August Geocacher of the Month Nominees – Add Your Comments

The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin (sun flare optional)
The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin (sun flare optional)

A finder that’s also a hider, a hider that’s done plenty of finding, and then a newer hider/finder that’s using YouTube to connect to new geocachers. The nominees for Geocacher of the Month are all that and hail from three different powerhouse geocaching countries. This is your opportunity to  help decide which will take home the earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin (at left).

Each featured Geocacher of the Month will receive the exclusive special edition geocoin, a hat and profile icon. They’ll also receive a certificate acknowledging their contributions, signed by two of the founders of Geocaching.com.

In July, Mollov was officially named the Geocacher of the Month.

Mollov – Geocacher of the Month

One comment showed Mollov’s 360 degree passion for geocaching and its community, “Mollov is one of the most active geocachers in Bulgaria I know and probably the most enthusiastic one as well. His geocaching activities do not end with finding, hiding and maintaining geocaches. If you have seen any of his geocaching adventures on Youtube, or read any of his geocaching articles on his blog, or attended any of the events organized by him, then you probably know why Mollov deserves to be selected as Geocacher of the Month.”

Now it’s your turn to help us select the next Geocacher of the Month. Write a supportive comment at the bottom of this blog for the nominated geocacher that you feel should be awarded the title.

Each geocacher named below is already a winner and will receive a prize package from Geocaching HQ. A panel of folks from Geocaching HQ will then use your comments to help guide the decision of which geocacher is awarded the Geocacher of the Month honor.

Here are your nominees for the August Geocacher of the Month. Some testimonials have been edited for length.

Richard E

Rich E, Nominee for Geocacher of the Month
Rich E, Nominee for Geocacher of the Month with his geocache Tinman (GC3JAY4)

Linda Wheeler writes, “Hi, I would like to nominate Richard Wheeler.  Richard E has found over 27,000 caches so far, has geocached in every state in the continental US and has hidden 252 caches.  Richard E has many unique and clever hides.  He has several series caches placed such as the Wizard of Oz series and NY plowboy as well as a Popeye series and caches dedicated to local cachers.

Richard E discovered geocaching thanks to me, his daughter.  I told him about it and he said he would find one just to see what it was all about.  That was it for him!  He is frequently accompanied by his lovely wife, Nancy who is also known as LadyBugNY.

She is a fantastic cacher in her own right having logged over 24,500 caches and has hidden 18.  If you ask any cacher in the area if they know Richard E, they will more than likely say yes!”


 die Helden

die Helden - (couple on right) Nominees for Geocachers of the Month
die Helden – (couple on right) Nominees for Geocachers of the Month

Heather Bull aka Cache on Wheels writes, “My family and I would all like to nominate Die Helden for Geocachers of the month (Helden is their family name and also means Heroes in German)

We contacted Die Helden – Gehard & Heidi from our home in Dorset, UK, prior to our holiday to inquire how accessible their caches are as I have reduced mobility and we really wanted to do some of their caches, especially Geist of Hagen. We saw this had over 4,000 found logs and over 1,000 favourite points (FP).

We exchanged lots of emails and they have really helped us by arranging a suitable route for us to take to be the most accessible for me with my wheelchair.

They also went out of their way and gave up their day to accompany us with their daughter and grandson to help translate to English and guide us along the best route so I could access the caches with my wheelchair… They have also provided fantastic caches that provide information of historic interest, take you to wonderful locations in a beautiful place, awesome caches that are brilliant for children of all ages with a wide variety of physical,  electronic visual and audio effects.”

Dr Evil.

Dr Evil. - Nominee for Geocacher of the Month
Dr Evil. – Nominee for Geocacher of the Month

Laura Standen writes, “Hi i would like to nominate Dr Evil. from London, England as geocacher of the month. Since 2011 Dr Evil has found 406 caches and hidden 39, his own caches are something everyone talks about around the south east of England, they are mostly child friendly but there is a few challenging ones for us adults too.

