Geocaching Caption Contest 38 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

How was I supposed to know the fire hydrant WAS the cache?

Tell us your funniest caption for the above picture of these two geocaching dogs, like, “I have no idea what I’m doing.” You could even win a ‘barely coveted prize’ in the 38th Geocaching Caption Contest. This picture was discovered on the Recent Geocaching Log Images page.  You can discover the 1000 most recent images from recent logs.

Submit your best caption by clicking on “Comments” below. Please include your Geocaching username in all entries. Then, explore captions other geocachers have posted.

Barely Coveted Prize... or is it?!?!
Barely Coveted Prize… or is it?!?!

“Like” the caption that you believe should take home the barely coveted prize. If you think your caption should win, convince your fellow geocachers, your friends, and family to “like” your caption. Geocaching HQ staff will vote from the top finalists to decide the winner of the contest.

12/12/12 King Kong
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The winner receives this month’s ‘barely coveted prize.’ The prize, which might be coveted in many circles, consists of three vintage Signal the Frog pins, including a rare 2007 Happy New Year pin.

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  • Truman_girl101

    “I told him to look to the left cause I saw something… na, was just kidding, but now I will be FTF :)!”

    Geocacher: Truman_girl101

  • Twoofnine

    Just pretend you don’t know where it is for about another half an hour…

  • Shortcake57

    That dumb human of mine… she’s still walking around in circles following that little thing she carries around. I found the cache 20 minuets ago!

  • Shonda181

    I don’t like muzzles… and I certainly don’t like muggles either!

  • Okay, you go get the one over that way and I will go this way…and no stopping at every tree on the way!!

  • Jenni1616

    I swear we have passed that tree about 10 times now! Why do we keep walking in circles?!?!

  • Jenni1616

    I thought we were going on a walk….. why do you keep stopping and poking things with a stick?

  • kralspace

    Really dude, you forgot to waypoint the car AGAIN?!

  • Nan

    “Yeah, and I get in trouble for hiding stuff in our yard!”

  • ‘Will their be Scooby Snacks in the cache?’

    ‘Yes Scooby’

  • Dan

    “How much longer do we wait before logging a Did Not Find?”

  • Matt O.

    The humans are digging through the bushes again.

  • Laura

    It’s that way, No it’s that way!

  • OutYuma

    I don,t need no stinkin GPS, I can smell em.

  • bishoptakesqueen

    I don’t believe it. Tell me that isn’t another nano!

  • Jeff Adair

    ‘I think we’ve been barking up the wrong tree on THIS one , Rover …….

  • I think the co-ords are off. I say we expand our search area and just follow our noses.

  • team moxiepup

    Pitiful to watch them hunt so hard for something with no sense of smell to guide them. I even scent marked that one, but still… nada!

  • I said “the cache is over there” not “the cats are over there”…..geez

  • slowpoke517

    Squirrel or geocache? The K-9 cachers are fraught with indecision!

  • RATFraz3

    Read the map, read the map! I can’t read it upside-down! Are we close to gz yet?

  • Team Sonic X

    “You see it!?”
    “You wanna shout ‘FTF’ as bad as I do!?”

  • TheAngelSquad

    Whats that you say?, You need those muggles to move? Im on it boss!!!!

  • Team Sonic X

    “Hey Frank,”
    “Yeah Goldie?”
    “I left a smelly cache under that tree over there. Why don’t you go find it!?”
    “Not even for a 5/5 DT Goldie!”

  • zanestir

    It’s too bad we lost our thumbs, now we lost our GPS signal as well.

  • V Squad

    So what do you say since this is the 30th cache of the day: Lets get a little froggy: act as though we know where the cache is and lead them in separate directions and watch them go nuts!!

  • GoTeamCookie

    Don’t look at me… I couldn’t find the cache.

  • insinoori

    Wadda ya think Bob, only some crazy cat would hide a nano out here.

  • bashfulyeti

    “They paved [over the cache] and put up a parking lot!” – Joni Mitchell

  • cybergringo

    I have marked the pole, tree, and bench 4 times each already can we please move on? I am almost out of marking fluid!!

  • cybergringo

    Silly Humans Bison Tubes are for dogs!!

  • Skip of Team V3

    Darn Cats will be getting the FTF. I see the container up in that tree!

  • Trudy Reid

    My nose is pointing me over there but my geosenses say the cache is on this side of the trail.

  • packgirl2010

    Dude, I don’t know how to read this thing. I’m a dog!

  • margaretandjerry

    male dog says: We can’t get lost. We got a map
    female dog says: your right we cant get lost but only because im here

  • Curious Georger

    Why do these idiots keep stopping every 500 ft? Don’t they know where they’re going?!…..humans….

  • We go east – NO…we go WEST

  • lara

    thats great love it

  • biblemanrick

    “I think the cache is at that tree. ”
    “No, it’s at that fire hydrant!”

  • Ummm, what GREEN painted container? they are all grey!

  • Frost Family – “frost2009”

    “My GPS is pointing this way. But mine is pointing that way!”

  • If he didn’t want it buried, he shouldn’t have hidden it in a bone! Now, where did I put it…

  • kdragnfli

    Don’t look now Midnight, but I think the stump we just marked is actually the cache.

  • Amanda Connan

    “Which way did they go George which way did they go”

  • Amanda Connan

    “Don’t give it away but I think dad I the cache”

  • Elfstone

    You distinctly said we should turn right and now look where we are!

  • lightmann

    Sheeesh Jake, how do they expect us to go find the cache with these leashes on?

  • tina4368

    We could be home sitting on the couch enjoying an episode of “Days of our Lives” but noooooo!

  • “Dude…it’s around here somewhere” – Manjunk

  • Roger Hamm

    Yeah you should be real proud of yourself…considering you ran ahead of everyone else with the GPS. team Hamm’s 5