Top 8 Tips for Maintaining Your Geocaching Streak

The official Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir.
The official Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir

The month of August has a new name: the 31 Days of Geocaching. You’ll have the opportunity to earn a calendar-style souvenir for every day you find a geocache—that’s 31 new souvenirs just waiting for you. Plus, find a geocache on July 13 and you’ll get the special Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir as well.

Here’s your challenge: complete a full, month-long geocaching streak during August and earn all 31 souvenirs. It might sound easy, but maintaining a geocaching streak takes hard work, dedication and—above all else—motivation. Here are a few tips from geocaching experts to make your 31 Days of Geocaching streak a success:

1. Plan ahead

This tip is #1 for a reason. Having a geocaching plan makes keeping a streak alive much easier. Spend a few days before you begin your streak to draw up your plan. Try to think about if there will be any days where snagging a ‘cache will be more difficult than others. Having a plan will help eliminate surprises and keeps you on top of your streak.

2. Work Geocaching into Your Day

Going to work, picking up groceries, walking the dog—these are all great times to earn a smiley. If there are places you visit on a semi-regular basis, varying the route may open up possibilities for quick finds. Simple geocaches can take a little as 10–15 minutes to find, so taking a short detour during your day won’t take up too much time and will knock out one more find.

An easy lampost geocache, perfect for geocaching streaks.

3. Learn to Love the Easy Stuff

D1/T1 geocaches aren’t always crowd favorites, but when you’re working on a streak, the simple geocaches are your best friends. Save the multis and epic puzzles for non-streaking days, unless you just like the extra challenge.

4. The 11:30pm, 12:00am trick

This one is simple: find a geocache at 11:30pm, wait a half hour, then find another geocache. Boom. That’s two days down in less than an hour. Warning: Before you use this method, double check the recent activity to make sure your 11:30 geocache is there. If it’s missing or you can’t find it, you could accidentally end your streak.

5. Save the Easy Finds for Last

Your first impulse might be to find all the easy, nearby geocaches first. But wait! Saving the easy, nearby geocaches allows you to have alternatives just in case something comes up or you don’t have a lot of time to travel.

6. Skip the FTFs

If you receive notifications for new geocaches, you’re going to have to fight the urge to nab the FTF, especially if it’s nearby. Just like in tip #5, leaving several easy, nearby geocaches unfound gives you some backup options.

Geocachers benandjayme on the final find of their 500-day geocaching streak at the summit of Mailbox Peak, WA.

7. Find a Partner

Just like geocaching any other day, it’s always more fun with a friend. With geocaching streaks, having someone to go with will help maintain motivation and give you both some accountability.

8. Plan Your Final Geocache

Make the final geocache of your streak something awesome. It will give you something to look forward to and give your geocaching streak an epic send-off.


Tell Us Your Tips

Have you ever done a geocaching streak? If so, leave your tips for maintaining a streak in the comments below. Happy geocaching!

Watch The Geocaching Blog for more details on Geocaching Get Outdoors Day on July 13 and the 31 Days of Geocaching in August. To earn a souvenir in both promotions you must log a “Found it” or an “Attended” on specific days, July 13 and each day in August.


  • Amy

    How do I get notifications for new geocaches other than the weekly email?

  • Sarah

    You have to have a premium membership. If you do, go to your profile and “Set Up Notifications” is listed in the right-hand column under Premium Features.

  • Sarah

    Great tips! I definitely recommend having a buddy. My friend and I were working on a 366 day streak until she moved away. Then it became a lot more difficult.

  • falarikae

    If you have geocaching premium you can use the Instant Notification Service to get notified when new geocaches are published in an area.

  • Lobotomy

    Day 688 of my current streak. The best two tips I have are these: 1) Similar to #5, I use all caches near my house exclusively for work days. On weekends or holidays, I expand my area. 2) Set goals. 100 days, A year. 500 days. After awhile, you have to find an excuse to stop, not one to keep going.