He has also introduced lots of people to this wonderful sport we play. I’m one of those cachers who he helped. When I first starting out He took me under his wing and showed me the ropes, some people care about the numbers, Paul is not one of those he is more about the quality of the caches he puts out rather than the numbers. One of his caches is in the top 200 caches in England for the amount of fave points it has. Paul also makes events in the area for like minded people to join him on his caching adventures

Paul also uses YouTube to show off his geocaching adventures, he vlogs every week. He gets a lot messages from beginners saying how he has inspired them to make better caches or start up a event.”



Comment below to tell us who you think should be the August Geocacher of the Month. We will be accepting comments through September 20.

If your nominee wasn’t recognized here, please submit your nominations again next month. We’re always looking for the next Geocacher of the Month. To nominate a geocacher, send an email to geocacherofthemonth@geocaching.com and include the following information:

  • Your name, the name of your nominee, their username
  • A picture of the nominee
  • Description (200 or more words) explaining why he or she deserves to be the Featured Geocacher of the Month

Please inform your nominee that you have submitted them for the award. Nominations for the next Featured Geocacher of the Month should be received by September 15. Once Geocaching HQ has received the nominations, we will choose the top candidates and post them on the blog. You will then get a chance to champion your favorite. Our goal is to involve the entire geocaching community in this process so that we might learn from each other.

  • Bob Sorensen

    Dr Evil is a superb geocacher! His hides are superb, you can tell they have taken alot of planning and thought. Its not all about numbers like Gareth said, they don’t make a you a great cacher. Dr Evil has touched so many in his local geocaching community and talks daily to geocachers from around the world via social media. I vote for him and im sure it would mean alot to him if he won.

  • intheknow

    Richard E has a lot of caches that are not just premium member. I believe the ones that are listed for premium member is due to a rash of cache stealing and destroying that was going on in the area. Who wants to put time and effort into a cache only to have it destroyed?

  • RedMozi

    My vote goes to Dr Evil. for sure! His videos are always top notch!

  • Terri Sorensen

    Dr Evil is a great guy, his caches are fun and they almost always have a twist to them. He does alot for this sport/obsession, he helps newbie’s get started and create interesting hides, he creates cool events where experienced cachers and newbies can meet and swap ideas and go geocaching. I think Dr Evil should be crowned geocacher of the month.

  • Guest

    Dr Evil

  • BriGuyNY

    My vote here is for RichardE. For years Richard has honored the true heart and soul of Geocaching in New York’s Capital Region. He’s a very welcoming individual who has aided many newcomers to the hobby. He attends many local gatherings; eager to check in with every attendee and hear about their latest adventures. Not only this, Richard has continually provided a multitude of cache hides from simple to challenging, and swift maintenance plans for those who fall victim to natural circumstances. He plays by the rules and offers generous feedback on the hides of others. As a man who lives and breathes Geocaching, he is also nationally recognized with acquiring an incredible amount of finds overall. A testament to his engineering skills takes the form an incredible custom fabrication of the Tin Man; creating life-size scenic experience straight out of Oz that has amassed the largest % of favorite points per premium finds in all of New York State. While he doesn’t YouTube or live in a dense part of the country, he’s clearly one who deserves recognition here for all his efforts since Day 1.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Kymberly

    Dr evil got me into geocaching, I owe a lot to him. He drove me around showing me geocaches and helped me log my first 20 (he already found them but he spent the whole day with me letting me find them) he helped me make my first cache and it now has a tone of fav points.

    His caches are awesome, they make you think or they take you to beautiful places you never knew existed, for instance a newer one of his called the enchanted cache is amazing, I went to the local monthly geocaches meet and that is all everyone was talking about, all you would hear is people saying have you been to the new dr evil cache? I won’t give it away but it is great fun, a must for kids… And big kids.

    To be honest I haven’t watched his YouTube channel but I’m sure he will put a 100% into that like he does his geocaching.

