Top 8 Tips for Maintaining Your Geocaching Streak

The official Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir.
The official Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir

The month of August has a new name: the 31 Days of Geocaching. You’ll have the opportunity to earn a calendar-style souvenir for every day you find a geocache—that’s 31 new souvenirs just waiting for you. Plus, find a geocache on July 13 and you’ll get the special Geocaching Get Outdoors Day souvenir as well.

Here’s your challenge: complete a full, month-long geocaching streak during August and earn all 31 souvenirs. It might sound easy, but maintaining a geocaching streak takes hard work, dedication and—above all else—motivation. Here are a few tips from geocaching experts to make your 31 Days of Geocaching streak a success:

1. Plan ahead

This tip is #1 for a reason. Having a geocaching plan makes keeping a streak alive much easier. Spend a few days before you begin your streak to draw up your plan. Try to think about if there will be any days where snagging a ‘cache will be more difficult than others. Having a plan will help eliminate surprises and keeps you on top of your streak.

2. Work Geocaching into Your Day

Going to work, picking up groceries, walking the dog—these are all great times to earn a smiley. If there are places you visit on a semi-regular basis, varying the route may open up possibilities for quick finds. Simple geocaches can take a little as 10–15 minutes to find, so taking a short detour during your day won’t take up too much time and will knock out one more find.

An easy lampost geocache, perfect for geocaching streaks.

3. Learn to Love the Easy Stuff

D1/T1 geocaches aren’t always crowd favorites, but when you’re working on a streak, the simple geocaches are your best friends. Save the multis and epic puzzles for non-streaking days, unless you just like the extra challenge.

4. The 11:30pm, 12:00am trick

This one is simple: find a geocache at 11:30pm, wait a half hour, then find another geocache. Boom. That’s two days down in less than an hour. Warning: Before you use this method, double check the recent activity to make sure your 11:30 geocache is there. If it’s missing or you can’t find it, you could accidentally end your streak.

5. Save the Easy Finds for Last

Your first impulse might be to find all the easy, nearby geocaches first. But wait! Saving the easy, nearby geocaches allows you to have alternatives just in case something comes up or you don’t have a lot of time to travel.

6. Skip the FTFs

If you receive notifications for new geocaches, you’re going to have to fight the urge to nab the FTF, especially if it’s nearby. Just like in tip #5, leaving several easy, nearby geocaches unfound gives you some backup options.

Geocachers benandjayme on the final find of their 500-day geocaching streak at the summit of Mailbox Peak, WA.

7. Find a Partner

Just like geocaching any other day, it’s always more fun with a friend. With geocaching streaks, having someone to go with will help maintain motivation and give you both some accountability.

8. Plan Your Final Geocache

Make the final geocache of your streak something awesome. It will give you something to look forward to and give your geocaching streak an epic send-off.


Tell Us Your Tips

Have you ever done a geocaching streak? If so, leave your tips for maintaining a streak in the comments below. Happy geocaching!

Watch The Geocaching Blog for more details on Geocaching Get Outdoors Day on July 13 and the 31 Days of Geocaching in August. To earn a souvenir in both promotions you must log a “Found it” or an “Attended” on specific days, July 13 and each day in August.


  • teambeek

    Day 901 of streak,agree with saving close to home ones for tough days.Planning ahead is the key and having a lot of local Cachers is key.The journey starts with your first day!!!

  • teambeek

    Day 901 of streak, plan ahead ,save easy, close to home caches for the tough days. The journey of a thousand Caches starts with the first Cache!!

  • vpdj

    Events – lots of events – or get a friend to plant a couple dozen easy caches nearby – and you do the same

  • tirolerin

    Many people swindle with their 366-days-streak (e.g. find 3 caches a day, log a found on 3 different days ). Now there is another encouragement for cheating … 🙁

  • spstanley

    I’ve been going further out from my normal “zone” to find multiple caches per day, which helped when I was trying to reach a milestone by a certain date.

  • Congrats on the 31 day streak x’s 44(ish) and still counting! Thanks for sharing –

  • 31 Days of Geocaching is definitely global, enjoy geocaching in more than 180 countries. Good luck!

