One geocache to rule them all — Helms Klamm (GC2WGRR) — Geocache of the Week

When one ring threatened to destroy the realm, only one creature could be trusted to venture into the unknown and return it to the fiery depths of Mount Doom—a geocacher. Or at least, that’s how this version of the story goes. Create your fellowship and follow the hobbit footprints to this week’s Geocache of the Week: Helms Klamm (GC2WGRR).

Defend the castle! Photo by geocacher Doncacheo
Defend the castle! Photo by geocacher Doncacheo

Unlike the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this adventure takes place in Germany, not Middle Earth. And unlike Mordor, one can simply walk to this difficulty 1, terrain 2 geocache. The geocache creator, Caturus, modified the famous J.R.R. Tolkien storyline to fit in with a geocaching adventure. As you make your way to ground zero, feel free to take on the roles of Frodo, Sam, Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli, Boromir, or my personal favorite, Gandalf. While many geocaches are all about the journey, this geocache truly shines at the destination.

A brave geocacher earning her smiley. Photo by geocacher vivilewi

When you arrive at this geocache, don’t expect another ammo can or bison tube. You’ll be at the doorstep to a castle, complete with characters from the Lord of the Rings story (watch out for Gollum!). The castle has been found over 2,300 times and geocachers have awarded this creative geocache over 900 favorite points. The positive logs continue to roll in; geocacher Schatzfinder said, (translated from German) “Far and wide no orcs, no Nazgul or Ringwraiths. The fortress is obviously protected by magical powers that defy the dark forces of wild boars, mice and other animals. Well worth seeing!”

You might have to look through some camouflage to find this geocache. Photo by geocacher orina66.

Geocacher Mario112 said, (translated from German) “WOW. This is something you won’t find every day. Due to all of the favorite points, we already expected something extraordinary. Our expectations were surpassed when we caught sight of Helm’s Klamm after a march through the wintry woods. Thank you for this well-designed cache, this is of course a favorite point!”

Seeing great geocache containers with amazing stories always leaves me inspired to create a spectacular geocache. What about you? If your next, or first, geocache hide will have a theme or story, what will it be? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Cache On Wheels Geocaching

    Well done to the Cache Owners and thank you for sharing this awesome cache – it is nearby where we are going on our next holiday in the school summer holidays 🙂 – we will be staying near the top of Alsace on the French / German Border, if anyone can recommend any other great caches for us to do that are fun for our children – 13 & 10, please private message me via GC,com – Cache on Wheels. The other one on our list is
    Geist des Hagen 🙂 http://coord.info/GC11JM6

  • Cappy

    I’m creating a five cache series based off of my favorite animated series of all time, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Each cache is themed after the characters’ main color, the location of the cache is also themed after the characters.

    One cache is in a fake apple and is hidden at a beautiful stone church, another is a hollowed out book filled with purple SWAG in a library, and yet another is in the bottom of a hollowed out hand-painted angel.