    My husband who is a muggle calls him MR GEOCACHING which I think sums him up very well, I don’t know another cacher as passionate as him. He has said to me a few times that geocaching is not about the numbers, it’s about the places it takes you, the views, the lake that you never knew excited and the nice people you meet.

  • Long Hunter

    My vote goes to Richard E. I have met him several times and was impressed with his no nonsense ways. He is an amazing cache creator, and will as a masterful cache finder. He has always been helpful to others when they are just starting out.

  • Mitchell Swann

    Richard E is the man !

  • jcfinder

    Vote for Richard E!

  • stickers25

    Vote for Richard E

  • lightsaber93/4

    Richard E

  • Tango80

    Dr Evil. gets my vote

  • LDNHuntsman

    For me it’s gotta be Dr Evil. I love his caches.

  • tiki tour

    Having met RichardE, it was his story, creativity, and his enthusiasm for geocaching that I will always remember. Making his Tin Man one of the most memorable caches I have found.
    Good luck RichardE – Tiki tour

  • Kristin GeoHakliva

    Dr. Evil for sure, he shares his adventures with the world, and I love them!

  • John

    Dr Evil has awesome youtube videos, really nice guy. Wish I was in the UK so I could go geocaching with him!

  • Nancy

    Dr Evil, he’s very dedicated and loves going out to find caches.

  • William

    Dr Evil to win.
    He goes out in all weathers, and even takes his family with him including 3 month old baby occasionally.

  • LantzAng


  • Taaffe1204

    Richard E gets my vote. I wanted a special cache for my 1000th find, I had seen Tin Man with all it`s favorite points a while back and when I was going to be in the area when we were on vacation I knew I had to go for it. when we arrived at GZ we were greeted by Richard and we spent about 45min with him, not only was it a well done cache Richard was great. he let my 5yr old daughter try on Dorothy`s red shoes ( a theme for an upcoming cache) it made here day! My family had a great time at Tin Man and meeting Richard made it that much more fun. we think Tin Man is one of the best caches we have done so far and it will be remembered for a long time to come. I hope we can get back to Richards area to find more of his caches someday soon.

  • The Pogmann

    Dr Evil gets my vote, ive been geocaching for a year now and i mostly do it with my 7 year little boy (Alex60) after doing a couple of dr evils caches when we first started now my boy compares every cache to them, the other night i put him to bed and asked him what he wanted to do tomorrow and he said ” i want to do a Dr Evil cache daddy” i said yes we can, he was up at 6:30am (way to early) excited to get his Robins revenge cache. When we arrived with the correct geo tools we worked out how to do the cache, its was amazing! ive been back twice to show a work college and my wife! He gets my vote for sure!

  • Nicola Stokes

    Dr Evil

  • Stacey

    Dr evil!

  • Sandra Elliott

    My vote goes to Dr Evil. He is a nice guy and his caches are brilliant. 🙂

  • Bill Van Patten

    RichardE has my vote. Ive gotten to know him well over the last few years and his dedication to geocaching is certainly surpassed by very few. His Tin Man cache was a geocache of the week and is an amazing tribute to his love of the Wizard of Oz. Certainly, in my humble opinion, it would be a shame if he did nit get this honor!

  • Geofrenzie

    I met RichardE about 3 years ago. He is a local cacher in our area and has definitely left an impact on cachers here today and for future cachers. He has some very creative caches such as Tin Man, Mrs Gulch, and Its 5 O’clock Somewhere. He is a cacher of integrity and always plays by the rules. He certainly deserves this honor.

  • Tip Top Tim

    Dr Evil has some great caches, the ghostly caches & his reigate Tb hotel are fantastic, he puts his heart and soul into geocaching. He’s the one who deserves recognition here.

  • The Crows

    Dr evil gets my vote, he has helped so many cachers over the last two years. His caches are always fun and creative, I’ve met him a few times and he is a great guy, his disability does not hold him back. If you pick Dr Evil as geocacher of the month you would have picked the right man.

