Projekt 2013: The Mega-Event that Fought the Rain and Won

A group of geocachers attending the Mega-Event with a well-traveled banner (Eric is the third from the right)
A group of geocachers attending the Mega-Event with a well-traveled banner (I’m third from the right, green coat, goofy smile)

The rains fell for three straight days. The rivers rose. Roads were overrun with flood waters. And yet, more than 1300 geocachers from throughout Europe (and one geocacher from Geocaching HQ in Seattle—me) chose this water-logged weekend to visit a small Austrian community.

If you’ve never heard of geocaching you might wonder why not stay home. The couch is dry, it’s warm, the TV works just fine. The series Game of Thrones is really heating up. However, if you’re a geocacher, you’re probably thinking, “well, what’s a little rain?”

The geocaching Mega-Event, Projekt 2013, delivered a geocacher’s dream line-up. Get this: more than 600 geocaches were published throughout the day of the Mega-Event. That’s more than 600 First-to-Finds hiding in fields, and even one scuba geocache waiting patiently at the bottom of a lake. The mandate for all the geocaches was one word: quality. Organizers spent months lining up the geocache hiders and mixing together just the right chemistry of events for people to enjoy, when not searching for the fresh geocaches.

Want to show off your Trackable before the Mega-Event at a CacheMobile Event? Yeah, there’s that. Itching to learn how to safely climb to find your next geocache? It’s on the agenda. How about a concert for hundreds to cap off the Mega-Event? Okay, you get the idea. But one more—how about hearing the latest news from Geocaching HQ and have a nice little question and answer? Yep, I led that discussion.

Ma Ma saves the day
Ma Ma saves the day

The organizational team from The Upper Austrian Geocaching Society planned it all. Before the event, the mayor of the Austrian community had never heard of geocaching. After 1000+ geocachers poured into his town, he’s now one of geocaching’s biggest fans. Especially after the Mega-Event when hundreds of geocachers cleaned up during (a rainy) CITO Event. But it’s the type of people who geocache who made the event. Take one of the organizers, for example.

His name is Mattias, or rightly known by his geocaching name as ma ma. The night before the event, he gets a call. A geocacher he didn’t know was stuck in the mud. Their car wouldn’t move. Five minutes later, we’re there and pulling the car free. And here’s a little detail you shouldn’t know:  it was his birthday. Whatever you do, do not go to his profile, send him a message and wish him a happy birthday. And whatever you do, do not click this link and wish him a happy birthday. (Okay, click the link.)

Signal poses with geocaching rock stars
Signal poses with geocaching rock stars

If you’ve never been geocaching in Austria, consider this Mega-Event an invitation. The FTF’s won’t last forever. If you’re from outside Austria here’s what you should know: there are more Multi-Caches and Puzzle Caches in Austria than Traditional geocaches. A city next door to the event, Wels, is known as The Riddle Castle because of all the Puzzle Caches. Get ready to crack some geocaching puzzles.  The Mayor of Wels would appreciate your visit, and if your car gets stuck, you know who to call.

Check out all the pictures below of the event. And tell us in comments, what’s you favorite part of a Mega-Event or what would be on your list?



Upper Austrian Geocaching Society thanking local geocaching community reviewer, Tafari.
Upper Austrian Geocaching Society thanking local geocaching community reviewer, Tafari. (They really do not glow in the dark)
The Log Wall could only be seen in black light
The Log Wall could only be seen in black light

project 2013 banner

"I love geocaching because... MEGA"
“I love geocaching because… MEGA”






  • Stefan

    This was like the Woodstock of geocaching. What a Mega! I cannot wait for my clothes to finally dry and for the next Austrian Mega.

  • Schneeprinzessin

    Very, very nice written! 🙂 Thanks, Eric! The Mega was just so great!! Greetings from the Snow Princess! 🙂

  • Philippe Depuydt

    Hello .
    I try to reach someone from the geocaching team or HQ in Seattle .
    Can you help me ?
    Do you have a personal address ? a regularly checked address ? a phone number ? If yes , can you send them please to phil@gemotions.be
    It’s important & urgent !!

  • Philippe – Our email address is contact@geocaching.com – We’ll hear from you soon,

  • yeolino

    Hi Eric, thanks für the great support and the funny evening in the Black Horse Inn. Best regards yeolino, (george and george connection)