  • zookeeper98

    Live in a very rural area and would have to drive minimum of 50 miles daily to find a cache. Thirty one souvenirs sounds a bit excessive.

  • Donn Mukensnable

    Keep tabs on caches that are on your ‘hit’ list by watchlisting them. That way if they suddenly start getting DNF or are reported as muggled, you can avoid doing a frantic search approaching midnight for a cache that isn’t there. Having an alternate in these circumstances is a very good idea as well.

  • Geckoh

    I got a #9 for you:
    Move your home to an area with loads of caches, #2 would not work for us, a slight detour on the way to work would require a 200km detour…….. could be late for work me thinks……

  • Wally R

    I am sad to say this won’t be possible for us because we seem to be the only cachers planting caches in our area. We can’t drive over 30 miles each day to find a cache. I see for some cachers they have the same issue. I believe this could have been thought-out differently. In this day and age of Eco Friendly, Earth Friendly, and Save on Gas because it is so expensive. Thanks for reading my rant. Happy Caching, See ya on the trail.

  • Geckoh

    Yes, it should include placing caches, this would grow the “sport” (OK, hobby) Even if it was 50/50 place and find……

  • NZ cacher

    We welcome the opportunity to get some souvenirs. In NZ only one is available as a country and despite travelling to Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Belgium and Turkey in the last 12 months we were unable to collect a souvenir for these countries as there were none available. So this is a great opportunity for us to obtain some.

  • SchönSchuh

    Everyday another souvenir, feels like junk mails. I would prefer a bronze, silver, gold version for 15, 25 and 31 finds in august.

  • streaks_suck

    Streaks are stupid. They destroy the joy of caching when you feel obligied to get one on each day and not to search more than one at a time even if you drive a long way to get one. Not very environment friendly if you have to drive tens of miles every day to get a find.

  • DrBuffalo

    I worked on streak last year that came to a halt with 99 days. It became exhausting and to plan and find caches. Going with a friend where you each plan some is helpful. The 11:30/ 12:01 finds are a life saver on a long streak. But I usually like to start at 11pm so I don’t get “burned”. Another tool if you are serious about a long streak is to invest in a smartphone and get a geocaching app. That has helped me do more impromtu caching. Just for the heck of it I would also like to say I’m looking forward to seeing the new souvenirs and I hope to add them to the memories of the streak I’m working on now.

  • Travis Smola

    I don’t understand this mentality, they are just a bunch of pixels on their own separate tab. I hardly ever look at mine, what possible harm or annoyance are they causing you in being there?

  • wazza9

    Always try to have a back up cache close by to the one you are seeking. With a 376 day streak from 29.02.12 t0 to 10.03.13 which ended while on a cruise, I found that I was driving up to 1 1/2 hours to get my find for the day and had trouble with muggled, missing or needing maintenance caches on many occasions. When you find it is no longer fun, try to develop a new concept to help make it enjoyable like catching another person at a cache.

  • Bena

    I agree that 31 individual souvenirs are too many. I thought it was going to be one souvenir calendar maybe showing the dates in August that you found a cache. I also support the idea of putting those resources into more country souvenirs although it is probably too late for 2013 to change anything.

  • Brandon Edwards

    I have not yet officially completed a streak (mainly because I haven’t set out a goal for one yet). I have wanted to do a Geocache a day type thing for a while but being a teenager that is tight on money and can’t drive far because of gas prices kind of hinders that. Luckily for me, I had a large Geocaching lull for a couple of months and a bunch of new caches popped up in my city. So, I think I should be good to go for this 31 Days of Geocaching challenge. I am looking forward to it!

  • BEN

    I will definitely be finding at least one Cache on Saturday. 🙂

    Not just for the award, but for the fact the Sun has well and truly got his hat on in the UK right now.

  • viennacache

    Same with me as with Nypaddlecacher. Is there any possibility to opt out these souvenirs, apart from having to wait until September?

  • Ronald Cain

    I agree! Giving a souvenir for every day of the month dilutes my other souvenirs I earned. They meant something, like attending a big event or finding a cache in a new state.

  • Alan

    That is exactly how I feel. I never want to feel like I have to get a find, what’s the fun in that? Everyone has different motivations I guess.

