New “What is Geocaching?” Video Debut

You’re among the first to see a new geocaching debut. We’re proud to launch the new “What is Geocaching?” video. Watch and share the easy-to-understand video to quickly show all those who ask you, “What is Geocaching?” Once you’ve shared the video, soak up all the thank you’ll receive for introducing people to the joys of geocaching.

  • Bigguy In Texas

    That was AWESOME!!!! I loved the ‘happy dance’ after the find!

  • Mary

    Love the video!

  • WoodyNZ

    Plain simple, easy to understand – Brilliant

  • William R Packard

    Look great. Good job.

  • Godslady

    Love it! Was able to share on facebook and twitter but could not Pin it to pinterest! Since pinning is pretty hot right now that would be a plus!