  • zargfinders

    Yeah well a streak is not going to happen for me! There are no easy caches anywhere near our house – we always have to drive at least 45 minutes to go caching!! Plus I don’t have enough time… Oh well I’ll aim for at least 4 souvenirs.

  • Toni Brown

    I too have to drive too far to get a daily cache, especially since I filled in my 366 days in a row last year. Plus, it’s too hot in Texas in August to go outside everyday. I’ll get a few souvenirs, but it’s not going to be a 31-day streak.

  • RedPhoenix23

    If I will be out the country for 5 days in August and unsure about my internet connection situation, can I use the phone app? Log the cache on the right day but just “save for later” and then send them when I have service again. Will this still count for each day?

  • Yep – The Geocaching app works perfect. As long as you log them on the specific day of the month, you’re golden. Happy Geocaching!

  • RIS768

    Resist the urge to make multiple finds in one day. I just completed my 366 streak and I was lucky that a 62 cache power trail was placed near my home. I made a few FTFs the day it was published but after that I kept them as emergency caches (after 10pm) and only did 1 a day. Of the 366 days I made just one find on 334 of those days! I would disagree with the go with a friend hint as most Geocaching friends would want to find more than 1 cache.

  • RedPhoenix23

    Awesome. Thanks 🙂 Same to you!

  • Toni,

    Congrats on the 366 streak! I’m definitely going to try for 31 in August, but reality may intervene. Try shooting for finding a geocache on August 17 – International Geocaching Day, and July 13 “Geocaching Get Outdoors Day” for sure. Good luck!

  • dr_mikes

    I like to plan trips away from home on the weekends to areas where I normally would not cache so that I can grab as many smiles as I want without affecting the caches closer to my home that I might need for an “emergency find”. Always have more than 1 cache in mind for the day as well. If you are going for a long streak, the caches you get further from your normal destinations are better to get earlier in your streak. If you think of your streak as work, it won’t be fun. Be prepared for all types of weather.

  • MuseOfIdots

    I am at 414 days consecutive of finding at least 1 geocache. I have always thought of souenirs as a challenge. Like getting a new state or caching on a special day; Leap Day, 12/12/12, etc. Is there anyway to opt out of these, but obviously keep my streak going?

  • Toni Brown

    Thanks for the reminders. I’ve already got something planned for next weekend, so that works out. Last year I was at the Block Party for International GD, but can’t make it this year. I’m sure I’ll do something local; we always plan something around here.

  • Nypaddlecacher

    I don’t want any of the 31 days souvenirs cluttering up my souvenirs page but will be in 3 US states in which I have not yet found a cache. I want the state souvenirs but not the others. Can I opt out of the 31 souvenirs or will I have to wait until September to log my finds?

  • BAKO1313

    Will there be a separate special souvenir for International
    Geocaching Day finds on August 17 in addition to the streak one?

  • Stonagal

    Darn. I’ve had a streak going through all of April, May, June, and July, but have known all along I wouldn’t be able to maintain it through August.

  • Nory1

    My current streak is already 92 days, and hoping to get to 365, so I think I can do August 🙂
    Summer streaks are easy; it’s the winter ones that are going to be a problem

  • Elitza Stoilova

    Too sad. I live on an island, where I mostly hide caches. There are only 3 caches I have not found yet, because they are new 🙂 But, I will go for July 13th at least. It would be cool to participate in such challenge as the August one.

  • Xyq

    A long streak is really hard. When I did my 366 I really struggled the last month and a half during winter time with much work. The most important thing (apart from some of those mentioned in the article) is looking for a couple of “emergency caches” – greenies with both ratings of 2 or less close to home or work. Never forget that solving mystery caches will in effect give you another easy pick if you do not go there immediately. Have more than one for each day because sometimes you won’t find even the easiest ones. Having these, you can go out with friends for the more satisfying and more complicated ones – because when you only go for the guide rails, you will start to hate your hobby if you do not go for some real caching in between.