  • Alan

    I do not cache every day. For me it is a fantastic work/life break and gives me a reason to get outside more. I don’t care about streaks since if I felt obligated to find a GC that would take the fun out of it for me.

  • cambold

    Don’t really care about souvenirs. That’s not why I cache.
    As to leaving a find to the last hours in a day for my streak, that I do care about. That is just too nerve racking and that’s what would take the fun out of caching. Simply make sure there are at least 2 caches in your daily target area (they don’t all have to be trads!) and get to it as early as possible. If you’re away from home turf go for it and grab a bunch with your buddies, even chase after a few FTFs if they pop up near your location. A streak shouldn’t be a year’s prison sentence. Live a little and Happy Cachin!

  • rickardclan

    Managed a 666 day streak, and yeah, it got a bit tedious, especially as we’d cleared out most of the caches close to home the year before. It started out to be a 366, then 500, then I set an end date, struggled at about 300 and then again at 500ish, stuff got to be too programmed for me, plus I set extra rules, all finds had to be physical and no day straddling. Proud to have done it, but the first day off was a blessing 😉

  • Mitchmi

    It’s always a question of money (Gas). I have all the caches done in my city. So what happens now. Will have to travel many miles everyday to get the caches. Don’t have that kind of money. Safisfied with caching a few time a week. Will defintitly find a cache on July 13 and the International geocaching day in August. Some people came up with the idea of gold, silver and bronze souvenirs. That’s a good idea. Hope they come up with something better.

  • TEAM DL8EBW Wuppertal

    would be very nice, if GC starts to complete as well all COUNTRY-Souveniers before spreading so much new icons which will be collectable for finding only one cache a day…. think about!

  • Donna Deskin

    For my cache today in Oregon looking forward to 31 in 31. Thanks for the fun.

  • Bena

    I agree about the junk mail feeling. I’d rather have one souvenir stating how many days I did or else one for completing the whole month…something along that line.

  • I have been planing this out as soon as I got the email… here is to a succeful hunt everyone!

  • The Snowdog

    Whatever floats your boat. I’m a little OCD…OK, a lot OCD, and streaking gives it an outlet. 600 and going strong!

  • Dez del Rosario

    There are not enough geocaches in my country (and location, for that matter) to make 31 days.

  • Rigger64

    Well im all for it it will be a Good challenge not to go for the Just one more unless it’s like 2350Hrs then i will wait 15 mins to go for the next one @0005Hrs.
    Roll on the 31 days of August.

  • Morningmom

    I’m up for this. I’ve never attempted a streak or been able to attend an event. This is something that just might be do-able. But I agree with the others about a souvenir a day. It dilutes souvenirs you’ve already earned, and it even will dilute the 31 Days of August streak. ONE souvenir for successful completion of all 31 days; or a Gold, Silver and Bronze as others have suggested. HEY ANONE FROM GEOCACHING.COM, ARE YOU LISTENING????

  • AlohaBADA

    Several good udeas here. Maybe also allow for ckassification of Souvenirs such as States, Countries, Days etc.

  • Chesnut J’s

    I like the idea of having 31 souvenirs, it is a kind of motivation to get another souvenir and keep going. I know everyone is motivated by other things, but living in Germany for a few years, where the caching is harder due to the translation factor has started to demotivate me, this will help me to get a few more caches than I would originally get if it was another month. Also, one of the things I truly love about Geocaching is I get to see things off the beaten path, things that locals don’t even know existed. 31 days, 31 different areas/ new sites, I love it!

  • FFTP1

    I have to agree with the people wanting to be able to opt out. I’m not eager to see a smattering of souvenirs telling me how many days I cached in August 2013 cluttering up my real souvenirs. My stats page already gives me that info. But since I have a goal of at least 50 caches/month and keeping my longest slump to just 2 days, I guess I have no choice. I depleted local caches in my rural area doing a 366 streak already, so won’t be streaking, and I really would not want all those unmemorable souvenirs anyway. Even worse, this 31 days thing has spawned a horrible mass of daily flashmob events. With the nasty new “streamlined” newsletter, we already aren’t getting notices mailed out for many events, but this flood of flashmobs is going to make it even worse. I had a major event recently which never once was published in the newsletter, and the majority of the people who attended were there because I went to numerous events and self-advertised. Daily flashmobs to get cluttering souvenirs is hurting the people who spend a lot of time and energy putting together legitimate events. Two thumbs down on this “promotion.”

