1 Geocaching App Trick to Rule Them All

WeeklyMailer_101413_OfflineLists_vFINAL_blogIt’s a button that makes geocaching out of the country or in the deep prehistoric world of “no cell phone service” as easy as a Terrain 1, Difficulty 1. Whether you’re using the Geocaching Pro App for iPhone or theGeocaching Android App, this miracle of engineering simplicity is called “Save to Offline List.”

Use a Wi-Fi hot spot to load up your Offline List with geocaches. Then, turn off your data roaming and look under “Saved” on iPhones or “Offline Lists” on Android and SHAZZAM! Your geocaches are available, your phone isn’t using costly roaming data, and you’re saving battery life. You can sort the list by distance, Favorite Points, title, GC code or geocache type.

Another option for Premium Members is using a Pocket Query. For example, if you’re headed to the last remaining APE Cache in the jungles of Brazil, here’s what to do: create a Pocket Query (Saved List) of all the geocaches in that area on Geocaching.com and then save it on your phone as an Offline List when you have cell service. Another tip, make sure your phone is fully charged for your adventure.

Now you’re off into the wild with plenty of geocaches loaded up and ready to go.