Thanks for your comment. Votes are definitely part of the equation for Geocacher of the Month, but not the only part. All the candidates are amazing geocachers and make the global geocaching community a better, and more fun, place. The featured Geocacher of the Month based on a combination of community input through blog comments and voting. We all won seeing such examples of how the geocaching community works together.

  • Way to go WV TIM! Love your caches.

  • lpyankeefan

    From the announcement. “The choice was difficult. Ultimately, only one nominee can become the featured Geocacher of the Month based on a combination of community input, blog comments and voting.”

  • lpyankeefan

    From the announcement: “The choice was difficult. Ultimately, only one nominee can become the featured Geocacher of the Month based on a combination of community input, blog comments and voting.”

  • cheater

    What kind of scam…

  • Concerned Cacher

    Sorry, but this BS decision reminds me of the so called “elections” in communist Eastern Europe..

  • wallmeister22601

    Welchen Teil von Aus der Ankündigung: “Die Wahl war schwer Letztlich kann nur ein Kandidat kann die Funktionen Geocacher des Monats auf einer Kombination aus Community-Eingang, Blog-Kommentare und Abstimmungen basieren werden..” Verstehst du nicht? WVTim getan am meisten auf geacaching der Eingang gezeigt hat.

  • Chris Race

    Sorry to say but this decision is ridiculous!
    Why do you ask geocachers to vote if your decision seems to be already fixed at the time of nomination? Unbelievable …

  • Congratulations, WVTim! I am extra excited about this because I had planned to make the 4 hour drive to do some of his caches tomorrow! It makes it even sweeter!

  • craig

    I’m going to give my personal opinion on this voting for last months “geocacher of the month”. Personally, i saw nothing stopping anybody from voting more than once…it goes both ways I understand….but if you saw most of Moenk’s votes it simply stated his name and in many of those instances they were done in quick succession. I watched a few times as he had a vote a minute or 2which made me believe somebody was voting one after another from same computer with different name. Now, look at Tims votes and you’ll see the heart soul snd spirit of geocaching at its finest. You’ll hear example after example of why they think he should be Cacher of the Month. This isn’t a time for whining that your candidate lost. This is a time to congratulate a man that gives his heart and soul into geocaching for the benefit of all of us.

  • Michael

    This is not a transparent election!!!

  • snajper35

    No. 1 …excellent

  • Are you sure that the result is correct? I mean, there were other people with more votes …

  • nabane

    Congrats, WVTim. Your Geocache featured in the video above is definitely creative and unique. I’ll never have the possibility to visit your caches, but keep up the good work. It is caches like this one who make caching fun.

    I’m really sorry that there is so much whining and complaining by other German geocachers. Groundpeak wrote in the first blog entry, that the votes are only a part of the decision and that they take our votes into account, not that only votes decide. But I hate to say that it is typical for the German geocachers to skip rules and complain, when others act according to them.

  • cheater

    You can answer me in english. I can not understand your broken german from the translator. Thx

  • Börkumer

    not into geocaching, only into Ground$peak. The most of moenk’s Fans are german and can’t write novels in english, so they just vote. Come to the geoclub and read what moenk does for the geocaching-communty.

  • Starglider

    But is that much more than Ground-Speech for “We didn’t like the result of the voting so we declared someone else winner” ?
    I strongly recommend to not perform a voting if you are not willing to accept the resuit.

  • Zweiauge

    So, if you want to be cacher if the month, you have to live in an english-speaking-country, so that all your fans can write in their language in your favour. That seems fair, we all know that people, whos first language is english are better cachers by nature, are we?

  • nabane

    “Comment below to tell us who you think should be the March featured
    Geocacher of the Month. A panel of folks from Geocaching HQ will use
    your comments to help decide which geocacher is awarded the honor.”

    This are the “rules” and they are not new AND they were announced in the blog entry where you could vote. The voting is (and has been for a long time) a PART of the decision, not the decision itself. If you check the previous votings you’ll see that the rules have been that way before this voting and will be.

  • cheater

    Hi craig! Can you explain this in German please? But without translater. 😀 Thanks

  • Zweiauge

    But you are aware that these rules give undue preference to anyone whos native language is english, do you? If groundspeak just want to have an US-Geocacher of the week, its ok for me, but than they should be at least honest and say so.

  • nabane

    They said that the votes are taken into account and if you (or any other geocacher) read the previous entries it would’ve been clear that the comment itself is taken into account, not a sentence like “I vote for moenk” which has been copied by many people.

    At Groundspeak HQ there are several people who speak German. Compare the comments with a cache. Would you rather search for a cache which got many individual logs, which point out the qualities, nice things as a nice view or so or a cache, where 95% of the logs read “tftc”?

  • Börkumer

    Wie das Känguru zu sagen pflegen würde: “Es ist nicht genug, erfolgreich zu sein. Andere müssen scheitern.”(fristengel)

  • Zweiauge

    na dann mal auf Deutsch.. du weißt genauso gut wie ich, dass hier kaum wer auf deutsch schreibt, das ist ne englische Homepage. Das macht einfach kaum wer, und es können nunmal viele Leute nicht so gut englisch, das sie halbe Romane schreiben. Und selbst diejenigen, die eh englisch können, werden halt knapper schreiben, als sie es auf Deutsch tun würden. geht halt nicht so flüssig, wenn man die Sprache nicht als erste Sprache gelernt hat. Du wirst im Ausland- so du nicht in deiner Muttersprache schreibst, auch knapper loggen, selbst wenn du die Landessprache beherrschst, oder?

    Wenn Groundspeak “Blogs” (welche eigentlich? Nur englischsprachige?) ausführliche Kommentare etc auch wertet, dann muss sich GS im Klaren darüber sein, dass das englischsprachige Cacher massiv (und nicht nur ein bisschen) bevorzugt. Das ist prinzipiell ok, es ist ja ihre Firma. Aber dann sollen sie bitte nicht so tun, als wäre das hier irgendwas demokratisches. Das ist es nicht. Und die blöde Ausrede, man könnte ja auch auf Deutsch (oder in welcher Sprache auch immer) voten ist nichts mehr als das, eine blöde Ausrede, da sich diese Aussage schlicht nicht an der Realität orientiert.

  • Max

    Be nice to america .. uhm .. Groundspeak or they will bring democracy to your country. m(

    Sorry, I can’t take this voting seriously. Next time you should call it ‘Groundspeak-Fanboy of the month’.

  • Andreas Dorfer

    When i put out my vote i was just mistaken that there would be some kind of ballot counting afterwards.

    But i was just wrong, this misperception is my own fault.

    Even though i do basically do not like it, but i have to realize that i learned something.

    Thank you Groundspeak!

  • SPCinNC

    Congrats! Enjoy watching your youtube posts…..

  • Die Wildensteiner

    That wasn’t a fair election. Where are the single points specified, so that we were able to comprehend the base of desicion in the run-up of our voting?

    Sorry for the winner – I wouldn’t be proud about that victory. But it wasn’t his desicion to candidate in this month – of course. Bummer for all participants!

  • MacMano66

    This Choice is not plausible, Sorry…
    Auf deutsch, das ist ein Armutszeugnis, nicht gerade sehr Vertrauenswürdig! 🙁

  • doglobe

    oh ja seeehr demokratisch hier die wahl…