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The official Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir.
The official Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir.

Congrats! Nearly 88,000 adventurers from around the world gave the couch a rest, and earned this Geocaching Get Outdoors Souvenir on Saturday July 13, 2013.

Keep the couch lonely – will you join the global geocaching community for 31 Days of Geocaching starting on August 1?

Geocaching HQ is along for the journey for a geocaching streak stretching 31 straight days. Staff from Geocaching HQ will be lining up to find geocaches for each day in August and sharing the adventure here on the blog. And there’s now a way you can share your journey.

Be part of 31 Days of Geocaching 1 second at a time. We’re creating the video 31 Days of Geocaching in 31 Seconds. Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your geocaching videos. We’ll chose one second from your Instagram videos each day for August to showcase all of 31 Days of Geocaching.

Psst… The final video will look something like this: http://vimeo.com/56599373 (but only 31 seconds, and with geocaching) And don’t forget to log your “Will Attend” to 31 Days of Geocaching on Facebook.

  • Yay! We were one of 88,000 to get a souvenir! We can’t wait to try all 31 days of August, too!

    Though, only 88,000 out of over 5 million geocachers (does that number represent active cachers or does that mean registered accounts, whether active or not)? Hmmm… regardless, I think they need more incentive! But, what more incentive do you really need? It’s GEOCACHING, afterall! That should be incentive enough!! (:P)

  • Hendl

    Yeah, I am one of the 88.000, too.

    And I love(d) souvenirs… but as something…!

    To remember a special day, a special event or my visit in another country…

    Thats why I find nothing special with this 31day thing… that just helps me to loose interest in souvenirs…

  • Thavia

    Is there a way to submit video for 31 Days of Geocaching without having to use Instagram? You can only get it through ITunes and Google Play and not everyone has phones what work with these programs. What about submitting video through email, cloud or YouTube?

  • If you can tag us on Twitter at @gogeocaching… and include the link. We’ll take a look. Thanks for the playing along, and good luck during 31 Days of Geocaching.