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Dear Geocaching Diary: Twice the Finds, Twice the Fun


Dear Geocaching Diary,

We thought Week #1 of 31 Days of Geocaching was pretty great, but it turns out that Week #2 was two times the fun! This week we learned that every day can be an adventure if you choose to make it one. Here is a photo recap from our HQ explorers:



Day 7: No hitting the snooze alarm this morning! A few caffeine-loaded Geocaching HQ explorers skipped up a mountain to catch sunrise over Mt.Rainier and grab an early morning Smiley before work. (Pssst…check out our new geocaching and Forest Service volunteer friend photo-bombing from the fire lookout.)


Day 8: What do you call a race that involves running, biking, swimming, and geocaching? A geocachalon. This heart pumping adventure was the brainchild of Videographer Reid Kuennen (Username: reidsomething). Office Manager Maria McDonald (Username: AKprincesswarrior) jumps into ice cold Lake Union to celebrate sweet victory.


Day 9: Copy writer Derek Hamilton (Username: scattermycaches) struggled to figure out this smarty-pants geocache hidden by one of our own,   Community Volunteer Support Coordinator Cindy Potter (Username: Frau Potter). Derek says, “Call Bill Nye! There’s science in this tube!”



Day 10: On Saturday, Partner Programs Manager Annie Love (Username: Love) decided to lead her family off the beaten path. She reports, “Even though the geocache was 100 feet away, our group decided that exploring the creek drain and jumping in the swimming hole was necessary before we started our search.”


Day 11: Community Manager Annika Ledbetter (Username: Lebbetter) was a hero on Sunday (coincidentally also her birthday). She says, “This dinosaur was saved from extinction. After almost being lost for 4 years on Bainbridge Island, I rescued Dino and brought him to Geocaching HQ. We gave him a warm welcome and a day full of fun.”




Day 12: These intrepid travelers journeyed for hours (mostly because they have terrible navigational skills) to a hidden marvel that (for once in their chatty lives) left them speechless.


Day 13: Product Manager Joel Werdell (Username: Tieyak) takes his geo-parent responsibilities very seriously. His daughter Bennet says cheese after finding some sweet swag.


Day 14: Watch out for Troll droppings! Today marked the release of the Geocaching HQ GeoTour. We created this Tour to help share our favorite places in the Center of the Universe with all of you out there in our geocaching galaxy.

31in31 diary

Day 15: Beering up for Block Party – our Keg Squad organized a refreshing get together at a local micro brewery. Armed with tiny beermugs, we made our way through Ballard’s breweries. As we crossed a busy street to our next refill, Geocaching Reviewer “The Leprechauns” remarked, “This is not jaywalking, this is urban bushwacking!”


Day 16: UX Manager Nick Botner (Username: Whiskey Bones) and his team take the cake for best Team Trackable. (Yes, it is actually a flying shark. Jaws has nothing on this monster.) Less than 24 hours left in the count down to Geocaching Block Party and International Geocaching Day 2013! But don’t worry – we still managed to earn a smiley in the midst of all the party planning panic.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Geocaching HQ. What are your favorite tales from the 31 Days of Geocaching trail? Tell us about them in the comments below.

Click for a printable version of the 31 Days of Geocaching Calendar
Click for a printable version of the 31 Days of Geocaching Calendar
Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
  • duff2013

    Ok… day 14 of my hunt….. I went out and found my first cache but I wanted to up the ante and go for a challenge (this particular challenge also offered the possibility of pathtags…evil little buggers). I got to the site of the parking waypoint and started on the trail. This cache was a 4.5/4 difficulty and terrain but I felt prepared and confident. I strolled around lake and enjoyed the manatee sights and sounds in the cove. Then I turned into the woods, naïve of the journey I was about to embark upon. I faithfully was following my geocaching app on my phone and as the hunt got hot a thunderstorm began rumbling and pouring rain. After more than an hour I realized my phone GPS was, well, worthless. I kept up the hunt, but started calling for some phone assistance until I was in a swamp up to my hips. At this point I had the smarts to know I was in over my head…. I called 911 on my dying cell-phone and confessed that I was lost. After another 30 minutes of trudging through the swamp I heard a cop/ex Marine calling my name… after playing a bit of Marco Polo we finally met up. I noticed right away that he was covered in mud up to his chest and was bewildered as to how we would get back out. Now we were both lost! We trudged through two more large swampy regions before finally reaching the river. We waited for more than a few minutes while a rescue helicopter tried to locate us. Finally, a military helicopter landed on the water and flew us back to a clear area near where I had parked my truck. Now this was not all just stupidity…. I was prepared The Marine said he had never met a girl who had managed to get this far back in the swamp. He also admired that I knew when I needed to call for help… I have years of rock climbing skills and emergency rescue… it was usually just me on the other end rescuing others. ANYONE can get turned around out in the woods/swamps!. Oh, and my dying cell phone actually overheated, caught on fire and eventually wound up in the swamp. I’m all good now, but I am minus one cellphone and my wife has put me on terrain/difficulty restrictions. I will say that after my ride, I love military helicopters with no doors – amazing view. Five police cars awaited me in the park after the helicopter touched down and the guys were all impressed that it was a girl that a marine had to find and that he got lost too. Love Geocaching!
    – duff2013