Geocaching Plans for July 13 and All of August? You Do Now…

Earn More Than 30 Souvenirs in August


Start plotting your crafty strategy, rally your friends and prepare for a month of geocaching like no other. August is being celebrated by geocachers around the world as the “31 Days of Geocaching.” Find a geocache, log a “Found it” (or an “Attended” for an Event Cache) and earn a unique calendar-style Geocaching souvenir for each day in August. That’s 31 souvenirs up for grabs.

Warming up for this month-long geocache fest will take more than planning. It’ll take practice. You can get ready for the 31 Days of Geocaching by earning the Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir. You’ll only be able to earn it on this Saturday, July 13. The same rules apply. If you log a “Found it” or an “Attended” on July 13 you earn the souvenir seen in this newsletter for your Geocaching profile.

The official Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir.
The official Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir

To prepare for this epic challenge, you should tap into some expert advice. Check out the Top 8 Tips for Maintaining Your Geocaching Streak post on The Geocaching Blog about planning for your geocaching streak. Spread the word about the 31 Days of Geocaching to your friends by attending the event on the Geocaching Facebook page. And keep watching the Geocaching Weekly Newsletter for more details about the August adventure, 31 Days of Geocaching.

  • GeoBeer

    Next time think about Google+. Also a sign in with Google+ Sign-in would be great.

  • bulcacher

    I’ll get a few in August, but in my city, I currently have only 23 left to find, including 3 or 4 on some islands just off the coast. I guess it’ll be 22 by the time the 13th comes around. Anyway, it sounds like fun. Maybe next summer when I’m in the states, if you do it again.

  • Zappo

    If a cache isnt attractive enough to go out and search it, those actions would not help. This is rubbish – like the most things, GC does. Wouldnt it be better to increase the experience-level and quality of the single caches than the frequency? This all (and powertrails and non-location-caches a.o. ) seems to end like a Hamburger-Fast-Eating-Challenge – just about the numbers.

  • Ietu

    I feel somewhat pessimistic about it. First it may lead to appearance of numerous sub-standard caches created for friends to let them maintain their streak. Second, another 30+ souvenirs will make the existing ones less valuable. One souvenir for the International Geocaching Day and one for a month long streak would be enough.

  • AnnaJared

    I agree with letu… one for completing the whole month and one for international geocaching day would be appropriate. Unless you somehow “leveled” up your award every day you go out… “Geocaching August 1 day”… “Geocaching August 2 days” etc.

  • Phetlern

    Not the brightest of ideas from Groundspeak, we would need to travel up to 100k each day to get to caches we haven’t done! As suggested by Ietu, stand-by for a whole lot of sub-standard caches!

  • Sam Marlowe

    Please excuse me for my bad English.

    TB3YB33 – Forget the Apple … a Cache a Day …. Keeps the Doctor away

    My Longest Streak 2012/2013 : 404 consecutive days with finds from 03/07/2012 to 04/14/2013

    SO, here are my tips for Daily Caching.

    Search for 1/1 Traditionals nearby and take the Drive Inn´s on Top of the List.

    Look for Trail Tradi’s; if you found and log one of them, then look for One or Two
    of the other without logging, and you have a “Cash; I know where you are” .

    When you think you got no Time to go Geocaching, you can Log these Cache’s in a very
    short Time.

  • 2max

    Obviously not designed for rural Australia! Virtually impossible to do without taking the entire month off work and travelling for at least a couple of hours each day. Not gonna happen, especially in the freezing temperatures too. Souvenirs are much better when they’re designed to be realistically achievable by cachers all around the world…

  • Phetlern

    Have to agre with 2max. It’s about time Groundspeak got away from being USA Centric – it’s a world wide activity now, so why not treat it that way?

  • NYPaddleCacher

    My issue with this is that I will be traveling to three U.S. states in August in which I have not yet found a cache. I would like to get those souvenirs and add them the the 23 other U.S. State and 6 country based souvenirs (I’ve actually found caches in 19 countries but souvenirs are not available for most of them) but I have no interest in receiving a souvenir for every day that I happen to find a cache in August. It’s sort of like putting bumper stickers on my car for a few National parks I have visited such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Grand Canyon, and then have someone plaster my car with a sticker for every day I drove my car in August. I agree with the USA centricity, but this is more about about benefiting (assuming considers these souvenirs a benefit) those that have the luxury of living in a cache dense environment. I’m sure that there are plenty of places in Europe where one can find a cache every day in the month of August. However, well over half the countries in the world have fewer than 30 caches in the entire country.

  • joe

    most serious geocachers have done all the ones locally. To help others in my area i will place at least five new geocaches. i will not make them easy because i believe it should be about the challenge, not just the numbers. I agree with others though- you should be awarded a souvenir only upon completion

  • Pai Sen

    In the first moment, it sounds nice. But when you think about it, you will see the weak point in the Idea.
    In some countrys there are not enough caches nearbye to think about souch a Contest.
    For People who have no driving license this challenge is nearly an impossible thing (I have lots of caches nearby but most of them are done and only having the abilltiy to use trains or busses to come to a cache, I didn’t found jet, is something that will needs lots of time. Time someone with a job didn’t have.)
    An Challenge or Event that takes place at the weekends (saturday+Sunday) would be better, i think. So you have a chance, to find other Cachers to make groups or come in contact by searching those caches TOGETHER.

