The Original Geocaching Bling Turns 12

WeeklyMailer_093013_GeocoinAnniversary_vFINAL_FBThere’s a magnetism to Geocaching Geocoins: the weight, the metallic shimmer and how each Geocoin is a message forged in metal. Some celebrate milestones like First to Find or 100 Finds, and some are just cool, like an eagle whose wings actually flap (fly eagle, fly!).

12 years ago on September 30, 2001, Geocoins came into existence with a solid clunk in a geocache. Today more than 3 million Geocoins are proudly displayed in collections and found in geocaches around the world. There are even Geocoinfest Mega-Events held in Europe and the United States each year.

If you’re entering the realm of Geocoins, here are a few quick tips:

Don’t forget to activate your Geocoin.
Many Geocoins are meant to be admired and “Discovered,” while others are meant to travel.
Find out more about Geocoins in this FAQ and on the How to use a Geocoin page.


And if you’re just not into reading anymore right now, check out this vintage Geocaching video about the history of the Geocoin. Happy Birthday, Geocoins!