  • rhodesisland

    ellysto, Plan a trip to Guam and we can get one day for as long as you can stay here! 🙂

    ~~~~ rhodesisland

  • Elitza Stoilova

    I wish I could! You can’t believe but I can’t visit Guam even I have US visa. As I work on Saipan, I have to apply for a parole, which cost close to $400!

  • ravestorm

    It’s not clear to me if i can get the July 13’s souvenir attending an event too.

  • Zäta

    Is this valid in the USA only or is it a global thing?

  • Melissa Williams

    M&A Out of Bounds traveled to Italy, Turkey & Rome and was really bummed that we didn’t receive our Souvenirs – How do we get them when we log visits in other countries?? SO BUMMED!!!

  • mrcanoehead224

    From the newsletter…
    “If you log a “Found it” or an “Attended” on July 13 you earn the souvenir seen in this newsletter for your Geocaching profile.”

  • Merlin King

    I managed a streak of 104 days. It got stressfull at the end trying to work out where the next one could be. But August won’t work for me, going on holiday and ot enough caches where I am going, and the family wouldn’t forgive me anyway

  • Unimoggers

    From August 10 to the 25 I’ll be in 3 different countries. Time to plan those country souvenirs now! Is there a souvenir for Malta and Turkey yet?

  • rhodesisland

    Does HIDING a cache get a souvenir also?

  • rhodesisland


  • Jack Squat

    They haven’t come out with the Italy souvenir(s) or with San Marino (the little country in Italy) and a whole bunch of other countries yet. It looks like they release them in batches.

  • Wilbert67

    It is always good to know cachers in your area and encourage them to put out new caches close to your home prior to planning your streak..

  • stujan

    We did this once already, and went 34 days in a row back in Aug/Sept of 2011. We did a total of a 105 caches. It was quite the challenge.

  • stujan

    You could set a goal of putting out 31 new caches. Since your on a island. Now that would be cool.

  • Paulboy

    I am looking forward to this challange and the souvernirs as well. Always love a challange and in august I will be in te USA on holidays and I am going to get the oldest cache. On the 13th of July I am in a wedding party that is also having a flash mob. I will have to drive many KM’s to make this happen for 31 days as I have almost every cache for 50 KMs around. Thanks for this challange..

  • Elitza Stoilova

    I didn’t know hiding will count towards the 31 day challenge. Yes, this would be cool! Thanks!

  • Edwards654

    Greetings from Colorado. We have found at least one cache every day since we started caching….1,376 days ago. Some days when there’s lots of snow and it’s 10:30 at night and we don’t have one yet……we wonder “Why”? But we’ll end it when there’s a good reason!
    Happy caching!

  • Wings

    Tip – if you are new to geocaching do a streak now, it’s a lot harder after you have cached for 6 years and live in a rural area without a lot of caches. We had been caching for 6 years when we decided to do a streak – ended our streak at 200 days because it had become grueling and expensive as some days we drove 30 miles or more just to keep the streak alive. Only one of those days involved a find at 11:40 PM due to a DNF earlier in the evening.

  • MacPacMum

    I’m currently on day 304 of a streak that is due to finish on the 6 September. This challenge is perfect timing to encourage me to complete as I have now done about 80% of the traditional caches in my entire city and the ones I haven’t found I’ve tried or they are more than a 30km round trip! Some of my advise: Getting friends together and going on a Geocaching Day away from your home town for a weekend allows you to have a bit more of a spree after restricting yourself to a cache-a-day. Doing a 11.30pm and a 12.05am in an area that has a few caches that you haven’t done can fill the dot for two days if you are going to be really busy during the day (just don’t forget & take company with you). Getting a few friends around for a puzzle solving evening to give you a few more caches to go and find – and you will probably have friends wanting to go with you to look for the GZ as well. The biggest thing is DON’T do more than one cache in a day within 30km of home or work – down the track you might really need those few extra caches that you couldn’t resist the urge to grab because they were close by! Enjoy yourself – make it adventure not a chore and had a buddy you can call on those days where you are knackered and need the extra encouragement!