    Pai Sen

  • Bena

    There were more comments before, including mine, but I don’t see them anymore. Is there another area where comments about the 31 souvenirs are being posted? Personally I don’t want 31 souvenirs making the other six I have look insignificant. I’d much prefer one for the whole month.

  • CJ

    I made an announcement in our local geocaching community and logged a cache on July 13 myself to show fellow cachers how it worked. With all respect, I have to agree with what was already said. Such actions are of little sense for countries where there are not so many geocaches. Not a chance for a streak. Especially in August, the less suitable month of the year. However, to get two or three new souvenirs is nice so thank you for this action.

  • Chapo

    Like the “Challenges” … no need for this inflation of souvenirs. Reduces the value of those, I already got. Reduce to the max!

  • Cachebär

    What a garbage !

    I got all my souveniers by visiting other countries.
    Now my statistic will be flooded with worthless souveniers just by logging a usual cache in the august…
    I think i will rest for one month…

  • Man, you people are so negative! How about just enjoying the opportunity geocaching gives us and get outdoors for the sake of geocaching alone? Nobody can make you accept or follow this challenge, regardless of whether or not YOU think it’s a challenge. There are some people that like getting souvenirs (e.g. me) and this one is good for us. Stop your complaining and just go caching, ok? Geeze …

  • Cache On Wheels Geocaching

    which logo can we add on our geocaching event pages for events in august for the souvenirs please? Coud you add the whole link i need too pease?

    It as saddened me to read some of the comments claiming this is a waste of time and ful of empty challenges to get a souvenitr.
    It only takes some imagination and community planning to acheive far more.
    As you say, you get a souvenir for logging a found it cache OR attending an EVENT, as some seem to have missed.
    We are going on hoiday abroad and found out that In germany there are lots of events being held just for this chalenge and it prevents the area from being cluttered up with ots of meaningless caches to fulfil a challenge – not my words by the way, but of some i have read by other cachers.
    So there are not just meaningless caches being put out everywhere, with easy caches to just pick up souvenirs like others have commented in some places on here and in geocaching forums, cachers having been getting together and organising an event on each day in august. They have purposely done this because many cachers have already found all their local caches.
    There is still time for some cachers to arrange events if they are quick: some are fash mobs and some, like ours are events.
    This is a fantastic idea 🙂 it is bringing together communities and in our case, from the UK, and by connecting with cachers near where we are staying, we have organised one about half an hour from where we are staying, so it is giving us the chance to meet up with cachers abroad too. 🙂

  • Popcorn313

    I didn’t realize that souvenirs had value! After all, they’re just lighted pixels on a computer screen.

  • team pointer

    I agree that it would be better if you got one souvenir instead of 31 at the end of August. But all in all, I think this is a great motivator to get people moving. I myself like challenges and marathons, so I will try to do this with my team. If I thought this wasn’t worth my time, then I wouldn’t care about it. I like positive geocaching, and this event seems like something positive to me.

  • Team-Yukon

    I imagine there are as many attitudes about ‘caching as there are ‘cachers. Everyone had goals that they aspire to. Our (team-Yukon) goal is to find interesting caches, be they natural, historical, challenging, or just plain fun.
    One of our worst caching days ever was a string of caches that ran up an artificial count, or as Mz. Yukon put it, “we couldn’t see the forest for the buffalo tubes.” (Her personal favorites are the spirit quests.) therefore we shall opt out of a 31 day dash in favor of, oh, perhaps a week of caching interesting places along the Mississippi. For those that choose to accept the challenge, (and it definitely is one!) good luck, and happy hunting!

  • MrsElectric

    I think this is a great idea! it have given us more purpose to get out there and find some more. Some people are so negative! I’m just greatful to be getting a souvenir!

  • Debbie Loghry Jorgenson

    Do you know who one would contact if they didn’t get their souvenir for a day they found a cache in August?

  • Henry Van Der Molen

    I too like the idea of a single souvenir for completing a month of caching. I have to admit it has me going out for a cache each day, but the tacky souvenirs are not worth it, Completing 31/31 and receiving one souvenir is reward enough.

  • hmatt

    I’m day 10 into the challenge, but I already appreciate the motivation of the souvenirs. I’m one of those people that will go geocaching “when I find the time”, but really what is life if you don’t MAKE time for the activities you love! Thank you so much for this! I’m looking forward to maintaining my streak and creating the habit of making time for fun and adventure. = ) It isn’t just about numbers for me, it is about the adventures big and small!

  • abzolut

    I was sort of hoping there’d be something additional and fantastic if we get all 31 days.

  • abzolut

    Just about numbers? Maybe. But this challenge has gotten my kids and I up and out of the house every day this month. Some days, we just grab a quick cache close to home. Some days, we explore new parks and playgrounds. Some days, we get out to large nature parks and hike around, looking at amazing scenery that we never would have found on our own. We’ve solved puzzle caches, done a multi-part cache at a beach, found all sorts of creative cache containers… We’ve improved our caching skills, made tradeables, found trackables, and enjoyed each other’s company. I haven’t found a single bad thing that I can say about this challenge. Thank you, GC!