31 Days of Geocaching Printable Calendar

Download the PDF of the 31 Days of Geocaching calendar you see below. Collect the calendar-style souvenirs for your Geocaching profile one by one. Each date you log a “Found it” or an “Attended” you earn the souvenir for that date in August.

You won’t be alone. The Geocaching HQ staff will be finding geocaches all month long. And here the Top 8 Tips for Maintaining a Geocaching Streak to help keep you in the game.

Download the calendar to play along, and share you stories here in comments, or on the Geocaching Facebook page.

31 Days Calendar Image

  • NerdsWithDogs

    I’m ready for it! Have caches laid out, hopefully I can get them all!

  • JoeCache

    So are these what the souvenirs look like?

  • Yep!

  • pcl_el_hefe

    Hmm, a person could make it a challenge to find a cache to match the picture: for example, an ammo can on the 1st, night caching on the 6th, a lamp post cache on the 10th, etc.. Use your imagination!

  • tishman

    Cache as cache can.

  • Bipbip230

    I will be 104 straight days tomorrow (31st July) so, this month of Aug will help me go to 135 days.

  • SaschaVIE

    Hmm… holding at 306 days in the moment. This will just be another month on my way to 366. And might clutter my souvenier stack 😛

  • JR849

    Souvenirs? A good reason not to go geocaching in august. There’s so much work to do on the geocaching website. Just take a look at the feedback the users gave you a few years ago, you won’t find useless souvenirs. 😉
    Just my 2 cents

  • RailWalker

    I like it, though I may have trouble making it to work on time as I’d have to do a round 24 hour round trip to to GA from FL for the 25th lol

  • Chris Race

    Amazing, looks like a work from the local Kindergarten and is completely useless. Thanks a lot for your hard work making the GPS stash hunt more and more ridiculous.

  • Zargfinders

    Well, I’ll get maybe 4 of these.. With school and work and a pretty much cleared out nearby radius (not counting boat access or across the harbour over an hour drive away) we’d have to be driving at least 45 minutes most days which we just don’t have time to do!! Oh well.

  • The Speis

    We’re going for it 🙂 I love getting souvenirs!

  • NYPaddleCacher

    I have no desire whatsoever to see any of these souvenirs in my profile. If I wasn’t traveling during the month of August to 2-3 U.S. States in which I have not yet found a cache would not go geocaching at all during the month of August.

  • Gail Stace

    Do you have to find the cache pictured on that date to earn the souvenir, or just log a find? I have to go after work, so I have been making myself save the ones which are still close to home so I could do them iduring the week and distance on weekend.

  • slim.harpo

    If it weren’t for my 5-6week cross country trip I wouldn’t even try. I swore the 366 was my last time/date challenge 🙂

  • Stace

    Wow I thought it would be ONE button for caching every day of August but I guess that would be too hard to verify?

  • K&A Enterprises

    I still don’t understand the point behind these souvenirs. I understand a souvenir for finding a cache in a state/country, for finding a cache on leap day, for finding a cache on 10/10/10, for finding a cache on international geocaching day, for accomplishing a caching streak, etc. But one for every day in August? Are they just arbitrary? It ruins any purpose souvenirs may have had when you can get one every day over the course of a month, just because.

  • agwriter

    I guess I don’t understand all the uproar over souvenirs. Geocache in August if you want to. If not, don’t. But don’t trash the makers of our fun hobby for adding something that us newbies may want to shoot for.

  • desertvs

    How about a souvenir for a 366 day streak, not a calendar fill, a STREAK!

    I will cache in August on the 17th, but might skip the others.

  • screamin’ mimi 60

    Hey, let’s lighten up! Souvenirs are fun to collect for many people. Seems like a nice way to engage more cachers during August and young people. If you do not want them, then log your caches in September. This is a FUN activity not a competition.
    Personally, I like the state souvenirs. I may get some August ones. Mainly, this is a hobby that gets me outdoors and seeing some nice places I might not otherwise view.
    Happy hunting everyone!

  • Zerpersande

    Man, people are bitching about the use of souvenirs? Does it motivate me? Ever so slightly. Are the souvenirs cool? Not particularly. Doesn’t differ greatly from my usual attitude.

  • SaschaVIE

    Yep! And for completed matrixes like 81 D/T or 366 days of the year too.

  • Web-ling

    I’m already on a 415-day streak, so I’ll probably do one every day in August. I’m also hosting 4 of the “31 Days of Flashing Cincinnati” events.

  • William Shores

    Yep, I have to agree that the souvenirs are not that exciting, but I will be attempting the challenge just to see if I can. I do like the state ones though, mainly for reference.

  • Shop99er

    I was sorta hoping that the souvenirs for this would be a bit nicer. Particularly since my birthday is in August.
    I don’t have a problem with souvenirs in general, but these look like the work of a child.
    I don’t suppose there’s any way I can opt out of having them posted on my profile, other than not caching?

  • fayezee

    Hey you guys at ‘geocache central’ have been taking a lot of heat for this ‘August Streak’. Makes me realize how serious some of our clan take this ‘game’. For some of us who have never done a ‘streak’. it sounds difficult but worth a try, so what if we ‘junk’ up our souvenir page. Hey folks at HQ, you can’t win ’em all…just keep up the good work. Sometimes you make us Really Really happy and when you don’t, we’ll get over it. Thx,

  • chichi micco yribe

    To put it bluntly, don’t understand why anyone takes the time to bash this concept….if you are excited about it be excited, if you arnt don’t be.