  • LadybugNY

    Richard E has earned the honor of Geocacher of the Month. He has been dedicated to geocaching for 7+years, both finding and hiding caches. His more than 250 hides are well thought out, quality caches that are placed with the intent to be found without too much trouble so cachers have fun. Richard E takes the time to get good coordinates to lead cachers as close as possible to the caches. His caches are well maintained, providing continued fun for fellow cachers. Geocaching has taken Richard E all over the continental US to meet many fine cachers and to share caching stories and ideas.

  • North Carolina Daywalker

    Richard E is the man who created the tinman. He is an innovative and consummate cacher. With over 27K cache finds, he is not only an outstanding cacher but also a mentor to fledgling cachers. He deserves the honor of Cacher of the Month for August 2013.

  • Caroline

    My vote goes to Dr Evil. (Paul)

    He has created some fun events which have helped me as a geocacher, he has done some of the most extreme caches around our area.
    His own caches are very well thought out and are well worth finding. He really deserves this award it would make his year I’m sure.

  • AngoranBob

    Dr Evil. gets my vote

  • Dr.Evil!

    This is Dr.Evil! Across the pond here in the USA. Of course I’m going to vote for Dr.Evil. Thanks to modern science I actually had myself cloned. Hey, you can’t be in more than one place at a time and there are just something you can leave to Mini-me or Scott.

  • Dr.Evil!

    I meant you can’t trust Mini-me and Scott.

  • Golden Caesar

    My vote goes to Dr Evil, as although I haven’t had the opportunity to do any of his caches yet, I had heard about them and hope to try one soon.

  • M Lane

    I vote for Dr Evil

  • Heather Cunningham

    Dr evil gets my vote

  • Jenny Smith

    Dr Evil has huge support from the whole of the geocaching network online, his videos are seen all over the world, Dr Evil’s caches are cleverly made and fun for all the family. Dr Evil helps new cachers from around the world by answering there questions that they send him via his YouTube, twitter and Facebook pages.

    He sets up events to help new cachers and even goes out his way to show people the ropes, he really is a great geocacher.

    He might have not cached in every state or has 27,000 caches but he has got soooo many people into geocaching, he keeps geocaching fresh and exciting to hundreds of people. For all his hard work and effort he has put into everything geocaching, he deserves this award. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you Paul!

  • Ronald

    Dr Evil to win, he works all day then goes out to do some geo caching afterwards, he spends a lot of time doing his own caches aswell and a Lot them are child friendly. He’s videos are great.

  • Cache On Wheels Geocaching

    It’s so sad that Die Helden have not had many votes, they did not think they would with the competition, but the quality of their caches and the thousands of people that have visited their caches and the thousands of favourite points surely means something.
    Unfortunately they are not Facebook or YouTube users, and this seems to put them at a major disadvantage. Please check out their caches before posting your vote 🙂

  • gmail@gmail.com

    richard e ……. winner winner chicken dinner!!!

  • gmail@gmail.com


  • Dirty MO Baggins

    Richard E!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kent Ken

    Dr Evil is the man!!

  • Gustafson_Crew

    I would say Dr. Evil. I really enjoy his videos on YouTube.

  • guest

    Although Richard E was not the one that got us interested in caching, he was an incredible mentor to us during our first 100 finds and really got us going the right way! He’s always been “The Guy” to beat for a first to find and is a lot of fun to be out with.
    His “Batteries Not Included”, “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” & “TIN MAN” caches are creative, inspiring and are among the most memorable caches we’ve found.

    Thank You Richard E!


  • Khaan

    Dr Evil is great, his youtube videos are great fun to watch, his caches are crazy cool! Dr Evil is the one for us!!

  • LadybugNY

    I agree that this should not be about You Tube, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t feel so bad for Die Helden. Richard E does not Facebook, Tweet, text, or YouTube. None of which is Geocaching. He does have quality caches as well and has been a dedicated cacher.

  • scubakings

    Richard E gets my vote. Has the most imaginative caches around and always available to lend a helping hand. I remember when I first started caching and had logged several of his finds, he sent me an email welcoming me to the game. He gives geocaching a good name.