Geocaching International Film Festival – Call for Entries

GIFF imageEnter Your Geocaching Video into GIFF

Geocaching is ripe for one more acronym. Move aside BYOP* and TNLN** —get ready for GIFF. It’s the Geocaching International Film Festival. The finest videos from the global geocaching community will be showcased as part of the 2013 Geocaching Block Party in Seattle on August 17.

You’re invited to submit up to two entries. All entries should be one to five minutes in length. The GIFF final entries will be judged by geocaching organizations around the world. They’ll vote on winners in five categories, including Most Instructional, Best Cinematography, Most Inspirational, Most Adventurous and Most Creative/Experimental. Those watching the final videos live in Seattle on August 17 will choose the winner of the Audience Award.

Will your video show on the big outdoor screen in front of a projected crowd of more than a thousand geocachers? The answer to that question begins by checking out the Geocaching Block Party website. You’ll find rules and information about GIFF. And get ready to use one more acronym… LCA (lights, camera, action!)

* Bring Your Own Pen

** Took Nothing, Left Nothing

Check out the Call for GIFF Submissions video to learn more.

  • I think this is a great idea. I’ve never made a video, but maybe I will. I like watching them. They give me ideas for new caches. I hope somebody sends in something by geocachingspoilers (United Kingdom). I know he hasn’t posted anything new in a long time, but I really love his videos. And the geocaching vlogger. He’s hilarious, tromping around Minnesota (or wherever) with this three kids, makes me smile.

  • Their are some great geocaching video role models out there. We hope to see your GIFF entry!

  • Goblincamper2004

    We uploaded one video to be watched, and hope that is will be chosen. We hope to make another entry in the next several weeks and hope to have at least one of our videos featured. Thanks for the great opportunity for other cachers who may not be able to participate by attending the event.

  • Goblincamper2004

    The reason why geocachingspoilers hasn’t posted anything new in a long time is that he died in an accident. I thought everyone knew that.

  • Zargfinders

    You wrote TNLF!!

  • TheNascoKids

    Y’know what is so weird…last night I couldn’t sleep because I had an idea for a video bouncing around in my head. So I wrote a script and everything else that I needed. Then tonight while talking to my cousin, I ask him if he wants to be in it, and tell him the whole premise. His response was “So you got the e-mail too?” The e-mail he was talking about was a link to this page. I got no such e-mail, but my video idea was a short about geocaching. Very weird. And quite serendipitous.