  • MacPacMum

    Congrats for the 366 – I’m aiming for 368 just because! Currently on 304 done and the last month has been a bit of a struggle at times so it is inspirational to hear of people who have managed it!

  • heathtree

    I finished a 500 day geostreak earlier this year. I only stopped because I moved to New Zealand, and crossing the International Date Line, I lost a day!

    To make this work for all of us, I hope that Groundspeak can fix a long-standing error in their iPhone app: for those of us in this part of the world, when we log caches, it logs them as the wrong day. When it’s Monday morning in New Zealand, it’s still Sunday in Seattle, and the app doesn’t log finds based on the local time zone. I hope this is fixed before this streak, otherwise my finds will probably get logged on the wrong day.

  • Astartus

    31 useless souvenirs? All this workforce could have gone into creating more of the much more interesting country souvenirs.

  • Redgremlin

    Currently some 274 days into a streak… So the souvenirs will keep me motivated to get to the 366. Worried that these souvenirs will swamp my country souvenirs. Would it not be better to have one souvenir indicating a streak milestone e.g. 7 days, 14 days?

    I travel lots on business which helps keep things going… But can also add difficulties. My rule is to do 1-3 caches a day went at home, but to do lots when I am further away.

    The difficulties I have had… One day when I was I’ll… Too I’ll to drive safely, it was snowing, so I got my partner to drive me to a cache I had been saving, and which had been found the previous day. 5 mins and it was done…. Streak kept. And today. I’m on a three day trip to morocco. There are only 3 caches in the area, an earth cache that is too far away; a multi which has a final in a tourist attraction which will be closed in the evenings, and one traditional that was replaced last week. PLANNING! Day 1 I found a cache on route to the airport at 06:00. Had 3 in mind in case of a DNF. Day 2 located and grabbed the one definite cache in the country. Day 3, the plan is to do a few mystery caches I have solved near the airport with a torch.

  • ravestorm

    Thank you, I got the newsletter yesterday evening after I posted my doubt here 😉

  • tevjen

    Began 11/01/2013. Have found at least one a day since then. Today it is 180 days in a row.

  • FamilieFrohne

    We started our streak in march 2012. We started using GSAK at the end of 2011 and the BadgeGen macro gave us some goals to achieve: 7 days, 14 days, a month and so on. After completing the 366 days in a row we asked ourselves why we should stop right now. Looking around we found some other challenges a little bit away (GC3BFPF – 400 days, GC40RYJ – 500 days and GC476EB – 600 days) to work on.

    It was hard to resist the urge to do more than one cache a day in
    the beginning. On weekends we love to visit an area a little bit away
    (40km or more) and do more caches, usually a small trail and with caching friends.

    Meanwhile geocaching became part of the daily life, as of tip #2 we search usually right after work. If we are invited for a party or any other non-geocaching-event we take a look at the map first for a geocache or two nearby, go early to have some time for searching and so we have a cache for the day.

    According to tip #1, we solved a lot of (easy) puzzle caches with a geochecker ahead on rainy days, thus building a stack with cache coordinates – when the puzzle is solved this cache type is more like a traditional. Vacation needed a little bit more planning. We had a prepared list of caches we wanted to visit along the route through Finland and Sweden last year and some pocket queries for the places where we stayed a few days.

  • H@rmii

    Geocaching is a global thing, I would be very surprised if this would be restricted to the USA only…

  • Meriadoc

    Same here. My country and event souvenirs are connected to special memories; I don’t want them to be hidden among 31 day souvenirs.

    Why not award just one special streak souvenir… for example a golden one if you have found caches on all 31 days, a silver one for 28, and a bronze one for 25, or something like that?

  • fegan

    I agree with Nypaddlecacher…any way to Opt Out of these 31 souvenirs? Would have been better to award a single souvenir for completing the entire 31-day streak.