When I'm outside I'm happy. Besides geocaching I love gardening, hiking, cooking and spending time with my wonderful two and four legged friends. Got eight legs? Sorry, but please stay far away from me!
  • Honkeon

    May I have my geomate jr back…please!

  • Maskedmedic

    Do you have any grey poupon?

  • Maskedmedic

    Can I log your trackable?

  • astarandson

    did you chirp? can i have the coords now?

  • Long Hunter

    Okay human, here’s the deal, you add some sunflower seeds to that mix and I’ll tell you where the cache is! Do we have a deal?

  • Starthru

    Look: I’ll give you all this seed if you’ll just bring back that nano….

  • Ian ‘Mrcoffee’ George

    “Bird, Bird, Bird is the word” movable cache takes a new format

  • Craig Statucki

    Take this nano and put it as high in the tree as you can. I want to publish this hide as a 5/5.

  • lesleyraysheeprock

    No! I dont need a ride because as the bird flys I’ll get there first and get the FTF prize! twe hee hee hee hee!!!!!