Announcing the Victors of The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug Race

By Kara Bonilla

Left: GBP2013 Tell Me Your Story! Center: TB racers at the starting line Right: GBP2013 – 2013 Miles to Say Hello!

And the Travel Bugs have (finally) crossed the finish line! With the 2013 Geocaching Block Party now in the books, it’s time to announce the winners of the The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug Race. To be eligible for a prize, the Travel Bug contestant had to start at the 2012 Geocaching Block Party, travel at least 2013 miles, and make it back to Geocaching HQ before this year’s Block Party festivities wrapped up. In just one year, the 57 Travel Bug racers collectively traveled 479,548.48 miles!

Now, without further ado, here are the winners of The Great Geocaching Block Party 2013 Travel Bug Race:

LibLabLady carried Arruf1’s Trackable “Anne Bonney” thousands of miles. After discovering a shared love of this pirate lady’s history, they decided to meet up at Geocaching HQ to swap stories and drop off Anne Bonney together – just in time for Block Party!

The winners will each receive a (modestly) awesome bag of geocaching swag. Thank you to all of the geocachers and Travel Bug racers who participated, and a special congratulations to the winners!

See all the smiling faces of those who earned a smiley for attending Geocaching Block Party 2013 on our Facebook page.

What is your best Travel Bug story of 2013? Do you have any special goals for a Travel Bug in the next year? Tell us about it in the comments.

Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.