31 Days of Geocaching Printable Calendar

Download the PDF of the 31 Days of Geocaching calendar you see below. Collect the calendar-style souvenirs for your Geocaching profile one by one. Each date you log a “Found it” or an “Attended” you earn the souvenir for that date in August.

You won’t be alone. The Geocaching HQ staff will be finding geocaches all month long. And here the Top 8 Tips for Maintaining a Geocaching Streak to help keep you in the game.

Download the calendar to play along, and share you stories here in comments, or on the Geocaching Facebook page.

31 Days Calendar Image

  • SMH

    don’t geocache in August

  • Einnorder

    I am afraid you have no idea what is going on here in Germany.
    Grondspeak archives consequently LP caches, NCs, T5, all the good and exciting stuff.
    This is worse that stealing x-mas gifts. That’s what I call spoiling a game.

    On the other hand they attract as many people as they can for financial reasons. But massive PR for a “secret” game is its death.
    The time to bear this silently is over, it’s time to speak up!

  • Colleen Foyn

    I don’t see how it can be for financial reasons. I don’t spend a cent with them, and I don’t know of anyone that I geocache with spending money with them either.

  • I really like the idea of starting a caching series, one cache a day, consistently. Only bad side is that it conflicts with my normal behaviour to enter an area then walk through it and make the local caches… it’s also a lot more transportation-intensive, especially as most of us already cleaned up their “home zone”. August is also not the month with the nicest weather around… but caching around midnight gets the temperatures lower. Still, as usual, a nice excuse to get outdoors; thanks for that, even in the face of all the criticism from the other commentators.

  • I for one avoid all those web 2.0 sites and never touch “social networking” with a metric ten-foot pole. I’d absolutely *love* a website that works in Lynx (except for interactive maps… it would help if those wouldn’t require a recent M*zilla but would work with, say KDE 3 Konqueror and Opera 8 or 9, and PocketIE on MS Windows Mobile 6, too), and I’d welcome NNTP of course. Or mailing lists, at least…

  • So what if it’s from kids? Oh. Maybe you’re one of these people who were born into the world as grownup. Seriously, man…

  • matthewcat

    The point is its summer and groundspeak wants to get people outside in the parks enjoying nature insted of sitting at the computer all day.

  • matthewcat

    Groundspeak set up a challenge for us. I cached for over a year and my longest streak is 5 days.

  • matthewcat

    The point is is that august is summer vacation and groundspeak wants to get peiople outside to enjuoy summer

  • Hikers2

    It’s the first challenge we’ve been working on. We’re both 85 years old and don’t do the harder terrain ones as we used to – or the longer (time involved) or harder ones also. So, this one seemed like a possibility and we’re working on it without the feeling that it is too impossible. Think it would be nice if the souvenir page could allow the use of folders so we could “organize” them if desired (i.e. when you get 40 +/- states would be nice to have them in “one spot” 🙂

  • First… Congratulations! And keep us posted on your 31 Days of Geocaching adventure. The function for souvenirs is something we’re considering. It might be a ways off, but it’s getting to that point where we’ll need to develop folders and offer people to option to delete. I’ll keep ya posted on any developments.

  • Wise words… geocaching is absolutely what you make it. We can also learn from one another (for me that’s learning to try more puzzle caches)… Thanks for your input everyone,

  • Hikers2

    Thanks Eric. Sorry we’re missing the Block Party this year, a lot of our New England friends will be there – hopefully next year – 🙂

  • Hikers2

    For the many who may not know, as you receive a state souvenir there is MORE to it than just a blue, yellow and red icon.
    When you click the icon you see a beautifully designed picture depicting something special about that state; for example North Carolina shows a drawing of the Wright Brothers plane (also in shadow). A small round circle in a corner indicates the number when it became a state in relation to the other 49. In addition to the picture there is information about the state, the name of the Groundspeak Lackey who designed the picture and a sentence or two bio of said Lackey. These state drawings have been designed by Lackeys Hillary E., Roxxy G., and Steven R.
    Roxxy G. is the lackey who has done the most of the 40 states we have visited so far. This writer must confess, there were several that we had not seen until I looked back while writing this, and hope I did not forget any lackey in mentioning the above 3.
    Congratulations on your designs!

  • There are those guys for whom 31st of August 2013 will be the 1111st (!) day of their geocaching streak, which is why they are celebrating it with an event cache (GC3VTQM)…

  • Dave

    Umm as a Graphic Designer I would like to dispel this myth that it’s easy to design a souvenir and personally the reason i love them so much is because of all the hard work that goes into each one to make them look professional. They would put in several hours coming up with ideas, sketching, drawing and executing them in most likely Adobe Illustrator.

