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Ontario Heritage Hide’n’Seek GeoTour

Heritage GeoTour
Heritage Hide’n’Seek GeoTour

Discover a piece of Canadian history this summer with the Heritage Hide’n’Seek GeoTour. On this tour, you’ll make your way to 16 geocaches in northern Ontario that will teach you facts about fascinating people, places and events that helped shape Canadian history.

You’ll have the opportunity to find urban and remote geocaches in locations like Algonquin Park, James Bay and the Manitoba border.Developed by Parks Canada, the Heritage Hide’n’Seek GeoTour is set up as a game where geocachers earn points by finding geocaches and correctly answering questions on the passport. The point values for each geocache are determined by the effort required to find it. Anyone who collects 100+ points is eligible to receive a collectible coin from Parks Canada.

Visit the Heritage Hide’n’Seek GeoTour page to learn more and start planning your trip.