31 Days of Geocaching in Review

31 Days of Geocaching SouvenirWe did it! Whether you found one geocache in August or a geocache every day of the month, you joined a global team of more than a half-million adventurers who geocached last month. How many completed the 31 in 31 challenge? An amazing 26,228 geocachers found a geocache each day in August. That’s 10 times the number from August of 2012.

Would you like to relive the 31 Days of Geocaching? Do you have 31 seconds? Check out the 31 Days of Geocaching in 31 seconds video. You can also relive the memories, over and over again with this printable 31 Days of Geocaching calendar.

  • Mrs.Hoagie

    There are a number of other stats I’d like to see. For example, how many less caches were found in July 2013 vs. July 2012 (per registered cacher) as those of us planning the 31 days of August all held off, saving local caches for our “streak?” How many less caches overall were logged for August, as many of us visited a single cache on most days instead of doing multiples, again, to “save” caches for another August day?

    There’s a lot more to this event than just streaking… and I really wonder if it was “worth it”…?

  • Ranger Fox

    I’d like to factor out those currently on a streak as that skews the effectiveness of the marketing plan. Also, it would be helpful to know the number of people who have never before found caches that many days in a row; I think this will be the important statistic.

    It was a good month chosen, too. Now, if only all these souvenirs can be collapsed into groups…

  • ADmuk

    I did extend the August streak to 33; about 2x my previous consecutive number, but didn’t save up any. Completing the challenge (due to other duties) took me to 3 states and two of the Hawai’ian islands. Interestingly, some locations (such as O’ahu) had several easy caches get “seeded” prior to August, but at my home location that didn’t happen, which meant a fairly long drive to the “unfound caching grounds” (45 miles one way) every other night!

    Seconding the notion that the 31-in-31 be collapsed into a ‘folder’ or some other grouping.

  • Little buddies

    I did not do any caching in Aug due to souviers, I did not want them cluttering up my page, I think if you complete a month at one time maybe a month souvier would be nice…. But every day. No no no. At least you re trying. But don’t relly care for all those icons on page

    How about streak souviers 50,100,200.300,1 year 2 year bla bla bla


    Thank you for the 31 day challenge it was the jump start to a running streak that I intend to hold onto for 365 days

  • Martha&Sake

    Is the 31 days of geocaching in August souvenir also available in 2014?