Geocaching Labs FAQ


What is Geocaching Labs?

This is our R&D department. This team is always working to create new and innovative ideas that make geocaching more fun and exciting.

What is a Lab Cache?

A Lab Cache is an experimental and extremely rare geocache type. These geocaches are a way for us to innovate and test new ideas to make geocaching even better.

What is a Geocaching Adventure geocache?

This type of Lab Cache was developed to offer private or time limited geocaches, a common request. Examples include marriage proposals, Mega-Events, school/educational programs, corporate retreats, family reunions, birthday presents, etc. Before now we haven’t had a good solution – now there are possibilities. By creating or finding a Lab Cache, you’re helping shape the future of geocaching.

Where can I find a Geocaching Adventure?

Visit our Geocaching Labs page to see our up-to-date schedule.

How does this Lab Cache work?

These mostly work the same as regular geocaches: navigate to the location, find the cache and sign the logbook. However, these differ in that you must use the find code in order to mark the geocache as found.

Does a lab cache have to involve a container? Are there other limitations (multis, etc.)?

A container is preferred, but not necessary. It can even be indoors. The finder just needs to discover a code to unlock the find.

Can I leave feedback?

Of course! That’s why we’re testing them. Shortly after the event, everyone who found a Lab Cache will receive a survey. If you have other feedback, feel free to post it in the forums.

How can I get the Lab Cache icon on my profile?

As this type of lab cache is currently in testing, right now the only way to obtain a Lab Cache icon for your Geocaching profile is to attend an Event where a Lab Cache is being offered, and find one.

Are these replacing Virtuals?

No, because there are no special logging requirements other than entering the find code.

Are these replacing Challenges?

No. Challenges involved a unique app, public ownership, and a variety of completion requirements. This form of lab cache lives on the web, can be be used privately, and has no special logging requirements other than entering the find code.

Do I need to download the app to play?

Nope! We developed a special web app that can be accessed from any smartphone or computer. We also have GPX files for download, as well as good old-fashioned, printed-on-paper coordinates.

Do I earn a smiley/find if I complete a Lab Cache?

Yes. Once you earn the geocache find by entering the correct find code, you earn a smiley.

Does my Lab Cache find count toward my statistics?

Our statistics system supports Lab Cache finds where possible. In some cases, Lab caches do not have the associated attributes (such as D/T ratings.)

Examples of statistics that will be affected:

  • If you are trying to fill in a cache finds calendar, and log only a Lab Cache one day, your calendar will indicate a cache find.

  • If you are working on a caching streak, and log only a Lab Cache one day, in your statistics, the streak will continue.

  • If you are at 999 finds, and find a Lab Cache, your find count will now show 1000 (smiley increment 1 for the Lab Cache find) and you will see a new milestone cache.

  • Lab Caches can overwrite Milestones statistics.

  • Lab Caches will count toward your hide count once they have been found.

Examples of statistics that will not be affected:

  • Lab Caches will not come in a MyFinds Pocket Query.

  • Lab Caches will not award you a new souvenir.

Can I correct my geocaching milestones?

Yes! Milestones are editable and lockable by our users. We know that many users keep accurate records of their Milestones, and those records will be vital when you make the corrections.

Log in to and go to this page: Select the Milestones tab to make your adjustments.

You will be able to edit and then lock each of your incorrect Milestones. Additional changes to your finds (by cache owners) will no longer affect your Milestones.

Can I delete the Lab Caches from my profile?

Yes. If you do not want to have the Lab Caches show on your profile or count as a find, you are able to delete them. Click on “Lab Caches” on your Public Profile under “Geocaches Found,” log in and select the garbage can next to each Lab Cache you would like to delete. Keep in mind that once you delete, you will not be able to get a Lab Cache find reinstated later.

If the Lab Cache goes away, will my find go away as well?

Nope! With this new geocache type, all of your Lab Cache finds will stay on your profile.

I’m a Mega-Event owner and I want Lab Caches at my event!

Awesome! Geocaching Adventures / Lab Caches are currently in the beta test phase and are being tested at select Geocaching Mega-Events and community events. If you are an approved Mega-Event host, you are eligible to have a series of Lab Caches at your Mega-Event. Please inquire when you request Mega status. You can see a list of upcoming Mega-Events featuring Lab Caches at our Mega-Events with Lab Caches page.

You can visit and send us a message under the category “Business Partnerships” to express interest. As we expand Lab Caches, we’ll contact you if your event matches what we’re looking for.