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Geocaching 2 by 2 – Power your Relationships with Geocaching

Geocaching is best when shared.
Geocaching is best when shared.

Geocaching is Best When Shared

You’re part of a worldwide community of over 6 million geocachers that grows one friend at a time. Last week, a visitor to Geocaching HQ from Germany told us something that many geocachers believe, “The most beautiful caches we’ve found were other geocachers.” It’s true. The adventure of geocaching is often found in the journey with others. The most public examples of camaraderie in the geocaching community are events with over 500 attendees, aka Mega-Events. You can join your geocaching friends at more than 25 Mega-Events around the world this year.

There are also many other ways to connect to the geocaching community and to bring a friend along for the adventure. On the Geocaching.com homepage, click on the “Community” tab. This is where you’ll find resources to connect with other geocachers through Geocaching Events, local geocaching organizations and the Geocaching Blog. We even make it easy to Tell a Friend about geocaching.

And don’t forget to share your geocaching adventures and meet new friends on the official Geocaching Facebook page.

Geocaching Tech Update

Upgrade now to the newest version of the Geocaching iPhone App. This version puts the buttons for navigating to geocaches and posting logs, the two most-used actions, front and center. Plus, there’s much more. Check out all the other upgrades:   http://bit.ly/GeocachingiPhoneApp

Paul Bunyan GeoTour 

Paul Buynan GeoTour
Paul Buynan GeoTour

Minnesota’s Paul Bunyan State Trail, named after the legendary logger, is arguably the state’s favorite paved trail for hiking, biking, inline skating and snowmobiling. With the addition of a new GeoTour, it is now destined to become a geocaching mecca.

Minnesota’s Paul Bunyan GeoTour has a total of 100 geocaches. Additionally, members of the NorthStar Geoseekers Club have placed nearly 1,000 geocaches along the path, making it an amazing power trail.

We encourage geocachers to complete this GeoTour during the spring, summer or fall seasons. Due to the length of the trail and the abundance of activities to enjoy in the trail towns, plan to spend several days exploring the area. Most of the geocaches are accessible by bike, so don’t forget your bicycle. Information regarding bike rental, shuttles and other services can be found here.

Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced geocacher, the opportunity to explore Minnesota and earn a few smileys along the trail is as legendary as Paul Bunyan himself.

  • zargfinders

    We have made many friends in our just over 2 years geocaching.

    Last December we headed up a couple hundred kilometres north to do the 201 cache “power trail” through beautiful scenery and views. Beforehand, I had been emailing some geocachers on a DNF on one of their caches and they informed me that they would not be able to check on it because they were going to the 201 cache power trail the next day – one day earlier than us!

    A couple emails later we decided to meet each other for a picnic lunch out in the mountain area of the power trail and after a chat we decided to meet the couple that night at their campsite. We were amazed with all their gear and that night they told us that they could take myself and my brother (the kids of our family) camping some time. Having only met them once, we weren’t sure we should immediately accept the offer.

    On our third day up north, our (2WD Sedan) car broke down after driving on the mountain roads. We were unable to complete the power trail, and the Vikings (the couple we met) were not able to either because they had spent a couple nights elsewhere.

    After a couple more emails I said “if only mum would let us buy camping equipment!” They replied that we could borrow some gear – they had some tents and they used their camper trailer for themselves – and we immediately decided to head back up to the power trail for the Easter long weekend.

    We have since gone camping twice with the Vikings – once at Easter to the power trail and once at ANZAC day long weekend to Canberra, when we met Marie’s 25 year old muggle daughter. We are now good friends with the Vikings and are looking forward to more camping trips with these people who live fairly nearby who we wouldn’t have met without geocaching.

    This just shows that you can make good friends – even friends who are much older or younger than you. Yay for geocaching!