    Stealing images off of GOGGLE and then slapping them together in Photoshop is not how it works and would be considered plagiarism. Doing that would open up groundspeak to serious lawsuits from the original creators of the material and no one wants that. Groundspeak is still very much a company that is subject to copyright laws. Not to mention they want a level of quality to everything they design.

  • DarkFlare

    My only suggestion would be that perhaps if you do this again next year you could collapse all the souvenirs into one big souvenir that when you click on it it would bring you to a page with this calendar where you can collect up one for each day. That way the souvenir page doesn’t get overwhelmed by all these easier ones and not take away from the far more difficult achievement ones. (i have 14 states and a province that i worked very hard to get and i don’t want them to get lost) Perhaps then it would make a lot more people happy.

    I do love all the cute little graphics you guys came up with for the calendar and i look forward to getting them all! i’m 7/7 so far. (that’s rare for me since something always happens whenever i try to keep up a streak)

  • Well I guess he’s referring to all the advertising revenue they get and royalties to use the logos and signal on travel bugs and such. Which does make up a big chunk of the money they make.

    I’m personally a premium member so i love the perks and even with that it is the cheapest and most awesome hobby i’ve ever had.

    Regardless they have worked hard to build up all that revenue and if they want to use to pay their designers to come up with a whole bunch of souvenirs than that’s their business. I’m just going to enjoy looking at them and try to get them all even though they do kind of dilute my souvenir page. I would have preferred if they all showed up as one souvenir that opened up the calendar but hey i’m not complaining.

  • Web-ling

    I’m somewhat indifferent to the whole souvenir concept. I already had a 400+ day streak going before August began, so I’ll continue. I don’t really care one way or the other about the souvenirs, though.

    In my area, several of us have used the 31 Days to create a series of flash mob events – at least one every day in August. I see it as another way to get cachers together for a good time.

    If people like souvenirs – great, collect ’em. If people don’t like souvenirs – don’t bother clicking the link to look at them.

  • Tarnished

    Do mystery caches not count??

  • They do count, for me: “Found” and “Attended” log types count.

  • elmh

    Hi there, I’m with you about the one souvenir with the calendar on it. It would be really neat if they could design it so that it put the little symbol in each space on a single calendar souvenir. Then you have the gratification of all the finds in one souvenir. If you missed a day of caching, that day on the calendar would be blank. Personally, I am up for the challenge, but regret that there are so many souvenirs for it. They are not diluting my souvenir page, they are pushing all of the prettier souvenirs down out of sight. elmh

  • I absolutely agree with you on that. It would be nice just to see them all in a calendar and them essentially lighting up every time you got a day. Well maybe next year if Groundspeak does it again they will do that

  • Maybe with a bonus graphic for all those that completed all 31?

  • Einnorder

    The answer is quite simple. Groundspeak is a *company*. The main intention of a company primarily is to earn money, to grow, to make profit and not helping people playing a game. The more users you have (especially paying premium members) the more advertising money you get when they place their banners on the GS website. Plus the money for licensing TBs and coins.

  • Stan


  • tj84010

    Okay, I’m sorry to ask this stupid questions but I accidentally deleted my email about this 31 days of Geocaching event. Can someone please tell me how once you log a found it on cache how do you actually receive these souvenirs?

  • Willwalk4Cache

    Nice, but quite shallow. The idea behind souvernirs, to point out a special occasion is completely neglected. Whatever, I need my daily Cache anyway, so it doesn’t hurt and designers have to make their living somehow, too ;). Happy hunting everyone! ^^

  • Willwalk4Cache

    Come on, you should be able to find a simple GeoCache a day. ^^ Look at the description for the Star-Rating and pick some Caches close to you with D (Difficulty to find or solve): 1 Star and T (Difficulty of Terrain): 1 Star. You’ll probably find at least one and will be able to log “FOUND IT”. 😉

  • Kid__A

    I didn’t even know I had souvenirs until I stumbled across this. Looks like I’ll have a few by the end of this month!
    – Kid__A

  • snapshoot

    Don’t like souvenirs? Or is it just the 31 Days of August?
    Maybe they can take all of them off your page.
    Sounds like some people are not very grateful.
    But then again, there’s something for everyone.
    Don’t want to deny anyone the right to complain.

  • Tammy-Taz

    I was doing so well until yesterday! I get to cache on the way to work at 6:30am to get there by 7:30. It’s dark & there are caches on the way that you just don’t try in the dark by yourself! Also I get off at 4 or 5 & have to be at the pool hall at 7pm on Tues. & Thurs. I stopped by 3 caches today home & there were people parked & or hanging out right by them, so I couldn’t even try them. Ran out of time. It’s not always as easy as you may think to find one a day. It’s a lot like work sometimes! But I’m having fun & learning a lot. I am still new at this, so it’s been fun to see the places & caches people come up with. Thanks for the experiences & I hope to meet someone at a fid one day! Happy hunting!