  • GPSearchers

    I tried to keep a streak for about 40 days but even then it got slightly silly. The only chance I have got is a power trail that I placed near to my house – but then would it be ethical to find your own caches? I;m not really sure but I might have to if I want this streak.

  • pbunyan

    Get a life, you don’t need to follow like a sheep, either go with it or dont take part. Others are trying to make geo’ing interesting by giving it more variety. If your so worried about the cluttering, save the reports until after the period.

  • Team Eccentric

    Maybe the Geocaching.com powers that be could make filters or tabs within the souvenirs. So you could view by state, or event or whatever. (in their copious spare time….). Or at least be able to order them by classification. In my ideal world, you could just turn on or off the souvenirs you want to see, and that would solve everyone’s problems. It won’t matter for our family, we can’t even remember to log most of our finds, much less do it on a certain day….

  • ScoobyDoos Mum – Australia

    I cache with my son who goes to Primary School ( 9am – 3pm )
    He also has other sporting and other comitteements after school .
    I really want to do it all with him but am thinking of doing some visits during the day to the GZ and checking it out and then take him back in the afternoons to sign the logbook.
    So I have already started a calendar with easy finds close to home and school.
    And harder ones for the weekends when we have more time.
    Does anyone else cache with their kids ?
    Anyone got any hints for me to help make it easier ?

  • ScoobyDoos Mum – Australia

    Why couldn’t it be September ?
    We have School Holidays then.
    It would make it all so much easier and could probably find 10 per day.
    I guess this being a WWW you can’t please everyone.

  • Medismurf

    I’m more than happy to participate in the 31 days in august. A local cacher has been really proactive and contacted about 50 cachers. He’s asked everyone that can to set a new cache in the area, it looks like he has about 12 new caches from this appeal, also he’s set up an Event cache and has set about putting out a new cache every day in August as a series. This has generated loads of local interest, we’re looking forward to some robust FTF action and a first time meeting for lots of us near the end of the month. However I do agree that it would be better to have fewer souvenirs but some real good ones for achievement during the month.

  • Melissa Smith

    HI Edwards654 I am new to this and live in NY I will be vacationing in Colorado springs in a couple weeks, Just wondering if you had any favorites that would be worth my time while I am visiting your beautiful state.

  • Cache On Wheels Geocaching

    I have put my special souvenirs on my profile page. With help i have been able to have a layout that does not take up very much space, i wonder if some of you may consider that as an option to just showing your special memory souvenirs. I wonder if it is possible for GS to add a feature so we can choose which souvenirs we want displayed / hidden on our souvenir pages? What do you all think?

  • Cache On Wheels Geocaching

    why not get together with friends to put on flash mobs or events – attending an event counts too. Any submitted from today can be published for the 8th august? bring communities together and maybe try arranging them in your local town so no one has to travel very far? It may well satisfy people more to meet up with other cachers and create good memories, swap sotries and adventures as well as TB’s and show off some of your favourite areas in your local towns?

    They are doing this in a town called Karslruhe in Germany, we have also created an event so we can meet others whilst we are on holiday there, and we live in the UK.

    Here’s a link to the one we have arranged so you can see what they are doing: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=b245d44e-25d1-4df8-979a-de97d0e30cbf&utm_expid=3682814-19.IwPiGx47QSqX7HxKs4LCVA.0&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.geocaching.com%2Fmy%2F

  • Cache On Wheels Geocaching

    why not get together with friends and arrange flash mob events / picnic evetns / CITO’s, it’s not only finding caches, it’s attending events too 🙂

  • Team Argo

    I’m just up for a challenge since I will be on vacation from work for 2 weeks out of the month and I don’t start school until the 20th anyway. Gives me something to do and gets me out of the house. I post all of my souvenirs to my FB page anyway so I can see them. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for the 31 Day streaks.