  • CC Trekkers

    My sentiments exactly. I am 6000 kms away from in Yellowknife, NWT Canada. I collected a souvenir for the Province with my first find here and I collected one 13 Jul 13 encouraging everyone to go out and find at least one cache. My goal before going home in August is to reach 300 finds, only 5 left to go. I am going to celebrate by creating a series aimed at some of my favourite places to see here in Yellowknife. I will aim to find at leat 1 cache a day from 01 to 09 August before flying home. Even more of a challenge as I am on foot with no vehicle. 21 finds in 23 days to date and counting.

  • setucurst

    I was just wondering, do you have to get a cache everyday to get the souvenirs or if you get one on that day do you get the souvenir for that day?

  • NelisMcFly

    I’m really confused as to why all these “geocachers” are so worked up over the 31 Days of August souvenirs. Why exactly are so many people bashing it? I’m actually looking forward to it. I love the sport and will cache with or without souvenirs up for grabs. I’m just curious as to why many of you are so negative about it.

  • Lana

    The cachers in my area are excited about it. There are new events for August each week and plans to put out some new caches for those who have done all in the area. I like doing these fun little things. I’m not in it for the numbers usually, caching here and there, but getting all 31 souvenirs is a fun little challange I want to try to complete…and it will be years before I will be able to complete any of the other challenges out there. For those of you who don’t like them, don’t look at them, don’t worry about them and do the things you like. If you have feedback on the site continue to provide it. The more feedback the higher priority the needed fix/upgrade will be given. I’m sure the funding for 31 days comes out of a different budget than the one to update the site.

  • Lana

    Nope, you can skip days and will only get the souvenirs for the days you find a cache or attend an event.

  • Lana

    Get together with cachers at an event and get your caching friends to place new caches. You can do the same for them.

  • Dave

    WTF do you do? Need more explanation.

  • Vlad

    What a bullshit…

  • smûkwiifke

    all cachers goodluck

  • zargfinders

    A bit hard when we like to make camoed caches… they take time to make as well. And we’ve recently come back from a holiday and though we’ve already done maintenance on about 30 of our 50 caches there’s still some to go!!
    I’ll aim for a souvenir each Sunday and one for international geocaching day, and that’s good.
    There is only one event within 200kms (as the crow flies) of us in the entire month of August, and we’ll be visiting friends on the other side of town. If new caches come out, we’ll try to FTF or at least find them, so this may add a couple days, depending if new caches come out or not.
    There are not that many cachers in our area, and despite being friends with quite a few of them it would be hard to get many caches out. Maybe if you can collect the souvenirs over a couple years I’ll get them all eventually! 😉

  • PuhWutze

    how can I avoid “earning” these souvenirs? Can I delete them from my profile? They only flood my souvenir page which I do not like at all…

  • Julia1605

    Challenge accepted!

    I like the souvenirs. They very much fit to the other artwork used by Groundspeak. I’m all set up and ready to go for tomorrow.

  • Robert

    Do virtual caches count for this? My area has lots of 1/1 difficulty virtual caches. Good targets?

  • FFTP

    Could you please add the ability to delete unwanted souvenirs? I REALLY don’t want these, but I have a streak to maintain and am working on a year long challenge, too, so I can’t just skip caching all month.

  • Ingmar Klaublinger

    I’m working on a streak to and will reach 500 days (so god will) on the 30. August.
    Lets celebrate our success at the “Backhenderl.Event”

  • Ingmar Klaublinger


  • raven95

    I hope there will be two different bookmarks on GC profile page, State souvenirs and the others…

  • MissMarkey

    Well, I like them 🙂 Will be putting some new caches out in my area during August to give those near me some FTF challenges too.

  • Guest

    What’s the difference?

  • Shane Mccune

    Some of you guys are so lucky you can collect state souvenirs whilst here in the uk we only get one for the country. Stop whinging and enjoy what is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby/sport. Its not like your souvenirs will be deleted by collecting the ones in August. I for one am excited at having a go and have a plan in place…Chill out folks

  • Pja

    I don’t know. I think a souvenir for the whole streak – be it 31, 50, 100, 500 or 1000 days – would be a good idea. And while souvenir for each day might be a little over the top, some people might still enjoy it. If you like to hoard souvenirs, here’s your chance. And if you hate the souvenir page on your profile, as some people here clearly do, just ignore it. No biggie and no reason to get worked up about…

  • Shane Mccune

    some of you guys are so lucky you can collect state souvenirs whilst here in the uk we only get one for the country. Stop whinging and enjoy what is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby/sport. Its not like your souvenirs will be deleted by collecting the ones in August. I for one am excited at having a go and have a plan in place…Chill out folks


    I’ve left it late to plan a strategy for this, but am going to give it a good go – It’s just something extra for my kids to have as recognition for a find, especially as there are lots of nano and micro caches that are going to be on my streak; it will be a way of my kids ‘getting something’ for the find – they’re not quite old enough to get satisfaction from just the finding yet!! Good luck everyone!