  • SemperFly2020

    I like the idea, gives a nano-boost to my enthusiasm!

  • brownpearls49

    It simply motivates some of us to go for the “challenge” plus I’m thinking that August might be a slow month for Geocaching. What a great way to add up the numbers than with a CHALLENGE. Just saying…

  • ADmuk

    True enough – though in my area, the unfound caches are some distance (~40mi) away. Planning to use the “crossing midnight” technique has saved me quite a bit of gas!

  • Tychi

    Thank you, I did not believe, but I managed, 31 in 31!

  • Congrats!

  • areatha

    My highlight has to be “Mosjøen TB Hotel”. It was a genius cache, which I needed three rounds for until I got an epihany. Got a favourite point from me. 31 caches in 31 one days was one cool adventure!

  • Dvav

    I don’t need souvenirs to cache! It’s the love of the outdoors and the adventure that comes along with each one

  • Periosa

    why there’s not 1 Souvenir for those who has all the 31
    Souvenirs ?

  • Wizard1626

    Heh don’t group me in with them. Have over 2000 caches. As a matter of fact am using this to kick off a run for 365 day streak. As a matter of fact all the folks I know, and we are all experienced cachers, are excited about this. Some may find it silly or what ever problem, but they do not have to participate in it then. I for one have enjoyed it.

  • Wizard1626

    I have to agree. I got into this hobby on a whim, and have managed to loose over 100lbs and am getting back into shape as a result. Enjoy the people I have meet and befriended, and spend time with them socially also. They are my other family, the ones I have chosen. As to the Spet. ones, find them cute, not overly complicated, but that was not the point. I have earned them, and it was fun and a challenge to get out every day to get one. As I have stated on another reply, I am using this as a kickoff to doing a 365 day streak.

  • Benji_le_belge

    génial, j’en ai eu quand même pas mal 🙂

  • geomom

    I don’t understand the calendar-style souvenirs? What is it exactly?

  • Jewls The Clown

    In completing the Challenge to do a cache every day in august, I actually started on the day the challenge was issued on July 13th. I found the challenge, well challenging. I found that it got more and more difficult as time went on. in the beginning very easy, I did all the P&G’s near my home but as the month went on I was running out of them and had to continue o go farther and farther away. So over all I had a streak that was 50 days long, and doing a streak I found that I did less then I would have if I didnt do it as a streak. But now the pressure is off and I can do alot when ever i want. Her we go September, to have more then I did in august.

  • Ken DeJonge

    31 days, piece of cake!

    Longest Streak 613 consecutive days with finds from 01/01/2012 to 09/04/2013
    Best Day 316 caches in one day on 06/12/2012
    Best Month 504 caches in June of 2012

    Hitting a minimum of 100 finds per month since 1/2012 as well.

  • HotBarbecuered

    Wow, just WOW! I NEVER would have thought that I could do it with the limited transportation I have (a bicycle), my work schedule (12-hour shifts), and the limited number of caches I had to choose from close-by (I live in a small rural town and have done most of the caches around here). I may never obtain a geo-streak this long again for a LONG time!
    But the weather cooperated, other cachers placed just the right amount of new caches in communities nearby, a couple of local cachers invited me to come with them on a day or two…
    Everything just worked out great!
    Managed to get 2 FTFs (imagine doing THAT with just a bicycle), filled in 2 Jasmer squares, filled in several D/T squares, met a few cachers I never knew…
    Just a wonderful month of adventure and memories!!
    Thank you, Groundspeak, for setting up the incentive to make August 2013 into my best geo-streak to date!

  • Joel Higginbotham

    I enjoy Geocaching a lot, I thought finding this blog was great. I thought i might meet some other “lovers of the game”. Alas, too much negativity here for such a positive sport. I’m outta here, gonna go caching.

  • tauril

    This was a great challenge, but I’m afraid both me and my wife discovered it late enough to only be able to achieve a few of the souvenirs. That was a bit frustrating even though this is a nice idea to begin with. I suspect many others feel this way, but it could easily be avoided by making the challenge recurring. That is, to be able to complete the remnants of the challenge next august, filling the missing pieces.

    An even better solution, that could be considered, is to announce these events, but not tie them to the calendar. In that case, when you discover the first souvenir, you may try to go for all the following 30 pieces (in this case) in adjacency. However that would require that these souvenirs are clear about the found challenge, which is why challenges and souvenirs might as well be entirely different functions. That is, souvenirs are static (places) and challenges dynamic (actions). Challenges should probably use push notifications and clear badges in devices that support this, with options to turn it of for every type of notification.

    Have you thought in these lines yourselves?