CITO 2013 – It Takes a Village

Congrats Space Coast Geocachers... 9 events, More than 200 geocachers and 4300 lbs of garbage collected!
Congrats Space Coast Geocachers… 9 events, More than 200 geocachers and 4300 lbs of garbage collected!

It’s takes a village to do many things, say, raise a child. It also takes a motivated village to clean up the earth. The village geocachers created with Cache In Trash Out (CITO) events has a population of 11,124. That’s the population of Fredonia, New York. That’s the exact number  CITO souvenirs that have been earned by geocachers who have logged an “Attended” for a CITO event so far.  Geocachers attended hundreds of events in dozens of countries from April 20 through April 22. If each geocacher picked up ten pounds of trash, that’s over 50 tons of garbage removed from geocaching areas worldwide.

Geocachers in Montana cleaning the roadside.
Geocachers in Montana cleaning the roadside.

It’s the same weights as a couple army tanks or say a large metal bridge. But each piece of litter was a crumpled wrapper or an old tire or a  piece of discarded lumber. It’s 50 tons of trash that’s no longer polluting that earth. Well done geocachers, well done.

CITO weekend isn’t over yet. It continues today during Earth Day. Expect the final total number of geocachers who earned the CITO souvenir within the next couple of days.

Geocachers from around the world posted pictures of their CITO events on the Geocaching Facebook page. We chose a few of the photos posted to feature in this blog.

While the CITO weekend occurs only once a year, please CITO every time you geocache. It’s as easy as packing out a few soda bottles or a few pieces of litter. It may not seem like much, but when we all do it, it adds up quick!

45 geocachers attended http://coord.info/GC494V1 in near Suhl, Germany to clean up all this trash.
45 geocachers attended GC494V1  near Suhl, Germany to clean up all this trash.
CITO is for all ages. Kids, Caching and Cleaning CITO GC48DD9 in Ontario, Canada
CITO is for all ages. Kids, Caching and Cleaning CITO GC48DD9 in Ontario, Canada
CITO in Costa Dorada, Spain
CITO in Costa Dorada, Spain






    I did a personal cito outing at my local park where I’ve been allowed to go metal detecting in the past and is home to the first cache I found on my own after I got my GPSr. I didn’t organize a formal event, it was just something I spontaneously did after realizing today is Earth Day. Sorry no pics were taken, but I did collect 2 trash bags full of debris, and have plans to return to gather some more.

  • zargfinders

    Yay we did it as well, in the national park which has the first geocache in Australia. Nice to clean up the park where geocaching started in our country as well as improving our relationship with national parks. Go CITO!

  • newbie_79

    We were in Barrie, Canada to take part in cito

  • OntarioReader

    Hey, L&A made the photo shoot, we did a Clean up in town on Saturday, and Canoed to a Parks Canada Island for a clean up on Sunday

  • Atlasymm

    We did a CITO beside the Buffalo Creek in beautiful Yadkin Valley of Caldwell County NC. 45 members of the community, including Geocachers, collected 1012 lbs of trash, (in bags) along with numerous tires and a swing set.

  • Lebanon Travelers

    Remember, each CITO souvenier that gets awarded represents several cachers, since a caching moniker can represent anyone from a single to an entire family. I’ve been picking up litter since before the first official Earth Day, and that’s one reason that I support the game of geocaching.

  • vossibär

    Not only in the US are lot of garbage removed. Near Munich, Germany
    we had also a really great result on the “Amper RamaDama”
    (http://coord.info/GC456ER). Some 105 cachers found 1800 kg (3950 lb) of
    thing people dropped into the environment – see the image in the log of
    this CITO. This amount has bee officially announced by the mayor of the
    township of Bergkirchen. So it is not a joke.

    Among the rubbish was also ammunition for a rifle and for 9mm Parabellum. This has been given to the police.