Stats: Unleash Your Geocaching Geek

Maps, Charts & Graphs: Your Geocaching Stats Revealed


It’s a Geocaching Premium member perk you may not know about and a Basic member feature that’s fun to explore. Here’s the link you need: My Geocaching Statistics. We can talk about the cool graphs, the charts and the milestones, but you just have to see it. If you haven’t clicked on the link yet, here’s what you’ll get: Basic Members see “Your Caching Chronology” – a breakdown of your geocache finds with a look at the month you’ve found your most geocaches and the day of the week you’re most likely to geocache.

Geocaching Premium members unlock detailed statistics. It’s three pages of bar graphs, charts with rising zigzags and number breakdowns sliced and diced in nearly a dozen ways. You can track your milestones from your first find through your 10,000th find and beyond. Geocaching Premium members can follow their geocaching progress on custom maps and more.You can also edit which statistics you see and whether or not they’re available to the rest of the geocaching community. When you’re planning your next geocaching goal, your statistics are a great place to start.

What statistic do you track the most? Tell us in comments below.



  • CGarv

    I love the statistics page! I really enjoy charts and graphs and numbers, so I think it is really interesting to see my stats.

  • Wenin

    I made an attempt to geocache for 365 straight days, but work and the lack of geocaches close enough for lunch caused me to quit that effort. I’m now trying to fill my first set of a cache on every day.

  • Mike Sherwood

    I would like to see some additional stats on finds of caches that are older than 10 yrs old. “Historic caches pre 2003 have become a major focus for me.

  • Barbara Ower

    We’re just getting started with statistics, but we like to track finds by cache owner.

  • Stonagal

    One stat that I pay the most attention to is “percentage of finds by cache type”. I’ve made it a personal goal not to exceed 90% traditional. By making a point of solving puzzles, meeting challenges, and going to events, I’ve been holding steady at about 84% traditional for several months.