Geocaching Caption Contest 39 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

If I can get the bird a little closer I can read the coordinates for the final on his leg…

The best friendships are made on the journey to go geocaching. Who says friends have to be the same species? Tell us your funniest caption for this picture of a possibly exceptional friendship, like “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” You could even win a ‘barely coveted prize’ (emphasis on the ‘barely’) in the 39th Geocaching Caption Contest. This picture was discovered on the Recent Geocaching Log Images page.  You can discover the 1000 most recent images from recent logs.

Submit your best caption by clicking on “Comments” below. Please include your Geocaching username in all entries. Then, explore captions other geocachers have posted.

“Like” the caption that you believe should take home the barely coveted prize. If you think your caption should win, convince your fellow geocachers, your friends, and family to “like” your caption. Geocaching HQ staff will vote from the top finalists to decide the winner of the contest.

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  • Cory Ramey

    When you are in a dead spot you can always rely on the Global Positioning Sparrows — ramfam10

  • Mary Saathoff

    Put The Nano Log Sheet In My Hand, Nice Birdy. Usatxmom

  • Taylor Wagner

    Maybe if I feed this geocache, it will open…

  • Jamesg

    The camo is amazing on this one!

  • Philip Wright

    I sure wish I could figure out this Chirp cache!

  • Ange

    This is not the payment we agreed upon!

  • Jaxx Ogilvie

    I’ll give you ALL this if you just Pleaasseeee show me where they hid it

  • John C Schuck

    “I don’t care what you give me, I’m not telling you where the nano is.”

  • Rob

    Found it, now how do I get the damn log out?!

  • backdraft36

    OMG! REALLY? The windshield is one thing but this is my gps hand!

  • claudey


  • Monica Schultz

    I am the keeper of this cache. Provide the correct payment and I will take you to the final coordinates.

  • Rick

    Yea right! that how I got muggled last time BearCreek Bandits

  • Chris Ori

    “Take you apology and stuff it!…. You have no idea how foolish I looked romancing your fake sparrow cache.”

  • chefrobert

    psst, the message is:”a bird in the hand is worth two geos in the bush!”

  • coralteach

    Um, that wasn’t a what do you call it? Cash, cache, can? That was my home buster….Fix it!

  • Thomas

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the cache.

  • CBM2

    Can you tweet the clue to me.

  • animjason

    Give me the micro you flew off with and I’ll give you a can of worms.

  • Dana Young

    I didn’t realize this was a Mystery cache, now give me the clue, please! by we_r_hooked.

  • tanaraqylva


  • Jim H.

    A bird in hand usually poops!

  • johnsonny

    Is that unladen swallow african or european?

  • Lisalisa2

    The Hell with the birdseed, give me the McDonalds She’s got!!!

  • Lisalisa2

    The Hell with the Birdseed! Give me the McDonald’s She’s got!!!

  • joel mahon

    “I know my new car helps me attract birds…the wrong type!”.

  • Lisalisa2

    I didn’t see my first post so I redid it, could you please delete my first post. I tried and it only deleted my name. Thank you. Lisalisa2

  • Team Eccentric

    OK, turn right here. Come on back in until the next intersection. I gotta get me a real GPS…..

  • Scott butler

    So this is what a OVEQ cache looks like- butlersdidit

  • Sarah

    “I’m not going to tell you where the cache is, no matter how much you bribe me.”
    (Sis too)

  • DoctaTee

    If this guy thinks he is going to make a tree cache out of me he’s crazy!”

  • Kim13

    Now you can log your caches with Twitter!

  • ourfab5

    Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks and the setting sun with the last light of day will shine upon the cache. ourfab5 🙂

  • taylorbunch73

    Who moved the nano

  • wecandobetter758

    Pssst! Show me where that cache is and this handful of birdseed is yours.

  • Team Sonic X

    “I am NOT a decoy cache!” Team Sonic X

  • Team Sonic X

    “Gimme the bird snacks, I’ll show you the fire tacks!” Team Sonic X

  • Novalee

    [fr] -=> Mignonnes petites souris rencontrées lors de la recherche d’un cache au sein d’un cluzeau, en France Cute small mice met during the search(research) for a hiding place in a cluzeau (in France) <=-
    My nickname: Novalee

  • Tmurph4

    For a handful of seed you want me to do what, exactly?

  • Marc Taylor

    If I Can HoldThis Bird, I’ll Be Fully Qualified To Find A 5Star/5Star Cache And Complete My Grid Challenge.

  • Robin Perdue

    Sorry I don’t cache until after the first date!!!

  • busboss1

    Hello little friend! I just washed the car, please let me offer you my hand instead.

  • die Tazis

    stowaway 🙂 our nickname: die Tazis

  • Andreas Ragen Ayal

    Here’s the deal: I give you these seeds and you fly up and bring down the microcache.

  • Calador Cala

    Geo-Dog on the trail, Geo-Bird in the air, that’s the last time I get a Second to Find!

  • ludhamwoodwose

    Come on now, one last try to push out the cache or I will have to get my tweezers out!

  • RdsJourney

    Twitter will tweet your geocaching location for food.

  • Tad Doviak

    If I can get the bird a little closer I can read the coordinates for the final on his leg…

  • steedandpeel

    Jeff spotted the perfect container for his next cleverly crafted camo cache.

  • titaniumman06

    Excuse me sir; do you have any grey poop on ?